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Hello! My name is Jake Nail, and I would love to read for you!
I love acting! I really enjoy reading new scripts and parts, and I'd love to help you out with the audition process!
I'm ready to read whatever you need, and if requested can give thoughts/opinions/advice.
Just let me know what you need me to do and I'll read however you want!

If you want to schedule a time, you can email me at jacob.nail.actor@gmail.com, or message me on my instagram, which is linked below!

Looking forward to working with you!

Jacob is new to the world of film acting, though he has been doing stage acting for years. He has one student film under his belt, and after that experience is excited for more!
On stage, his favorite role has been Garry Lejeune in 'Noises Off', though he has been in many various roles in murder mysteries, comedies, and musicals, both on stage and backstage.

If you'd like some more information or demo clips you can find them on Jake's backstage page-

You can contact me at Jacob.Nail.Actor@gmail.com

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Credits Include

2023 [added]
Better Together (Short)
2023 [added]
Dark City (short)
2023 [added]
Loneliness (Short)
2023 [added]
Silkscreen Arcadia (Short)
2022 [added]
Clown West (Student Film)
2022 [added]
Game Plan (Short)
2022 [added]
Deathgame (Feature)
2022 [added]
Comfort Zone (Feature)
2022 [added]
The Squad (Short)