Tully Klein

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One of the reasons I want to be your reader is to help you land your next role.
In addition, I can give you some tips and tricks to get off book faster.
I've been coached by Matt Zina and went to IDSA for two years.
For a while I've been mainly writing, but now it's time to get those projects up to the screen.
I'm Swiss-born, currently living in London. I speak fluently Swiss-German, German, English, and Hebrew and have passion for learning languages like Russian, Italian, Spanish and French.

If my beacon is off, you can contact me on:

Tully A Klein is a Swiss-born actress based in London. She has experience in film, commercials, and stage. Always open to meet and work with new people on different projects. She enjoys improv acting, loves learning new skills, and improving herself as a person.

" SHe's lovely! "
" Really patient and helpful. Great to work with. "
" Really great to work with, really patient and kind "
" Very nice reader. We did have some sound issues. "

Credits Include

2017 [added]
Only a bite
short Laura
2017 [added]
TAKI between eves
short Rebecca