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Hi, I'm Aneisha! I'm an actress. I studied at the University of Alabama and majored in Fine Arts with an acting concentration. I have starred in music videos and short films. I've dabbled in about all the areas of this industry just to stay well-rounded. I'm up to do as many retakes as you'd like to get YOUR perfect take.

Also here if you'd like to breakdown the script and explore/develop your character's history. Excited to connect and work!

If you need to reach me and I'm not online, just shoot me a quick email at or DM me on Insta @aneishabrackens

Happy taping!

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Aneisha Brackens, 24 years of age. Located in Los Angeles, CA, has starred in short films and music videos over the last 4 years. Graduated from the University of Alabama in 2020 with her BFA with an acting concentration.
Aneisha was the writer and co-producer of the music video "King" by Justin Oliver.
Aneisha is most known for the short films:
Come on Home, Forget Me Not, Retroactive, Superish, Hands up, and The Rose That Grew From the Concrete.

Aneisha starred in Timothy Skipper’s film “The Rose That Grew from the Concrete” and the film received a Remi award at the Houston-International film festival and won Audience’s Choice at the Black Warrior Film Festival.

Aneisha is also new to the Castability app and has been actively involved in the workshop submissions, placing 1st for 3/5 of the submissions she has done thus far.

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