Ggreg Snyder

I'm a native of Northern California, though now living in Las Vegas. I have a BA in Theatre Arts from San Francisco State. I lived the actor's life in Los Angeles for many years, appearing on tv shows, commercials and independent films. I began my acting journey in 1979.

I'm well versed in Shakespeare (I tend to play the comic-but-wise oaf, like Sir Toby Belch, Falstaff and Polonious) and also musical theatre. If you need someone with a deep voice, I'm here. I do a variety of American and European accents (Californian [native], Southern, Midwest, British, Irish, German, Russian, etc.) I speak fluent Spanish, but I am not native.

My name is Ggreg (not a typo, but one of the g's is silent, so there is no need to pronounce it differently.) I'm from the S.F. Bay Area, but lived the performer's life in Los Angeles for many years. I'm currently living in Las Vegas, though not settling. It's just a place to hang out during the apocalypse. I've been acting for 40+ years.

I have 2 albums of Americana music available on all major outlets (Spotify, Apple Music, You Tube, etc.) and I've written a musical called Gehenna. The fully produced soundtrack is available for free download on Spotify.

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Credits Include

2016 [added]
Flash Gordon
Dr Zharkov
2013 [added]
The Diviners
Ferris Leyman
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Willy Wonka
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2012 [added]
Much Ado About Nothing
2011 [added]
Officer Welch
2011 [added]
Best Little Whorehouse In Texas
2011 [added]
The Giver (Musical)
The Giver
2011 [added]
Pearly Gates
2010 [added]
A Midsummer Night's Dream
2010 [added]
The Tempest
2009 [added]
2008 [IMDB]
The Tools
2008 [added]
Merry Wives Of Windor
2004 [added]
Trekkies 2
2002 [added]
Beat The Geeks
Saturday Morning Geek
1988 [IMDB]
Fire Fight