Andrew Larkin

It's audition time baby!! But showing up to the audition is more than just hitting lines on cue, and behaving real under imaginary circumstances. It's also about the mindset you bring into the room.

I've been working deeply in personal development, mindset and emotional intelligence for the past few years now. I'm an up and coming actor, and I could just read the character lines and send you on your way, but I'm here sprinkle good vibes, mindset tips and tricks and bring out the best version of yourself while allowing you to work your craft and bring your character to life. We're in this bad boy together!

It's not always about booking the audition, it's about winning the room and being someone that casting and the director and whoevers on the other side of that camera remembers. You will woe them with your performance. But my ultimate goal is to push you to be the highest version of yourself, not just moving forward in future auditions, but also in life.

DISCLAIMER: Paul Walker once said "No matter how cool you think you are, you're never cool enough to look down on anyone, ever". I take that to heart and this will be an absolute judgement free zone. I want you to feel absolutely comfortable to be able to take the creative risks you desire. We'll keep crackin' until you are beyond satisfied w/ the performance. The casting will know your name. Let's make some Magick!

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I'm a 24 year old up and coming actor. I've spent the last few years diving into personal development and emotional intelligence, and have brought that energy into this work. I love the craft and want to tell stories that touch the souls of the audience. I believe there is enough to go around for everyone, and this platform, building a community of creatives and creators together to support one another on this crazy journey is everything. I believe what goes around comes around and I want to be of service in any way I can to not just survive but thrive in this industry.

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" Dope as all get out. Patient and positive vibes all around. Ready for anything! "
" Great job! "
" GREAT Reader!! Will def request him again! "
" Really lovely reader. thanks for your posi vibes "
" Andrew has great energy as a reader was very helpful with the audition. "
" Lovely, helpful reader! "
" Very chill, enthusiastic great reader! "
" He was so good got him back to back! "
" Great reader! "
" So helpful and let me do so many takes! He also helped me working on the ending where it kind of left us with a cliffhanger. He was so insightful and kind! A true pleasure to work with and full of ideas! "
" Andrew is AMAZING! Jumped right into the script. I highly recommend!! "
" Down to earth and straight to the point! "
" Andrew Thank u so much! For your help "
" Excellent reader and very kind. "