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Hi everyone! My name is Camille La'akea Wong and I'm based out of California. I received my BA in Theatre from Cornell College. I currently work as an audiobook narrator and producer. I also work as a stage manager and director of local theatre productions.

I am looking forward to connecting people and helping out with self tapes and learning lines. I am flexible, patient, and will do my best to support you!

Hi everyone! My name is Camille La'akea Wong and I'm based out of California. I received my BA in Theatre from Cornell College. I currently work as an audiobook narrator and producer.


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" This girl is AMAZING! I told her to look into a job as a Script Supervisor. He attention to detail while was rehearsing my lines was fantastic!!! It's always nice to have someone who knows how to correct you without making you feel bad. I definitely want to work with her again "
" Camille was super helpful and patient, thank you so much! "
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" Camille is awesome! She's a joy to work with "

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