Akiyo Komatsu

What's up fellow artists my name is Akiyo (ah-key-yo)!

I'm born and raised in Chicago, but currently in NYC

I understand how important being comfortable, free, and supported is in this crazy thing we do. I want to give you what often times we are not given. I am here for you to shine, i'm in this with you for you, I got your back 110%, let's get you booked!

I'm a professional NYC actor experienced in Film/ TV and Theatre. I have graduated from NYU Tisch Drama with honors . My most recent bookings from 2022 are: Powerbook: Ghost (recurring), Bloat (supporting in Film with named lead), and Manifest (co-star). I have and am studying with Susan Batson / John Markland / Craig Archibald / Desean Terry

All these booking have happened through Weaudition, so I am very accustomed to this medium and translating it into what cd's and producers are looking for.

But to be real, I just want to connect and help with other actors and artists because I love acting!

We can work on:
-script analysis
-environment building
- arching the scene
-not giving any f*cks 🤙

*if we get lost in the Weaudtion or want to book me just reach out:
Insta - akiyoconqueso
email - akiyokomatsu2@gmail.com

See you on set! (✌゚∀゚),

Just a dude, living his passion, trying his damndest to get good at his craft!


Stewart Talent Malissa Young Management

17 Reader Reviews

" Totally great guy to audition with! Super patient and great attitude! Thank you! "
" Awesome! Super helpful! "
" Very good reader. "
" The best! "
" Amazing! Quickly understands scenes really well and gives so much to work with by diving fully into it. Encouraging and super fun to work with, providing helpful improv, different eyelines and energies for multiple characters! "
" Super nice, made me feel comfortable, had wise words to say "
" Patient, relaxed, good insights and a great reader :) "
" Great reader! Gave me a good tip to help with editing my tape. Thank You! "
" Great reader. adds to the scene with you, giving you real set experience in your audition. Will work with again "
" Amazing reader! was quick and professional :) "
" Fantastic! A really great reader and actor. So helpful! "
" So goo- looking! ...and good-acting!!! Knowledgeable actor! Generous reader! Pro! Will want to read with him again! "
" Very patient and helpful. Highly recommend. "
" Akiyo made my tape a BREEZE! Such a great reader and so engaged, look forward to working with him again soon! "
" Great reader, highly recommended, offers really good adjustments and feedback, really helped get the most out of the audition! "
" AWESOME! Will 100% book again! "
" Akiyo is super supportive and helpful. I really enjoy his energy and the read "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
SAG Feature Supporting
2022 [added]
2022 [added]
Powerbook: Ghost
2019 [IMDB]
Mr. Robot
TV Series
2019 [added]
Flying Tigers Flying Away
Off-Broadway LEAD