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Hi! My name is Siddharth (Sidd) Kusuma. Here to help you get the best tape or read possible. I'm an actor, model, voiceover artist (and diehard sports fan) originally hailing from the great city of Chicago, Illinois, living in Los Angeles! I have been acting for 5 years and have been in national commercials, plays, indie films, web series, industrials, and just shot my first TV co-star!

- Aqua Talent (Theatrical)
- Gill Talent (Theatrical)
- Coast to Coast Talent (Commercial)
- Citizen Skull (Management)

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Hi! My name is Siddharth (Sidd) Kusuma. I'm an actor, model, voiceover artist, and diehard sports fan originally hailing from the great city of Chicago, Illinois, and am now based in sunny Los Angeles! I moved to LA in the summer of 2021 after acting & modeling in the Bay Area for 4 years, and it's been nothing but awesome so far. I have acted in national commercials, plays, independent shorts/features, industrials, and just filmed my first TV co-star! I have several goals for acting, but a big one is to redefine what it means to be a leading man in Hollywood - aka someone who looks like me :) I hope to serve as an inspiration for South Asians pursuing the arts across the globe.

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Let me know if you'd ever like to work on something together! Hit me up via email at!

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