Rita Castagna

Hi! I'm Rita (she/her), I'm a queer tree-hugging gal from Philadelphia, and I'd love to be your reader!
I have a degree in Acting & Musical Theatre and have been a working professional for 2 years. I have foundational knowledge of many dialects, though I am not certified to coach.
I don't charge, but tips are greatly appreciated. My venmo is @ritacastagna. I look forward to helping you nail your tape, rehearsal, or whatever you're working on! :)

CASTABILITY: quirky/spunky lead, head bitch at the high school, sassy vintage lady, misunderstood manic pixie dream girl
SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: Bonnie & Clyde (Bonnie Parker), Side Show (Daisy Hilton), Heathers (Heather Chandler).
AWARDS: NextGen 2019 Winner (American Pops, DC), Richard F. Gold Career Grant for Outstanding Vocalists (Shoshana Foundation, NYC).
FUN SKILLZ: Synesthesia (I hear colors!), pedantic knowledge of Bob's Burgers episodes, passionate about the environment

unrepresented - contact me at RitaACastagna@gmail.com !

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" Great reader! "
" Thank you! Great read! "
" Thanks so much Rita for your great read! "
" Rita was GREAT! Super energy and so present! Thank you Rita! "
" Very lovely and friendly to read with!!! "
" Rita is lovely!! Such a calm, positive energy :) "
" Friendly and down to play! Good vibes and good reader "
" Rita is a great reader & has amazing energy! "
" Great reader and very nice! "
" Really great reader! She brought so much energy and emotion to her read and it made it so easy to react to "
" Rita is super amazing to work with! She was quick to understand the scene and had great energy :) "
" Such a pleasure to work with! "
" Awesome thank you!! "
" Awesome easy reader "
" Very sweet and helpful! Great to run lines with! "
" Great reader "
" Rita gave me exactly what I needed for my scene and got me to several solid takes!! "
" Excellent reader. Took the script and ran with it smoothly "
" Rita is wonderful! "
" Rita was so patient and a great reader! Definitely will read with her again :) "

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