Michael McDonald

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upto 30 mins : $ 10.00
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My name is Michael, I am a classically trained actor living in Los Angeles, trying to stretch into new arenas like improv, comedy, film and TV. I can't tell you how many times I have pulled my hair out stressing over finding a reader for an audition I need to get in THAT DAY! I have passed on a number of opportunities to audition due to a lack of someone to read with. I recognize the stress that goes into feeling like you have to get something together quickly, and feeling like you haven't had enough time to prepare. As a reader I strive to be present, responsive, and alive in the moment with you. I am also able to provide helpful and specific feedback, as well as using tools like viewpoints, Michael Chekhov technique, Le Coq and my own unique tools to help you unlock scenes in a creative and less intellectual ways. I am all about helping you get a scene out of your head and into your body. I would be so honored to help you get that dream part, please feel free to reach out!

Happy to offer feedback/notes/coaching if asked. If there's a super simple thing I'm noticing that can help, I may throw it your way. Any suggestion I make comes from a place of total respect and admiration for the work, and the sincere desire to see you do your best.

PayPal is fine, but it do take its share, don't it?
Prefer Venmo @Michael-McDoanld. Yes, I misspelled my own name let's not talk about it.

My name is Michael, I am a classically trained actor living in Los Angeles, trying to stretch into new arenas like improv, comedy, film and TV.

Classical Training:
BFA Acting University of Minnesota/ Guthrie BFA Actor Training Program
MFA Classical Acting from Shakespeare Theater Company's Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University
Globe Theater London
British American Dramatic Academy

Groundlings Core Track
Basic- Phyllis Katz
Intermediate (current) Drew Droege


44 Reader Reviews

" Great read! "
" Great reader! Put me at ease. "
" Great energy, 0 hesistiaton in booking again! "
" He gets the rift "
" Really great!!! "
" Great cold reader. Jumped in and matched my tone and style so I was free to do my work! "
" GRRRRReat!! "
" The best as ALWAYS!!!! "
" First time reading with Michael and he was so awesome!! Highly recommend and hope to read with him for future auditions of mine! "
" He was great! "
" Helpful, patient, very wiling to work through and play with a scene and gave helpful feedback "
" Great read thank you!! "
" Michael was wonderful to read with and has the chemistry of a great actor and scene partner which are so apparent and shine through, even online. Thank you so much and hope to catch you again! Truly a generously patient and giving scene partner who I'd like to cast myself! "
" Great, as always. "
" Fantastic reader. "
" Thank you "
" Awesome Reader! Thank you, Michael! "
" A veritable pro. "
" Michael is so fun and great to work with!! Amazing reader and would highly recommend!!!! Thank you :D "
" Excellent, thank you! "
" Michael was generous and helpful and lovely. "
" Great reader! Super professional and kind. :) "
" Friendly and great reader! "
" One of the best readers out there and a true detective with script analysis. "
" World class reader and great coach! Book Michael! "
" Michael is an Excellent Reader! Thank you so much Michael! "
" Michael was a great reader. Just what this scene needed. "
" So so wonderful!! can't wait to work together again soon. really supportive and great read. "
" The kind of reader you begin work with and immediately know is a pro. Kind, patient and talented. Looking forward to working with Michael again soon. "
" So fun to read with!!! "
" Michael is the best! "
" Great! "
" Fantastic reader, so friendly and helpful! Definitely recommend "
" Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. "
" The best!!! Thank you SO much for your amazing read and patience Michael! BOOK HIM!! "
" Michael was absolutely incredible! He made me feel prepared with rapid dialogue and long monologues, and made the entire process so fun! One of the best readers I have ever had! "
" Great reader. Super fun and quick to jump in! highly recommend "
" Michael is great! "
" Amazing reader! Very clear voice and super fun to work/play with!! "
" Hey another one great reader thanks for the help "
" Great reader short scene great actor thank you "
" Michael is so great! Supportive, natural, easy reader. And he had great suggestions. "
" Wonderful reader!! Highly recommend :) "
" Welcoming Michael to WeAu. What a great reader. Very positive and patient. A+ "

Credits Include

2021 [added]
The King and Marilyn
Theater Host/Ed Sullivan
2021 [added]
1996 A blink-182 Musical
Workshop Will Ecca
2021 [added]
The Grotto
Feature Film Background
2021 [added]
Series Background
2021 [added]
Series Background
2020 [added]
Tales from Ovid
Theater Cupid
2020 [added]
Timon of Athens
Theater Lucilius(U/S)
2020 [added]
Romeo and Juliet
Radio Play Paris/Prince/Sampson
2020 [added]
Man And Superman
Radio Play Octavius
2019 [added]
Theater Love(U/S)
2019 [added]
Alls Well that Ends Well
Theater Steward/2nd Gentleman
2019 [added]
Theater Galahad
2018 [added]
West Side Story
Theater Riff
2018 [added]
Theater Ken
2014-2017 [added]
A Christmas Carol
Theater Peter Crachit/Dick/Ghost of Christmas Future
2013 [added]
As You Like It
Theater Silvius/Le Beau
2013 [added]
Of Mice and Men
Theater Curly