Wesley Tunison

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On-Camera Co-star/Guest Star/Comedy/Drama

Wesley Tunison is an American actor and audition coach whose 15+ years of professional work includes performances on stage, television, and in feature films. He was born in Freehold, New York. When he was 19 years old, he moved to NYC to be an actor. Wesley is the son of artists Ron Tunison and Alice Tunison. He studied extensively at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Additional studies at The Pearl Conservatory for Shakespeare and The Peoples Improv Theater.

Please let Wesley know up front if you'd like coaching on the scene or if you'd just like him to read for you. Wesley will gladly help you breakdown the scene, pull context clues from the script and help you win the room by being smart with your approach to the script. This is your audition so do not hesitate to ask for help with anything or make adjustments to his approach. He wants to help make your audition one that books you the role or at the very least books you the room. In addition to helping with your audition he is also available to help with acting/film class prep or a coaching or career session. Wesley is always happy to meet you where you are at and make you feel comfortable.

Wesley's clients have booked series regular roles on tv and roles in blockbuster films.

If you ever want to book in advance or if he is not online please reach out to: tunisonassistant@gmail.com to schedule a time.

You can also reach out via instagram: @wesleytunison if that is easier for you.

Venmo: @wesleytunison
PayPal: @wesleytunison
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Wesley Tunison

Atlanta based comedian, actor and singer originally from Freehold, NY. His professional career of more than 15 years has been spent mainly splitting time between New York and Los Angeles . He has appeared in several off broadway shows including the New York Times Critic’s Pick “Freckleface Strawberry”. TV Credits include (HBO)’s VINYL & (NICKELODEON)’s Game Shakers. He studied acting, dance and voice at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. He received his improv training at The PIT, The Groundlings, UCB, and Dad's Garage.

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145 Reader Reviews

" Awesome reader! Gave a great super helpful read from the get go! Will def use again :) "
" AWESOME working with him on these two pieces, great notes, great feedback, great coaching. Couldn't ask for a better session. "
" Awesome to work with, great energy and great coach as well as great scene partner to give you something great to work with. "
" Wesley was super easy to work with and brought excellent energy! "
" Patient and bang-on "
" FIVE STARS!!! Wesley is a pleasure to work with -- first and foremost, a fantastic reader -- and also a ton of fun. Book him! "
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" Wes is an acting SAVANT. His understanding of point of view is powerfully insightful and exciting to be on the receiving end of. "
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" Wesley is the man! He gave an amazing read and really insightful notes. Thank u! "
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" Wesley is a true professional, and he's a delight to work with. This was my first time using the WeAudition service. Wesley was extremely patient and kind throughout the whole process. He answered all of my questions, and he clearly communicated everything that I needed to know. He has a positive attitude and an upbeat personality. When you're preparing for an audition, he's exactly the kind of reader that you'll want. He's intelligent, insightful, and empathetic. He'll put you at ease, and he'll give you the tools necessary to succeed. "
" Wesley was extremely helpful and gave a lot of great notes on my audition. I insist that you book him for your next reading!! "
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" OMG, singing Wesley's praises! He is just a great listener who made me feel so comfortable. He knows his stuff and was able to jump right in. I came into the session a little iffy, but walked out confident with my audition and proud of my work. THANK YOU, Wesley! "
" Ready to go! Real kind. "
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" Lovely reader. Super relaxed vibe "
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" Got bumped but even then we had a great time reading. Thanks "
" Great at brainstorming scenes! Brings good energy to the other characters:) "
" I could keep writing reams of praise for Wesley's sessions. Just had my 5th (or 125th, dunno) one and am amazed by the interpretations and choices we discover as we go on each character's journey together. Thank you! "
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" Easy to work with, just what I need! Thanks "
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" Definitely book Wesley if you have the chance because he is a great reader and he warms into the role really well which brought out the best performance from me! I honestly cannot wait to read with him again and I was happy he was available when I was "
" Wesley was awesome and provided such an open comfortable space to explore. Also provided great feedback on my scene! "
" Awesome Reader!! "
" Wesley is absolutely incredible. As a reader, actor, coach and person. Literally one of the best sessions I've ever had, on WeAudition or off. Seriously if you want to just run lines or all the way to are taping your series regular audition for the biggest role you've ever had, there's no one I would rather pick then Wesley. The rates he is charging are fantastic for the quality of the work. I implore you to pick him if he's online over anyone else. Thank you sir! "
" Really puts himself in the shoes of the character and the character's circumstances, great reader as well "
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" Awesome reader!! Wesley gave some really good notes that helped my performance in the scene. "
" Excellent reader! Professional with great feedback to better my performance. Thanks Wesley! "

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