Dan Dave Larson

Hello, my name is Dan Dave.

I'm a recently minted, trained, theatre actor. I'm also longtime musician as well as music producer and recording engineer. I can read copy with my brilliant, strong, voice while inferring accurate choices in dialogue scenes very quickly and make my voice sound good the entire time.

What I lack in actor credits I well make-up for in reading talent and vocal capability. My long term goal with acting is voiceover work.

Let's read together and you can experience for yourself.

Dan Dave Larson is a Billboard charting musician, producer, and sound engineer, currently expanding his sights onto the world of acting for Theatre, Voiceover, Film, & Television. Several years of experience in the world of stand-up comedy and improv. College educated, formal theatre training with an Associate's Degree in Theatre from Central New Mexico College.

Dan Dave resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Currently Self-Represented.

Credits Include

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Story Club
Theatre Produc Storyteller