Joyce Hii

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Hello! I'm Joyce Hii and I love being a reader because it helps you out and I love being able to play as well! What a win-win for both! It's SO important for you to feel comfortable as you audition, so please feel free to let me know if there's anything you want!

I'm Asian American, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I have experience as the lead for short films and commercials (I Can't Run Away, Empowered Films, etc), as well as major supporting characters in feature films (Who Dun Dun Dunnit?, Crush It!)

Training: Film Auditions, Extreme Characterization, Believable Drama, Comedy
Languages: Intermediate in Japanese and Teochew

For scheduling, please feel free to DM me on IG or email me at
IG: hi.joyce.hii or click below!
Venmo (preferred): @joycehii

I'm Joyce Hii and I'd love to be part of your production! I'm Asian American, standing at 5'4", weighing 130 pounds with black hair and dark brown eyes. I'm located in Alhambra, California, which is about 20 minutes from the heart of Los Angeles. I also have a car for easy and reliable transportation. I am fully vaccinated.

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" So amazing! She was super patient when my cat kept meowing and I had to move everything around a bit! She was super positive and friendly and warm! "
" Two for two! So friendly and helpful. Thanks, Joyce! "
" Great reader! Thanks so much Joyce! "
" LOVED reading with Joyce! First time reading with her and she dived right into the scene like a PRO! Great actor and scene partner, great energy, great sense of play. Highly highly recommend, thank you, Joyce! "
" Great Reader - super patient! "
" So lovely!! "
" Joyce was really wonderful to work with - super friendly and patient! Thank you! "
" Joyce is so sweet and kind, and I'm so glad she was up late to read with me, thank you! "
" Great reader with good notes, helped break down my script "
" Great reader. Friendly and easy to work with. "
" Awesome read! "
" What a joy Joyce is. So helpful and professional. Ready for anything. "
" Amazing! "
" Gave great advice and was a good reader "
" Joyce was the absolute sweetest to work with! She was really supportive and flexible to anything that came up while we were reading. Thank you :) "
" Awesome! "
" Great reader! awesome energy! "
" Excellent. Made me feel very relaxed :-) Very friendly and helpful "
" Very patient and helpful, Great reader :-) "
" Easygoing and helpful! thank you Joyce! "
" Easy and professional. "
" Awesome, patient and a great sport! "
" Awesome! "
" Great!! "
" Very patient and nice! "
" Amazing, natural reader. "
" Thank you, awesome! "
" Helpful, supportive reader!! :-) "
" Great! So friendly, easygoing, accommodating, and quick to understand the sides. I like that she doesn't say too much unless asked, and then, she has smart comments. Well done! "
" Joyce is a pleasure to work with! "
" Joyce was awesome! i went in thinking I would just have time to run lines and she helped me knock out two whole tapes! "
" Thank you! "
" Smart and fun! Thank you, Joyce! "
" Kind and patient! "
" So great! Very fun experience "
" Really great reader. Loved her pacing!! "
" Great!!!! "
" Joyce is brilliant and very talented! Trained and delivered like a pro! "
" Great! "
" So great and patient! Thank you, Joyce! "
" Patient and Nice! "
" Joyce is amazing. Very good reader and gives great energy during the reading process. Well experienced! "
" Awesome lovely reader! "
" Joyce is awesome! Thanks for your help and support Joyce! "
" Always a pleasure working with Joyce! "
" Awesome reader, thank you!! "
" Great reader with helpful notes. "
" She was so patient and helpful! Thanks! "
" Such a lovely reader. I cant wait to work with her again!!! "
" Thanks Joyce "
" Joyce was great. Had some technical issues, she was super patient. Loved her subtle humour. "
" Always easy working with Joyce! "
" Awesome reader! Super professional! "
" She is a great reader, really smooth read "
" Joyce was super nice and welcoming! Made me feel right at home and together we knocked out the scene! "
" Super supportive and great reader! Thanks so much Joyce! "
" Great reader "
" Easily understood both scenes. Gives so much to work and play with! So impressed! "
" Patient good reader "
" Very helpful! Thank you! "
" Joyce was a great reader, perfect for my scene! "
" Awesome reader! Recommend! "
" A+ reader! :) :) so patient "
" Fabulous reader! She understood the assignment!! 🙌🏾 "
" Joyce is a fun reader. Thank you! "
" THANK YOU JOYCE! Your patience and vitality helped so much. "
" Great reader! Joyce, thank you! "
" Thank uuu "
" Great "
" WONDERFUL! Wonderful reader, wonderful feedback, wonderful insights, wonderful all around - Joyce is great! Definitely highly recommend! "
" Great Reader! "
" Joyce was great! "
" Very supportive and follows directions from the script well. "
" Excellent reader!! "
" Joyce is a fantastic reader. She is so friendly and generous with time. I look forward to reading with her again. "
" Thank you so much for your help!!! <3 "
" Wonderful reader! Thank you! "
" Excellent reader!! definitely recommend "
" Thanks so much for all. the help Joyce! Zoe "
" Very helpful and kind. Thanks Joyce! "
" Amazing reader, super patient, highly recommend! "
" Joyce is tops! Easy peasy to work with. Look forward to jamming again soon. "
" So much fun! thanks girl <3 "
" Awesome reader! Thank you Joyce! "
" Joyce was great so patient and great read. Thank you "
" Gave me 120%! Took every idea I had and rolled with it, acted full out so I had something really fresh to work with. Helpful, focused, and we were done early! "
" Amazing reader, so patient, helpful and cool to work with. Thanks so much Joyce!! "
" Thank you so much Joyce! "
" I loved working with Joyce "
" Excellent reader. And on the ball "
" Joyce is a great reader! Woohoo "
" Joyce is super lovely! Work with her. "
" Joyce is a great reader! "
" Joyce is a great reader! "
" Great reader will book again! "
" Joyce is so great at being present and keeping up the pace! She's a great reader. "
" Joyce had a great suggestion for an extra take! "
" Joyce was amazing as a reader!!! so patience and nice and very supportive!!! "
" Joyce was great and was fun to work with! "
" Thank you for your patience! "
" Joyce was a great reader and very patient with my multiple takes. :) "
" Great reader! "
" Always great to have her as a reader. "
" I had a great session with Joyce! "
" Very kind and helpful "
" Joyce was awesome! Very attentive reader, good notes on our scene! "
" Joyce brings clarity and energy to the read – meat for you to play off of! Thank you!! "
" Thank you so much!!! "
" Excellent. She provides so much as a reader. Definitely one of my favorites! "
" Great reader! "
" Read w/ Joyce a second time and she was great! "
" Great as usual!!! Highly recommend! "
" So easy to work with and so patient! "
" Joyce was such a great reader! She brought all the emotions of the scene and made my job so much easier. Much appreciated! "
" Great energy! I recommend Joyce to everyone. Book her! "
" Great reader and gives great suggestions. "
" Good instincts & great natural reader! Felt very much at ease. Would recommend :) "
" Great reader!!!! Super friendly, patient, and gives great feedback. "
" Very supportive! "
" Joyce is great! Highly recommend! "
" Joyce is a natural! "
" Very nice and helpful! "
" Joyce was such a great reader. Great energy, super expressive and just a positive individual all around. She also had alot of wonderful suggestions/tips to offer. Would definitely recommend working with her! Thanks Joyce :D "
" Excellent! Would use as a reader again in the future! "
" So wonderful! Such a calming and supportive presence. Joyce is a superb read, must work with her again!!! "
" Lovely reader! "
" Wonderful!! Easy to work with! "
" So great. gave me exactly what i needed. "
" Super sweet. & fun and helpful! "

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