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I've been based in NYC for the past 12 years with a background in both theatre and tv/film. I love supporting and working with other actors. I'm a quick study and I also really enjoy development work so whether you're looking for a session to just get the take or need a partner to really dig into and discover the nuances of the scene, I'd be thrilled to dive in with you. I'd also like to note that I am a Queer actor and providing safe and open spaces to work in is very important me.

I'm currently studying with MN Acting Studios and often lend a hand to friends with their self tape set-up, reader, and coaching needs. Check out a few testimonials below, and I look forward to working with you.

"I highly recommend Meghann as a reader. She's a grounded and empathetic actor who listens and responds moment-to-moment. As a scene partner, she is supportive, focused, and adaptable. Whether it is a cold-read or with time to prepare, Meghann is able to lock into character quickly and really dig into a scene." - Amy Russ, Actor/Producer/Director and Instructor at MN Acting Studios

"I have used Meghann for multiple auditions and she is such a great reader to work with! She is patient and gives you everything you need for the scene. In addition, if I wanted some feedback, she was right there with some really helpful insights and suggestions that brought a new light to the work. Would highly recommend her!" - Danté Jeanfelix, Actor

"As wonderful of a human as she is a talented and dedicated actor, Meghann is someone I would not hesitate to recommend as a reader. Along with being present, open, and always striving to connect with her character and partner, she will make you feel supported and comfortable. The many times I have chosen Meghann as a reader she has not only proven herself to be a wonderful scene partner, but she has the ability to put your nerves at ease just by the sound of her voice. If you're looking for a scene partner that will assist you in your best delivery and the quality of your final product, there is no one better I could recommend." - Katy Castaldi, Actor

If my beacon isn't on or you'd like to schedule a time to work, please feel free to reach out to me at or find me on Insta @TheGarm

I've been based in NYC for the past 12 years (give or take an ongoing pandemic) with a background in both theatre and tv/film studies. I have a BA in Theatre Arts and am currently training with MN Acting Studios.

For more about me and my work, please visit

Ingber & Associates (Commercial) Carole Ingber 212-889-9450

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