Paricia Wyatt

I will give my BEST and ALL to help you book that role! If you are open to feedback I am happy to help by analyzing your script and bring out your character!
It is okay if we go over-time (no extra fee) because I will make sure not to end the session until you are confident and feel like a star :)
I taken Theater Arts classes all 4 years of high school and I am continuing with Drama courses in college right now. I am currently transitioning into film and training to be on camera.
I love coaching and motivating people. I am also a gymnastics coach so training in general is in my blood.

Portraying characters that have a side of them that many people hide is my character type. I love telling stories that have a very serious meaning behind it. I was enrolled in Theater Arts all 4 years of high school and I am continuing Drama courses throughout college. I am now involved in film and love portraying characters on screen. Anything that involves gymnastics, cheer and tumbling is the special skills that I can bring to the tables. I am a gymnastics coach so my motivation will always be on top.


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Credits Include

2022 [added]
Mafia Diaries
Short Film Supporting
2022 [added]
Complex of Killing a Man
Youtube music/short film Supporting
2021 [added]
Tv Pilot Co-Star
2019 [added]
Advance Acting Showcase
2018 [added]
Fairyland Tales
Play Lead