Arron Lloyd

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I help actors master the inner game of auditioning & ace their auditions through neuroencoding modalities.
Certified Dual Elite Neuroencoding Specialist
Founder of

- Present and Open
- Script Analysis
- Certified Peak Performance Coach
- Shows up 100% for you to give you what you need
- Cold Reading
- Flexible
- Adaptable
- Offers feedback if desired

I am here to be flexible for you and give you the energy and encouragement to nail your scene.

I also have a unique skillset to help you get the best out of yourself that I can bring to our session if needed and also offer private coaching in that regard as well.

I have my BFA and professional experience in theater as well as tv/film and producing my own content which has been featured on BBC.

I've appeared on CBS's "Blue Bloods," "Bull" worked with Ntozake Shange, been in a feature film that features Eric Roberts & Oscar nominee Rosie Perez, performed with critically acclaimed seasoned actors/actresses, built and brought life to puppets and masks, and performed in garages and bars since then.
Founder of
Certified Elite Neuroencoding Specialist

I'm Arron Lloyd and I live life for experiences, moments, creativity and passion and sharing these with others mainly through stories and acting.I grew up in the inner city and a theater troupe in my high school wrote and directed plays on issues plaguing the city. We then performed mini plays for the youth to inspire and educate and learned things ourselves as we did.

I've appeared on CBS's "Blue Bloods," worked with Ntozake Shange, been in a feature film that features Eric Roberts & Oscar nominee Rosie Perez, performed with critically acclaimed seasoned actors/actresses, built and brought life to puppets and masks, and performed in garages and bars since then.

I'm a curious explorer at heart so I'm grateful my journey to grow as a person and performer has brought me to the Mediterranean to ancient temples and theater's in Greece to monuments in Washington D.C. I've played sports ranging from football for a 10-0 high school team to a lacrosse and tennis team that had some things to work on. I train in mixed martial arts (currently blue belt), played sax and clarinet and am a self taught pianist (my instrument of choice now a days). I am a legacy bearer recipient and honorary member of Internationally known Negro Ensemble Company. Let's start our story..

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" MVP !! "
" GREAT!!! "
" Arron was so helpful and lovely to work with. I look forward to working with him again :) "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader!! "
" Are you guys still using other people? He's great!!! Def recommend "
" Great to work with. amazing insights and notes "
" Total Pro. Great reader. Great suggestions. "
" Arron gave incredible feedback and asked me questions that made me really dig deeper. I felt great about the work I did with him. And at the end we celebrated the work and the moments I nailed! Thanks so much Arron! "
" Arron is a complete PRO! I love his notes, I love his passion for the work, I just LOVEEEEE working with him! THANK YOU again!! "
" One of my favs! "
" There were a lot of glitches but Arron was patient and we made it through. He had great feedback and it turned out to be a great self-tape! Thanks Arron! "
" Great reader. Highly recommend. "
" Arron was great! He gives excellent reads and is patient. "
" Arron was God sent!! He helped me out tremendously not just from being an awesome reader, but being patient and kind with my process! I HIGHLY recommend Arron and I look forward to working with him again!! "
" Arron is a superstar!! Always amazing. "
" One of the best ! Thank you for your time and professionalism !!!! "
" Very warm. "
" The absolute BEST. Gave such beautiful suggestions and gave me so much as a partner in the scene. Truly a joy working with him! "
" Lovely human, excellent reader, good vibes and super on it! Thank you Arron :) "
" Oh my goodness, yes! He was so patient with me! This was my second time using WeAudition (no idea how it works still lol) and I'd definitely work with Arron again. He had a calming presence and let me be an anxious actor! I appreciated working with him! Great notes and point of view to the scene too! "
" Arrron was superb! Provided lots of great feedback to get just the right take! "
" I appreciate the support, engagement, and willingness to play. "
" Arron's a beast and totally helped me find nuance and confidence for this auditions with a fast turnaround. 10/10 recommend. "
" Amazing actor. He clearly defined two separate characters in my scene. "
" Arron was amazing! Great cold reader and super present. Highly reccommend. "
" Arron is EXCELLENT! Always my reader of choice! He' has ideas, asks the right questions and is super patient!!! "
" Very kind & encouraging! "
" Arron is a pleasure to work with! "
" Amazing as always!!!! "
" Awesome Voice "
" HE IS AMAZING...sooo- if you wanna book...he's your guy!! Im a repeat customer "
" Amazing reader and really cool dude to work with, thanks so much!! "
" Always always a vibe! "
" Great working with Arron! "
" Arron is great! Positive and super helpful! Thanks so much ! "
" Yes Arron WE DID THAT! thanks for the great energy and great read. "
" His script analysis is top notch! Love how he digs in an breaks down the script with me. BOOK HIM!!!! "
" Excellent reader! Looking forward to our next session!! "
" Arron is fantastic! Great reader and fun to work with! "
" Words can't even! 2% energy all the way here. "
" Awesome reader. Thank you for the adjustments "
" Fantastic reader who really helped me dig in to the character and scenework! "
" Very helpful! 10/10 "
" DOPEEEEEE Trully is gifted in his craft. "
" Excellent reader with amazing notes/feedback! "
" Wonderful reader and excellent guidance. Thank you Arron! "
" Arron really helped me analyze and breakdown a scene even further. Great input and a great reader. Thanks, Arron! "
" AMAZING!!! not even enough words!!! Book him for coaching & reading "
" AMAZING!!!!!!!! So helpful and patient...and a great awareness for tv/film "
" Brilliant!!!! knows his stuff. He asks the right questions and definitely knows how to carve out a scene. New favorite reader! "
" patient "
" Very patient and great reader! "
" A great sport and attitude! "
" Aaron was fantastic, a great reader, lovely guy. Recommend! "
" Excellent EXCELLENT, EXCELLENTE! Great read! Totally worth it! "
" Arron is AWESOME SAUCE! Love catching a good coach on here! "
" Good Voice "
" Really great reader and just so down to play with the work. A passionate actor and patient. Had fun with the read! "
" Arron is a true partner. Generous .. "
" Fantastic reader! Does a great job of playing each character even when there are multiple in the scene. "
" Truly wants you to book the job. Very patient and kind! "

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