Eric Bempong

upto 15 mins : $ 8.00
upto 30 mins : $ 16.00
upto 60 mins : $ 32.00

Hello my name is Eric!

I'm a Vancouver based actor with over a decade in the industry, I have experience in film & television. I continually attend classes in Vancouver, as well as L.A and N.Y virtually.

My goal is to be of useful service to you, help you feel confident in your work, and get you closer to booking that role! To refine your tape I use a professional microphone to improve audio quality.

During our sessions I can assist you with running lines, script analysis, and anything else you may need. I offering coaching services including suggestions regarding your characters intentions, relationships to others in the scene, and finding an overall motive/objective to name a few. Getting specific is key!

Send me a message and let me know where you're at!
1.) Just need a reader/running lines
2.) Open to suggestions when requested
3.) Looking to collaborate with a coach

I'm happy to be a part of the WeAudition community for over a year now!
If I'm not online I can be reached via email or Instagram.

Lets settle in, get comfortable, and get to work! 🎬


IG: @ericbempong_

I have two brothers who act, and I help them out with auditions all the time. My most recent booking was a recurring guest star role on the Netflix series FAKES. I love being a reader, and i'm grateful to be a part of the WeAudition community.



310 Reader Reviews

" Excellent reader! Was happy to work with my requests and also offer great tips in getting more and more out of the scene! "
" Eric was a great reader and has a great voice. Will use again! "
" Eric's a great reader and collaborative! He really creates a safe place to play and explore different colors of your characters with insight. "
" Great reader! So helpful and grounded. "
" Great reader! Very chill and supportive. Great timing! Can't wait to work with Eric again:) "
" Great feedback, patient, and encouraging! "
" He has been the best reader so far he is very cool and helped me out a ton. Definitely feel like I'm going to get this audition thanks to Eric. 10/10 "
" Eric is AWESOME! I love that he is always down to play and have fun! He always breathes so much life into the characters, every time I work with him! THANK YOU AGAIN! See you soon!! "
" Really great to work with! Highly recommend Eric as your reader! He is fantastic! "
" Great to work with! excellent!!!!!! "
" Great! "
" Great reader!! "
" Great direction and feedback on a short script but gave me flavor! "
" Man, I love the fact I keep getting goated actors! "
" Eric was a great reader. Super patient with such great advice on how to proceed with my work. "
" Just lovely. Great feedback and great reading!! "
" So kind and patient!! Thank you Eric! "
" Great reader!!!!!! "
" Great read! Professional, clear, good notes, love working with Eric "
" Thanks Eric!! The bomb "
" So Amazing and extremely professional. Will request his services again. "
" Amazing reader and coach! Very patient and kind. "
" Great reader "
" Great working with Eric, fantastic reader. "
" Eric a great reader and very easy to work with! "
" Amazing! He was so professional and he offered great feedback "
" I can't tell you how kind, giving, gracious Eric was with me tonight. He really gave me the time and space to play and capture the different colors I was going for (and was so patient in the moments when I went up on my lines). Thanks so so much, Eric!! Can't wait to work with you again "
" Cant go wrong with Eric, he's great!! The patience and notes were helpful! "
" Eric is super cool!!! Book with him!! "
" Super helpful and honest about the work so we can get to a good place! "
" Great!!!! Awesome reader!! "
" Really fantastic to work with! He was a great reader and cared that I was happy with the audition. Highly recommend!! "
" Fab highly recommend! "
" So great thank you!!! "
" Great reads! "
" Great help! "
" Wonderful! "
" Great as always! "
" Eric was wonderful to work with. He was present. Kind. Funny. Human. Had great feedback to offer. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat "
" Great reader, smooth and easy session :) "
" Great reader! would definitely use him again "
" What a wonderful session I just had with Eric. So so so insightful. He gave me some wonderful ideas as to how to look at the work. Use him! "
" Great brother!! awesome reader great energy!! will put him on my List "
" So kind, patient, and engaging. Would definitely use again! "
" The very best! "
" Great reader! Third time I've worked with Eric, and he's always able to jump into the genre and vibe of the sides, as well as giving practical tips on tuning up the read. Highly recommended!! "
" Great reader! "
" Appreciate Eric always!! "
" Eris is wonderful! Super willing to jump in and improvise with me, and made lots of great offers. Looking forward to working with him again soon "
" Eric is the man! He jumped right in and was super quick with the cold read. Helped out tremendously! Thanks again "
" Just what i needed "
" CHAMP!!!!! "
" Great reader! gave amazing notes and suggestions. very great energy! "
" Super great reader. Very kind, grounded and present. I definitely reccomend "
" Eric is a wonderful reader and moreover he's able to identify key things can shift a scene and performance. Working with Eric feels like a good collaboration, I definitely recommend! "
" Eric is an excellent reader. He's calming and has great insights on the character & scene! "
" Eric is patient and kind, just the kind of supportive reader I need! Also, he's great with timing and reads with a lovely sense of authenticity. I recommend! "
" Eric is lovely, great with being on the lines and has a nice mic! "
" Great! "
" Eric was a great reader and I'll definitely use him again. "
" The best!! "
" Eric is amazing! Thank you so very much! "
" Eric is great, always trying ways to improve and support your tape! "
" Love him! "
" Super cool and super fresh and excellent actor-very patient "
" Great reader! Thanks Eric!! "
" Eric is a great reader/actor with an amazing speaking voice! "
" Easy to work with; good vibes. "
" Lovely young man! Calming presence. Great reader/actor. Looking forward to working with Eric again! "
" Eric was awesome!! Thankful I found a great reader last minute! "
" Thanks for your help!! A++ "
" Excellent! "
" Thank Eric!! "
" So sweet and so helpful! Thank you so much! "
" Great read. Good energy! highly recommend "
" Eric did an incredible job, I cant thank you enough!. "
" Fabulous and generous! Thank you so much!! "
" He did an excellent job! "
" Eric was awesome....again! "
" Thanks again!! "
" Amazing reader, very easy to connect with. Great attention to detail too, will definitely work with again. "
" Eric was GREAT to work with!! THANK YOU!! "
" As always! Thanks Eric! You the best! "
" Thank you, Eric! "
" Eric is an excellent and patient reader! "
" Thanks Eric!! "
" Held the obstacles at bay for me to do my work. Thank you. "
" Eric is patient, helpful and asked me questions that made me make better decisions about the character I was portraying. "
" Thank you!! "
" Loved working with Eric. Great suggestions. "
" Eric is 100% amazing. He allowed me to make discoveries during the read. He didn't push anything or lead me. He allowed the material to simply lead the way. "
" Very helpful, patient, and amazing notes! Great reader! "
" As always GREAT reader! Just the bomb! And has top tier audio! Book him! "
" Had a Blast reading with ERIC! "
" Eric was excellent! Very fun to read with and a super nice guy. He has a great mic too. Highly recommend!! "
" Eric was great! Professional, friendly, patient with all the tech issues we had, and was helpful in giving feedback on the questions I had. There was a scene that required some blocking and Eric was helpful in smoothing that out. He’s got a good eye! "
" I needed a male reader for my audition and Eric came through for me. He was so professional and understood the script. He was able to play his line which was great. He was patient and so brilliant. Thank you Eric. "
" Great Reader Very Helpful! "
" SO GOODDDD I had to come back! So patient, incredible notes and an AWESOME READER!! I highly HIGHLY recommend!! "
" Eric was an excellent reader! Definitely recommend him for all of your auditions and rehearsals. "
" WOnderful!!!! Awesome. Great actor!! "
" Always Delivers! "
" Awesome reader! So kind with great energy! "
" Thanks Eric! Always so generous and helpful! Great reader! "
" Had a decent amount of pages for a last minute audition that I wasn't very confident with. Eric helped me break it down and gave super helpful notes, and in no time I felt so much more confident about it! He was patient and stayed past time with me so I could get it done. Such a great, knowledgeable scene partner/ coach! "
" Great Reader with a Good Mic! "
" Great "
" So supportive and a great reader!!!! "
" Big time professional. Work with Eric! "
" Great Reader "
" Great reader & gave me insightful feedback! Thank you :-) "
" Thanks "
" Eric is a wonderful reader and offered great notes! Thank you! "
" So nice and great set up to be a reader with his mic!!! "
" Great "
" Damn good reader! really adapted to the script quick! "
" Eric is such a great reader! Even with abstract texts, he gets right in "
" Great last minute. I would highly recommend "
" Sweet reader with awesome sound! thanks Eric!!! "
" Excellent Reader, even available during Christmas Eve! "
" Eric was a great reader and able to give constructive and useable feedback. Thanks! "
" Patient, great reader ! "
" Supportive and attentive. A regular for me now. "
" Love this guy! Great reader, and great notes of you ask. "
" Perfect and professional! "
" Eric having a mic made the quality of the audition so much better! So great "
" Two thumbs up "
" Eric is a reader of the highest quality! "
" Great reader!!! Good vibes "
" Great reader! "
" Great scene partner and asked really helpful questions. Thanks again! "
" Eric is a really great reader! He will challenge you and help you think of new ways to view your character! Def. booking again!! "
" The best "
" Eric is an awesome reader "
" Amazing! pushes you to be a better actor! "
" Awesome session! "
" Always great! "
" So great thank you ! "
" Eric the GOAT! Delivering the goods as usual. Love working with him. Extremely professional/ kind and cares about the individual's work/ career and life. "
" Great Reader!! "
" Eric is awesome! Kind, patient and understanding. A wonderful scene partner. "
" Eric was very thorough, he took great direction to help me make the most of my take. He was patient, supportive and has a great reading voice. Really enjoyed working with him and Ii am looking forward to working with him again. "
" Eric was great to work with! Gave me different options and gave wonderful feedback! "
" Perfect Reader. "
" Lovely working with Eric "
" Very patient and helpful. He is willing to get you the best take for your submission tape. "
" Great guy! "
" Cool guy. I appreciated his assistance. "
" Super sweet, gave some amazing tips and ideas! "
" Eric is an awesome reader. Very helpful and an absolute gem!!!! "
" Great reader, professional and kind "
" Helpful as always! "
" Eric is awesome!! Great reader for sure! "
" Top Professional. Will assist you in every way!! "
" Super talented. Very fun reader! Excellent set-up! "
" So great!!! "
" Great Reader !! Thanks Eric ! "
" Such a great guy! "
" Nice energy and suggstions "
" Eric was amazing!!!!!!!! "
" The absolute best! Because of him i booked my first lead in a feature film! Make him your reader! "
" Great reader!! "
" So lovely to work with!! Great reader! "
" Eric is always so patient and helpful. Love working with him! "
" So great!!! "
" Excellent reader! "
" AS ALWAYS! Thanks Eric! Highly recommend! Very patient, great reader! "
" Nice! "
" Genuine and great guy, thank you "
" Really great energy, nice notes, and collaborative! "
" Great reader and the fancy microphone was a nice bonus in terms of sound quality! "
" Good reader! "
" Great as always! "
" So wonderful! Thank you!! "
" Fantastic! "
" Amazing. ready to play! I appreciate you Eric. thank u! "
" Wonderful reader and great energy! "
" Great reader! Super kind "
" Eric is always great! "
" Patient, thoughtful, and with a really lovely voice!! "
" He is Amazing!!! I'll definitely use him again! "
" One of my favorite readers. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader! Excellent with the cold read and very giving. Would book again "
" Eric was great as always. Your scene will always be in good hands with him as your scene partner "
" Great reader! Super patient...great sound! "
" Always great reading with Eric. "
" Great reader! io use again for sure! "
" Amazing "
" Awesome reader! Thanks Eric! "
" As always! Thanks Eric! Very patient and great reader "
" Fantastic! Great reader, intuitive about script analysis - picked up some cool stuff about the scene that gave me a new perspective. Kind and generous. Highly recommend! "
" 2 for 2 on the day! Great read and a lot of good feedback as always. Thanks again Eric! "
" Eric was great as always, highly recommend! "
" Awesome "
" So good. Every time. Love this dude! "
" WOW. I am so so so grateful for Eric's calm, professionalism, total presence and ease. Will look for him next time! Thanks Eric. "
" Great Cold Reader! Jumped right into the scene with ease. Thank you, Eric! "
" Amazing! Thank you for jumping right in Eric! "
" Eric was terrific! Very calm and patient. Had good scene ideas and read his line fabulously! "
" Great experience "
" I specifically look for Eric every time! He's the best! "
" Excellent "
" Adore Eric! My favorite reader on here. "
" Awesome Reader "
" Awesome Reader & Patient - Thanks Eric!! "
" Super helpful reader !! would definitely use Eric again. thank you!! "
" My second time booking Eric. He has a wonderful, grounded presence with an amazingly resonate voice. "
" Great reader! "
" Another one in the can! Thanks Eric! "
" Fantastic team player! Super helpful with really great suggestions. Will work with him again in the future. Thank. you, Eric! "
" Super helpful and had a great setup! "
" Thanks Eric. Just great. New ideas on a callback scene that we did together previously. Excellent reader!! "
" Excellent! "
" Eric was simply amazing for me! So patient, warm and kind as well as informative as far as the art of acting, very generous and brought excellence to the work! He had his work cut our for him as WeAudition religiously glitches and is nearly impossible for me to use! It took us an hour to connect because of the ongoing technical difficulties and he was able to help me ground myself into the soulful art of what we're attempting to do in expressing our hearts to the world. He saved me really and helped me to reconnect to what was lost due to technical difficulties. Bravo for such a beautiful and talented soul. #actor friends for life! "
" A1! "
" 5 Star READER "
" Eric was very helpful, relaxed and had great suggestions for deepening the read. Recommended!! "
" Wonderful presence and voice and energy and supportive excellent "
" Eric was very professional! Very patient and easy to work with! Definitely book him. "
" Great persona "
" Eric! So helpful! Thanks again! Such a great reader! "
" Thanks Eric!!! Great reader! "
" Great reader!! "
" So nice to meet a local actor. Thanks for your Patience sir. "
" Eric is great. Recommend. "
" Great reader with a grounding and down to earth presence. A voice with depth and ease perfect for a realistic and serious read. "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Amazing reader, great notes and so warm and calming "
" Great reader! Helpful, smart and generous! "
" Eric was a perfect help! thank you so much!! "
" Great reader. Gives amazing advice and is extremely accommodating "
" Wonderful reader and lovely, calm energy. Would love to read with you again! "
" Eric was friendly,, kind and helpful. Definitely recommend. "
" Eric was very helpful, great reader! "
" Great voice, very helpful reader "
" Killer! "
" Great reader "
" Excellent suggestion. Very patient. "
" Eric is the best!!!!!!!!!! "
" Amazing reader. Takes his time and gives amazing feedback "
" He’s the Best ever! Don’t pick no one else! "
" Salt of the Earth! The greatest. The sweetest. The most thoughtful and professional. THE GOAT YA'LL! "
" Awesome reader! Professional "
" Eric was a wonderful reader and provided very good feedback!! You won’t regret booking him! "
" Eric was so lovely. Thank you again! "
" Really appreciated his patience and understanding while I struggled through my lines. He was very kind. Would book again. "
" Eric is dope as always! "
" Eric was a great collaborator and really gave me good things to think about. Thanks again! "
" Eric is DOPE! Jumped right in with me and was ON-POINT! Book him! "
" Eric was so great! He offered some helpful notes regarding the pace of the scene that really upped the energy. Thank you! "
" Excellent reader! "
" As always! Eric is the bomb! 💣 thanks so much! "
" Congrats on the Netflix series! A fantastic kind reader "
" Killer! "
" Really excellent reader "
" Super helpful and was willing to rehearse/run the scene until I felt good about it. Dope reader! "
" Greatr reader "
" THanks Eric!! Great work and patience. "
" Very nice to work with. "
" Eric has a chill and generous vibe. Loved working with him! "
" Eric Was Super cool and very knowledgeable. He helped me break down my scene and kept reminding me to breath and stay grounded within myself. He was a great reader and had excellent notes to add towards my audition. Great guy, best of luck to him in all things! "
" Omg Eric was soooooo great! Super sweet, professional, and supportive. Thank youuu :) "
" Eric helped me book my first tv credit through a tape! So amazing. SO HELPFUL! Big fan "
" Eric was great. He understand my scene synopsis quickly and gave me the energy that I needed. Thank you, Eric! "
" Thanks Eric "
" What an awesome reader! Super patient and great notes! Glad we connected Eric! Thanks for your help! "
" Eric is the bomb. Loved working with him and I will definitely reach out again! "
" Great persona and allows a great safe space "
" Fantastic Reader ! "
" Wow! Eric is great! So grounded and focused. He really helped me stay relaxed as we explored the scene we were working on. His sound set up is also fantastic! Plus he had great feedback when asked. Can't wait to work with him again :) "
" Super chill session. Great reader "
" 10/10 Amazing feedback, gave excellent notes! Will definitely hire again "
" Eric is brilliant as always! Thanks so much for you help!! "
" Eric is awesome and has fantastic equipment. Sweet, down to earth and ready to work! "
" Eric is a great reader! Awesome sound quality and very helpful! "
" Such a chill, easy time working with Eric. Solid, warm, and consistent. Thanks so much, man! "
" Awesome reader and super professional! "
" Great reader! Had a great time playing the scene. "
" Easy, professional, good input "
" Eric is great! "
" Eric does a great job helping you get the best performance for your self-tape. "
" Eric is great and very helpful "
" Great reader! "
" ERIC WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! "
" Eric, Is amazing. He knows how to help without being intrusive and has great insight. Definitely book him! "
" Great times! "
" Great read! "
" Great! "
" Another great read with Eric. He is awesome! "
" It was awesome reading and doing the character breakdown with Eric. He is very pleasant, easy to talk with and provided valuable insight to help me feel more comfortable with my character. I look forward to working with him again. "
" Eric was a pleasure to work with was very supportive, and gave great verbal and non-verbal feedback - get to work with him! "
" Eric was very patient, supportive and great with his time! "
" Phenomenal reader with great tips "
" Absolutely lit - real cool and easy and patient - exactly what you need from a reader during the stressful audition season! "
" Amazing as always thank you! "
" Eric was so great and helpful! He offered many suggestions that elevated my tape! "
" Fantastic! Provided Great creative choices to up the level of my audition 🤙 "
" Thank you for your patience!! Super kind. "
" Eric was very patient and helpful. Thanks "
" Eric was great and easy to work with. "
" Thanks so much! "
" Eric is wonderful and offered very helpful suggestions! Thank you! "
" Eric is amazing to work with, great reader, recommend!! "
" So great BOOK HIM!! "
" Really helped me pull gold from the script. Thanks, Eric "

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