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I am here for you and your needs, so if you need me to act with you a bit, I will. If you need me to be neutral and unemotional (like so many readers in live auditions), I will do that for you. If you would like me to make technical suggestions between takes (or reps, if you are just running lines with me), I will. I am disinclined to offer my opinion unless asked, so speak up if you need a second opinion! Otherwise, I await your direction. I will also check in with you about my volume, pacing, tone, etc. Our time is for you!

I can read with you in general American, Midwestern, British RP, or French accents, or I can read with you in Spanish. My Spanish is fluent and neutral, so I do not favor a particular dialect. I have one reader I use when I have sides in Spanish, but I am looking for more Spanish speakers. I am also seeking a native Russian speaker on WeAudition, presently.

Hi! I am an actor, traveler, and literacy interventionist. I train consistently with working actors on both scene study and camera technique. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, as well as basic French (though my accent is better than my grammar!). My native accent is Midwestern American and my trained accents include British RP and French--soon to include Castilian. Relying on my degree in linguistics, I continue to train my languages and add accents to my repertoire in my spare time.

IG: @ms.cole.wilson

For acting resources, tips, and acting biz action steps, check out my YouTube channel, Diary of a Screen Actor!


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Cole Wilson is a screen actor and lifestyle model. She trains consistently with working actors on both scene work and camera technique. With degrees in linguistics, creative writing, and children's literature, Cole continues to study her languages (Russian, Spanish, Portuguese) and adds accents to her repertoire in her spare time. She is also an avid traveler, thrill-seeker, and animal-lover.

IG: @ms.cole.wilson

For acting resources, tips, and acting biz action steps, check out Cole's YouTube channel, Diary of a Screen Actor!

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Credits Include

2021 [added]
Idle Hands
Short Supporting
2021 [added]
Discomfort: Love at First Register
Web Series Supporting Lead


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