Preston Straus

Do you have an important audition coming up? Need that all important confidence boost with some great performance tips from a trained New York? Then let me help.

As a young Texas transplant to NYC I have taken many classes with the best of best as far as nailing the self tape. Whether you're a three take wonder or like to take the time to talk, workshop and then shoot I am here for YOU. Theatre, Film, Best Man Speech (?) etc. you name it!

I'm also happy to just be the type of reader who's just the "other person in the room" or the type who will ask you questions and help you try to see it through a different perspective. I'll will never give you any advice you don't wish to receive.

Look, self taping is hard and it sometimes really sucks, I get it. So let's try to make it fun, funky and/or fresh! Not to mention affordable, because shouldn't all arts be??

I'm looking forward to working with you! :)

Preston is a Dallas raised, New York Equity actor. Most known for his professional theatre work as Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime at ZACH Theatre, The Public of SA, and New Stage Theater. He also has several short films and features in his resume, working with some of the best up and coming directors from both the Austin and NY area.

NYC Legit: Jeffrey J. Gill; Commercial: David McDermott; Texas: Collier Talent Agency;

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