Esther Tan

upto 30 mins : $ 8.00
upto 60 mins : $ 20.00

Hey there,

I am an actor, dancer, host, martial artist and drama coach who trained at RCSSD; Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (Acting). Based in London.

Being through countless of self tapes, I’m happy to help you get the best out of your work by doing as many takes as you need, give notes(only if you ask for it!) or just as a reader/actor to work off. Just give me a heads up at the start of our session! I am eager to bring whatever it is you need to feel comfortable with the material. My only rule is, please do not feel rushed when you're practicing with me, I am here to help you guys book the job so please be comfortable :')

If my beacon is off, feel free to DM me on Insta or pop me an email to schedule a time.
Please leave me a review after our session. Tips are greatly appreciated! X
30mins or more: $10
Up to 60mins: $20

Looking forward to nail this with you! 💪🏻
RP, London, American (Southern, General), Jamaican
Languages — Mandarin, Korean (basic)

Esther is a Singaporean-born, East Asian actor who trained at RCSSD; Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Based in London.

Since the age of 14, Esther has been immensely involved in the arts. She has worked as an ensemble member in various professional productions (English National Ballet, Voilah! French Festival, The Cockpit Theatre). Check out more of her theatre and screen credits here -

Prior to her love for acting and theatre making, Esther was trained in both Contemporary and Chinese dance, along with a variety of eastern and western martial arts styles. She has attained two distinctions in the use of Unarmed Combat and Rapier & Dagger by The British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat. She speaks Mandarin & basic conversational Korean as well.

In 2020, she wrote and performed in her own piece, Hiatus for UK’s first digital showcase of BESEA graduates.

Represented by Saskia from Mclean-Williams (UK Theatrical/Film/Commercial)

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" So sweet and kind, great to meet you! Thank you for your help :) "
" Really lovely to work with "
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" Esther is awesome! Relaxed, confident and friendly. Thanks for taking the time and fitting me into your evening with the time difference. Appreciate it !!! "
" Esther was so wonderful and patient while running through the script with me! Loved her feedback when requested as well! "
" Esther is extremely kind and attentive. She is a very good ready and not afraid to throw a note your way. Will definitely look out for her again "
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" Great working with Ester, thanks for your time & energy. "
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" Esther was very inciteful in our breakdown of a western centric script. I came away with the confidence that I can now better help other actors who may not be familiar with these types of scripts. A fantastic meeting of minds! "
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" She was great! Thanks Esther. "
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" Really sweet and helpful reader, gave some great inside to my scene. "

Credits Include

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Blippi Visits Kidzania
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Dance Nation
Embassy Theatre
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Campus Living Villages (Luton)
Seal Films
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Campus Living Villages (Birmingham)
Seal Films
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Sacrifice - A Clytemnestra Story
The Cockpit Theatre
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Attempts On Her Life
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Once Upon A Christmas
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Chinese Takeaways
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After Mrs Rochester
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Dentyl Promotional Campaign
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