Timothy Chen

I'm Timothy; I'm here to help you get a good read on your audition.

I've just started on my journey into acting, but I've taken some classes; and been in a few plays and short films to have some wherewithal breaking down a script. Green though I may be, I have a passion for breaking down stories and characters to make sense of them. This mostly comes out when I'm debating with my friends about the quality of writing on films and TV shows.

What I can bring as a reader is not just someone to bounce lines from, but another perspective that might open up some more light on your character.

Lookin' forward to working with yah! If I'm not on; you can get in touch via my IG: @this.timchen

Tips are appreciated!
Venmo: @Ti_prime


I'm an actor based in Los Angeles. Roles that I've taken on include Orin Scrivello from Little Shop of Horrors, an entrepreneur in an industrial series by Caseworx, and as a PTSD phantasm in the short film 'People in the Attic'.

I've studied under Andrew Wood at the Andrew Wood Acting Studio and F. Reed Brown at Cerritos College. I've also taken an improv class at The Groundlings.

My background is in music production and audio engineering. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills. As a live engineer, I've had the opportunity to provide audio visual reinforcement to a variety of artists and organizations. As a music producer; I released my EP 'HSD' in November 2018; and composed for short films from Chapman University and CSUDH.

In addition to acting and music, I'm also an avid parkour practitioner and runner; I have experience working a specialty coffee bar; and I am a photography enthusiast.

Let's connect on Instagram @this.timchen


Credits Include

2018 [added]
Street Fighting Entrepreneurship
Industrial Lead
The People In The Attic