Nikita Faber

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Nikita Faber is a South African actress, known for 1923 (2022), 6-Headed Shark Attack (2018), Fried Barry (2020) and Welcome to Murdertown (2018).

Nikita has additionally worked as a voice artist for five years, working with the Standard American accent and British RP. Working as a voice artist has honed her sight reading and her ability to pick up a script quickly.

As a reader, Nikita is the perfect partner to bounce your creativity off of.

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Nikita Faber is an actress, known for 6-Headed Shark Attack (2018), Fried Barry (2020) and Welcome to Murdertown (2018).

Nikita has additionally worked as a voice artist for five years, working with the Standard American accent and British RP. Working as a voice artist has honed her sight reading and her instinctive ability to look at a script and lift the dialogue off of the paper.

As a reader, Nikita is the perfect partner to bounce your creativity off of.

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503 Reader Reviews

" Nikita is great to read with, and just excellent with accent work! "
" Always a pleasure to work with her. Best kept secret for late night self taper for the US based performers! "
" Nikita was fantastic! 10/10 would recommend. "
" Nikita is lovely, patient and supportive. Brought consistent character as I repetitively learned my lines. So appreciate that! "
" Perfect! So helpful! "
" Rock star reader!! "
" Nikita was lovely! "
" Nikita gave a smooth read. She was very committed to helping me bring out my best work and accomplish my scene. Thanks again Nikita! "
" Amazing as always!! So in it! "
" Booked Nikita again, and will book her again. Thanks for the super fast and to-the-point last-minute read-through! "
" Oh Nikita, what an absolute pleasure- Fantastic actress and lovely human. Just what I needed for this piece. So good. Thank you! "
" Really great and wonderful tips! "
" Excellent reader! Really giving and patient. "
" Nikita is superb! Dedicated, patient, energetic… Thanks again Nikita! "
" Nikita is a wonderful reader and a terrific actor. I highly recommend working with her! "
" It's always a blast working with Nikita, very productive and a whole bunch of fun. Book her :) "
" Phenomenal as always! Even put up with my singing for a ridiculous commercial audition. Thanks! "
" Wonderful at jumping into challenging sides!! Will definitely use again. "
" Great reader, friendly and helpful, thanks Nikita! "
" Great. Really accommodating and easygoing. "
" Always so much fun reading with you, and your notes are so vibey x "
" Lovely warm energy. Authentic reader and person. Wonderful reading :) "
" Always brill. "
" Nikki is one of my fav readers, she gave me some brilliant advice which helped my tape a lot! She's really supportive and has great energy. Thanks so much <3 "
" Nikita is an absolute GEM of a reader! Jumped right into 3 different scenes and I was speaking another language! Gave me exactly what I needed! "
" Very commited! "
" So easy to work with and very flexible in scenes! would definitely reccomend. "
" Nikita is incredible as alllllways!! "
" Very game to play and a joy to work with! "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Nikita is a really terrific actor and scene partner. Generous and insightful! "
" Nikita was so helpful, it's a shame connection issues and my battery dying, cut shoot our work. "
" Amazing as always!! "
" Terrific reader! Felt like talking to family. I recommend booking Nikita! "
" Thank you! "
" Nikita is amazing! Do yourselves a favour and book her! "
" Despite I wasn't feeling well, she was patient and gave me whatever space I needed to bring it up to my best. Thank you! "
" SHE'S GREAT. She was great. Very patient, has amazing notes would go to her again and again! "
" Great! "
" Nikita is awesome... "
" Thank you Nikita, love working with you!! "
" Nikita omigosh that was such a lovely, productive, enjoyable session!! Thanks so much for your kind and supportive help. It makes such a difference to work with someone who knows the craft so well :) "
" Nikita was incredible! Trickiest scene in 2 languages and lots of blocking! She jumped in perfectly! "
" Thank you!! "
" So good!!! "
" Great read! Thanks again Nikita! "
" I loved working with Nikita! "
" Best reader i've had! Great notes and energy. "
" Sooooo helpful! Wonderful feedback! "
" Always a pleasure reading with Nikita. She makes you feel at ease. Has great feedback. Always ready to jump in;) "
" Extremely pleasant to work with!! Took her time in breaking down the script with me, gave me variations and most of all made this audition fun!! BOOK HER! "
" Had to knock out 2 scenes, saw Nikita was available and I said out loud, "SWEET!" LOVE reading with her. Such a great rhythm with different styles. :-) "
" She is great!! "
" A+ reader! So many fun ideas (commercial self tape). :) "
" Thank you "
" Awesome reader, fun, warm, and helpful!! "
" WOW! So supportive and straight up, a fantastic cold reader. Also, super down to play and discover things in the scene with you! "
" Always good working with Nilita, book her :) "
" Nikita is Great and fun to work with. "
" Lovely working with Nikita, helped me capture "the mood" of scene very easily. "
" Amazing reader as always!! "
" Nikita is present. Patient. Generous. She offered great feedback. It was a pleasure working with her. "
" Always an absolute pleasure working with Nikita! "
" Always a great time working with Nikita! Such a GEM "
" Thank you! You are wonderful! "
" Great reader! "
" Nikita is a great reader! Super patient and helpful! <3 "
" Great as always!!! "
" A delightful lassie "
" Amazing, as always! Thank you! "
" Soooo good! Nikita is easily one of my favorites! Amazing! "
" Amazing as always! Killer diller, total pro "
" Great read and helpful suggestions! Thank you! "
" Dedicated. Full of energy and spirit. Nikita will give you a smooth and supported read. Thanks again Nikita! "
" Great to see you again! see you soon "
" Qonderful, kind, encouraging. Excellent! Use her! "
" So sweet! Thank you! Great reader "
" She really does put herself into your material which will help your acting. Folks in the US, she's worh staying late for to get what you need (She's in South Africa). Her American accent is spot on also. "
" Soul of an angel but was able to deliver the demon voice I needed. I feel both saved and cursed. Thank you for another amazing session, Nikita! "
" Nikita was a great scene partner with awesome energy! "
" Nikita is so sweet, patient and professional. The best! "
" A great reader, encouraging and on the ball! "
" Nikita was great! Really put her all into being present as a reader and giving me so much to work off of. I wasn't super prepared but she helped be build confidence and was patient as I ran the lines. Definitely would recommend. "
" Always a blast working with Nikita :) "
" Always so good "
" Nikita was a pleasure to work with, a great ready and extremely patient! "
" Amazing reader "
" So good!!! "
" Phenomenal instructor 5 stars x5 really good advice and tips. Amazing to work with "
" Nikita is a very gentle person- She makes your tape a total breeze. "
" Long time no play <3 "
" Super duper! Easy to work with. Will use again! "
" So helpful and easygoing. "
" The best reader!!!! "
" Imaginative. helpful. kind. "
" A++ "
" Incredibly patient and thoughtful, with great insights to share! "
" Nikita is absolutely lovely! Highly recommend! "
" So much fun as always, thank you Nikita x "
" Always great working with Nikita :) "
" Thank you "
" She always gives it 100% I love it. Very committed, passionate, authentic, natural and maybe an adrenaline junkie? ;) aha "
" Nikita is the best, helpful and cool and great ideas that push you in the direction you want to go. "
" Wonderful! "
" Excellent! "
" Amazing reader and coach! Was so great as a reader and on script analysis and beats. Perfect!! "
" Great! "
" Nikita was awesome! She was very patient and supportive, and gave great feedback. Would definitely read with her again! "
" Nikita is wonderful; very giving and encouraging and helpful. "
" Wonderful! Nikita read perfectly. "
" So committed and fun :) Thank you N will definitely use again! "
" Fantastic as always! Great scene partner, great ideas, and creates a fun and safe place to play. "
" Great reader! Fun and easy to work with! "
" Always amazing! A talented actor with a warm and supportive presence. Thank you! "
" Just phenomenal...always great working with Nikita! Thank you so much! "
" Nikita rocks! She gave me a great read full of energy. She loves and cares about the work and it shows. "
" Great reader! "
" Nikita is a pro and so much fun! "
" Really lovely, thank you! "
" Amaaaazzing as always!! "
" Highly committed to the work, amazing partner. "
" Always good working with Nikita. Thanks again for the read! "
" Awesome! "
" I prebook with her because shes just that good! "
" Thank you x "
" Thank you again, did 3 scenes together and she was very supportive and helpful. See you next time! "
" Proooo! She's a pro. Nikita is my knight in shining armor "
" Always fantastic working with Nikita :) "
" Just re-connected with Nikita and it was awesome - her energy and passion is a wonder. "
" Such a caring, patient and sweet person "
" Pro Pro PRO as always!! Nikita is the best 20/10, 6 stars, all the things "
" Absolutely incredible experience with Nikita. Really enjoyed having her as a reader and I can highly recommend. Fantastic scene partner! "
" Always great working with Nikita :) Book her. "
" Thank u "
" So sweet! and Amazing a true angel "
" A fantastic experience working with Nikita! Looking forward to the next time! "
" Nikita is the bestest of the best!! "
" Thank "
" So good "
" Nikita was amazing as always and not only I am super comfortable working with her, I also learn a lot from her and her constructive feedback. Can't wait until the next time I work with her! "
" Very sweet and talented! "
" Ahh amazing as always! PRO! "
" Lovely, professional, a great reader! "
" I always look forward to working with Nikita! She makes the other chats she/s in scene feel real and present for you. ¡Gracias Nikita! "
" Pro as always!! Nikita is amazing and super helpful and makes it easy! "
" Always Great "
" So good "
" Great input ! Thank you Niki! "
" Great as always! "
" Her characterization of my scene partner was so spot on and made me feel easier to work. Thank you again! "
" Nikita is the sweetest, most patient, and attentive reader you can ask for. She was incredibly encouraging and made sure that I was saying my lines in the best way possible. I can't wait to do another self tape with her. Thank you so much Nikita!!!! "
" The Best "
" I enjoy coming back to work with Nikita. Her energy and delivery when reading allow you to truly connect and listen while in character, allowing for the self tape to flow. Thanks again Nikita! "
" Nikita is lovely! A wonderful reader with a warm energy; put me at ease and helped me knock out my audition with confidence. "
" <3 "
" Nikita is lovely but is South African and her American accent is pretty specific to a west coast timbre/cadence. Wasn't able to work with her. "
" It's always a hoot filming with Nikita, my go to! "
" Oh man so sweet and such a blast to read with. And very skilled. "
" Fantastic reader. great suggestions, easy to work with. highly recommend "
" So good "
" Always great fun working with Nikita "
" Nikita is a great reader. She cares a lot about helping you perform your best in your audition and being there to help you get your best performance. "
" She was awesome!!!!! Thank you Nikita! "
" Nikita is so amazing to work with and extremely kind and generous! "
" Nikita is all sorts of fabulous! Book her! "
" Nikita was AWESOME as per usual :) "
" NIkita was wonderful to work with! She was so helpful, patient, and encouraging. I would read with her again anytime. "
" Nikita was amazing! She was so sweet and encouraging. She also offered helpful feedback during the process. Highly recommend! "
" Great notes - excellent reader! "
" Just a wonderful evening of play and exploring a character. Nikita is nothing but gold "
" Helps rehearse for panic attacks lol, my go to! "
" Lovely reader. Attentive and also threw ideas at me which I appreciated. Will come back, thank you! "
" Great "
" So fun "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Excellent reader who puts the work in! "
" Sweet and encouraging! "
" Fun and productive session, book Nikita, a great reader and fab actor :) "
" Thanks so much Nikita!!! Great session, totally rolled with it, and a great eye. Appreciate u! "
" Nikita never disappoints as reader! She is energetic, sharp, and will accommodate to however you wish to accomplish you acting task. Gracias Nikita! "
" Nikita was great I recommend her to anyone who needs a reader "
" I've booked 2 jobs in the past having taped with Nikita - this one will be the 3rd :) x "
" Thanks for the help again :) "
" Excellent reader! Amazing notes and knows how to make any scene nuanced. Thank you. "
" Oh Wow! What a talent! will definately look out for Nikita again! "
" Collaborative if need be. Keen eye, Greta energy and great actor! Gracias Nikita! "
" Lovely feedback and energy as always xx "
" Nikita is a dedicated actor who will help make certain that you get the take you wish. Thanks Nikita! "
" Thank you again! Lovely and helpful as always "
" Thank you as always! "
" <3 "
" AMAZING scene partner, she acts with you instead of just reading. Cant wait to work with her again!!! "
" Thank you, Nakita!! Very patient and an awesome reader! "
" Very nice and always fun to read with her! Thank you for running my scene with me "
" Great reader very helpful "
" So kind and helpful! Wonderful reader and would definitely recommend. "
" Awesome, thank you! "
" Always awesome "
" Great read!! "
" Absolutely amazing! Fantastic reader with a great sense of pacing, ability to pick up on a scene quickly, and she has a genuine compassion for helping you get the best take. Thank you! "
" So much fun to work with! Made some great discoveries. Couldn't have asked for more. "
" Great actress/reader! Was very flexible with my situation! Thanks, Nikita! "
" Nikita's awesome!! Incredibly supportive and has great suggestions. I love feeling this good after an audition. :) "
" Excellent reader! "
" NIKITA IS AMAZING! I'm based out of Los Angeles and i needed to do a rush audition at 1am and she was available and helped me kill it! SO thankful and HIGHLY recommend!! "
" Nikita is awesome! A committed actress with a keen director’s eye! Thank you Nikita! "
" Absolute love reading with Nikita! She’s amazing "
" Supportive, gives great notes, has the energy of an actor’s director. "
" Amazing reader and energy! Love working with Nikita "
" Great reader! Enthusiastic, great pacing. Thank you! "
" Nikita is amazing!! Such an awesome person to work with, great reader and gives really helpful notes!! "
" Lovely reader and great with improvisation "
" Very supportive and made my rather tough taping this particular audition easier for me. Thank you as always! "
" Thank you, Nikita! I had so much fun reading the scene with you! "
" Phenomenal reader, great tips and adjustments! "
" Nikita is absolutely amazing!! Really such a great reader! "
" Nikita was very helpful & patient. Super kind & knowledgeable! "
" Nikita was very supportive, kind, and patient! Thanks Nikita :) "
" Always a treat working with Nikita! She is a superb actor, magnificent reader, great energy always! "
" The best!!!! "
" Nikita is amazing as always!! Booked the last read we did, she's the best! "
" Her willingness to help is impressive. Thank you! "
" Did not connect "
" Great reader! "
" Nikita is a superb actor to work with! Thanks Nikita! "
" Very friendly reader, thank you very much! "
" Nikita is a joy! Always gives constructive feedback and so easy to work off of. "
" Nikita is such a wonderful person! She lifted my audition to a whole other level. Next time I'll book her again! "
" Great to work with ! "
" Thank you so much! "
" Always a pleasure working with Nikita. Very supportive, my go-to girl for the last minute audition (like when I'm late at night here in NYC and she being in South Africa,this works perfectly!) "
" Great listener and insightful! "
" Thanks so much Nikita for always being such a wonderful reader! "
" Amazing! Talented reader, kind woman. "
" Nikita is a gem. One of my favs! "
" It was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your insight and suggestions. "
" STELLAR!!! "
" Thank you! You were so kind and helpful! "
" SO SO WONDERFUL! The direction she gave me for my opportunity was extremely helpful! "
" Nikita is the BEST. She's so patient and really knows how to push and encourage you to get a good read. BOOK HER "
" Literally the best. I was in a bind and she was so supportive! "
" Great read! "
" Nikita was excellent, jumped with no notice and read brilliantly. thanks you. "
" Great "
" Ahh! So great. Great notes. Great timing. Loved working with Nikita! "
" Loved working with her !! so supportive and helpful :) "
" NIkita is amazing! I'm definitely hitting her up again "
" Working with Nikita is nothing short of the BEST! "
" 5 Stars! "
" AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! I can't believe how comfortable Nikita made me feel! I couldn't ask for a better reader! If she is available, book her right away! Thank you so much Nikita!!! "
" It's actors like Nikita that make WeAudition the best auditioning tool for the working actor in 2022. The epitome of class and talent. If Nikita was living in LA she would be a series regular. "
" Nikita is warm, wonderful, has great feedback, and is a fantastic reader. I highly recommend her and will be reaching out to her again! "
" Fantastic! "
" She is absolutely delightful and patient! It was a pleasure meeting her. "
" Great notes! She was really helpful, lovely to work with, a great laugh and helped me progress the tape too. Highly recommend! "
" Nikita is great. So easy & fun to work with. "
" Fantastic reader and coach. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good reader. Had great insight into scenes and I had so much fun reading the scenes with her. "
" She was so helpful! "
" Sooo great! Amazing American accent, you would never know! Really helpful with insights too. 5 stars as always!! "
" Fantastic!!! "
" So great and spot on american accent! "
" Nikita is a my spirit animal "
" The best reader truly! Such great skill and intuition 10/10 "
" Nikita is a wonderful reader whom I look forward to working with whenever she is in this platform. Thanks Nikita! "
" Great last min help! "
" Nikita is a great reader! Very patient, and a great script analyser! Thank you. "
" Great. Joined me for many journeys! "
" Simply the best! "
" Simply the Best! "
" Excellent! Patient, detail oriented, willing to take the time to get it right. Thank you so much! "
" She Money man She Money "
" Awesome reader with great insight! Her reading truly elevated the scene!! 10/10 "
" Absolutely fantastic "
" The best reader ever! "
" Great reader! We had fun with it, she never rushed me for time,. Nikita was a very calming presence, she helped me get comfortable with the sides, she was extremely encouraging, and gave me great suggestions...I highly recommend Nikita as a reader! "
" Nikita was a natural and ready to play! "
" Nikita is so great! Just a fabulous actor and reader--highly recommend her. Really positive energy and quick on her feet! "
" Fantastic actress. Book her! "
" An amazing intuitive scene partner and a brilliant coach, not just a reader. So generous and open! Thank you so much for sharing your talent <3 "
" Nikita was so patient and encouraging. I would recommend her a 1000x over and book for her next time without hesitation!!! I was feeling very self-conscious about the self-tape I previously recorded and Nikita's first words were "we're going to fix that!" and she really meant it. Nikita helped me through the scenes and helped me find alternate beats in the scene to give my tapes some variation to choose from. I am really grateful for how kind and patient she was with me! BOOK HER!! "
" Nikita is awesome! Very supportive and a great reader! "
" Super helpful! "
" Awesome! "
" Amazing African with a great American accent!! "
" Nikita is a great reader! So personable. Will be booking again! "
" My session with Nikita was awesome!! She had so many great ideas on the spot and helped me capture the character spot on. Thank you so much! "
" Amazing! "
" Lucky for me that Nikita pointed out I would show more concern when she said she missed her period for 2 and a half months! Thank you, Nikita - you're a great actress! Marianne Mason, New York "
" Super nice and friendly to work with! "
" Superb! "
" Always a groovy ride when working with Nikita! "
" Thank you! "
" Nikita, Thank you so much. You were outstanding and such a great help!! "
" Excellent Reader! Even provided helpful tips for blocking and reactions in the scene. "
" Super short audition but Nikita had great energy and made it fun! "
" Nikita was an amazing scene partner, the scene required a crazy hectic pace, and she helped so much with that from her side! Definitely recommend, thanks Nikita for your help today!! Appreciate it a lot! "
" Shes amazing! "
" G R E A T "
" Patient, Kind, bubbly, a great reader Book with Nikita "
" Nikita is amazing! I loved working with her. She is kind, patient, and fun. I highly recommend her. "
" Awesome! "
" Nikita was amazing. So kind and thoughtful and gave the perfect read for my self-tape. And was such lovely moral support with it all too. Thank you Nikita! "
" Nikita always provides a positive and encouraging environment where I can play around with my character. Great reader and great notes. Thank you for being patient with me! 'Til next time! "
" Absolute pleasure working with Nikita, very friendly and patient. Wonderful person to work with. "
" Nikita is so sweet and helpful. Excellent timing and character insights. She helped bring out the best in me in the audition. Thank you :) "
" Nikita is so lovely and I always appreciate her helping me run lines! "
" Superb! Magnifique! A stellar person energy, reader, and all! Always a treat to work with Nikita!!! "
" Amazing "
" Great energy, lovely girl and had useful suggestions! Very good reader. "
" Nikita did the DAMN THING!! Thank you! "
" Opened up a way of reading a line for me that was so helpful! "
" Such an amazing, warm and generous reader! She has great insight about the characters and the scene. Great energy and feedback <3 I loved working with her. "
" I so value the time spent with Nikita. She really is special x I haven't met anyone like her on WeAudition and am always so encouraged after our sessions. "
" Nikita is so sweet. Thank you so much for running lines with me. "
" A joy to work with! Very kind and attentive along with a great read. "
" She was so much fun to work with. A really good reader and such a sweet person. "
" :) "
" Thanks so much for your help! You made this small scene fun:) "
" Nikita is sweet, patient and supportive. I really appreciated the environment she created to work in. "
" I literally dragged her out of bed for this session lol <3 "
" Whenever she's on I always have to work with Nikita.. The best. "
" Nikita is a BABE!!!!! I WAS BLOWN AWAY BY HER PATIENCE AND SUPPORT I will 100% be coming back for more xx Chipo "
" She's Awesome! Gave great notes and was fun to read with! "
" What a fantastic reader! Super lovely and gave me some handy tips. Highly recommend! "
" Best feedback ever. So humble and thoughtful and caring of MY audition. Empathy to the max! Thanks again;) "
" She's awesome! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Thank you Nikita!!! Got a great read in - very patient and professional. "
" Nikita is truly the consumate professional. Incredibly helpful notes and such an easy going demeanor. I was shocked that she's not a New York or Los Angeles veteran actor. Her dedication & love of the craft radiates frough her ability as an A+ reader. I've been in many a casting offices in Hollywood where the readers weren't nearly as good!It's readers like Nikita that make WeAudition the best kept secret in Hollywood. With Gratitude, Corey. "
" I booked with Nikita as my reader before so I had to book with her again. She really makes sure you're satisfied with your take! She has excellent ideas! "
" Very professional as always. Thank you! "
" Nikita was amazing, helped me find the groove and flow of the character in the scene. Thank You! :) "
" She is awesome! Super fun and chill and fantastic reader! "
" Amazing! Nikita was WONDERFUL!!! "
" She is fantastic! I highly recommend working with her! "
" Just the best. Very knowledgeable, great instincts, and a comforting presence. Will definitely be using her again. "
" Lovely reader "
" Great as always! Thank you "
" Wonderful, specific reader who gave me what I asked for "
" Lovely. Great reader as always. Thank you again! Oh, her American accent is on point so fear not my fellow Americans! "
" Some technical issues, but always sweet and generous. Thanks, Nikita! "
" Very nice and patient! Thanks for helping me get my lines down "
" Great reader! Thank you "
" Nikita is amazing! The feedback she gave really helped bring the best out of the scene and character in a natural, authentic way! "
" OMG. Where did she come from? A jewel in a haystack. So sweet and a pleasure to work with. If you're uptight, she will make you relaxed. "
" Nikita was such a great reader! She was 100% into it and really helped me really put together a powerful scene. "
" So friendly and sweet! Wonderful reader and great to work with. Thank you! "
" Favorite reader hands down "
" Super helpful! "
" She's wonderful! "
" My girl! Nikita is fabulous "
" Great reader!! "
" Amazing Reader!!! "
" Nikita was awesome!!! I am so proud of the scene work, character building, and listening we did. What a vibrant, insightful, dedicated reader! Can't wait til the next! "
" Nikita is a breeze to work with. Always willing go the extra mile be it research or anything else. She is not only a great reader but also provides great suggestions and honest supportive feedback. Highly recommend! "
" Simply wonderful! Great to work with - lots of patience, empathy and importantly love for the craft. "
" Nikita was so helpful and encouraging! Perfect for what I needed, and offered a suggestion that ended up being "THE TAKE." Book them! "
" Sweet n’ great! "
" Beyond giving!! Thank you, always <3 "
" Nikita is so kind and a wonderful reader. We had a great discussion about the scene and was so easy and fun to read with. She is South African and does a great American accent. Thank you, Nikita! "
" Nikita is a great actress and brilliant reader, fast and helpful with a good ear for comedy! Thanks for your time! "
" Superb! "
" Great to work with! So much fun. i'll definitely work with Nikita again! She is very talented. "
" Such a great balance of reader and feedback! "
" AMAZING! Nikita is the best reader I’ve found! She is patient and diligent. She is really fun to work with, yet very professional. She points out what you are taking for granted, and pushes you to do your best. Totally recommended! "
" Deeeeelightful "
" Lovely lovely reader :) "
" Nikita is so talented and real joy to read and work with! "
" Always a pleasure reading with, Nikita. Simply the best and sweetest! "
" Awesome, loved talking about the scene and reading with Nikita! "
" Nikita is Amazing! "
" Working with Nikita is the perfect balance of bliss and creative work that we aim to do and thrive in. Thanks Nikita! "
" Great with comedy scenes. Thanks lovely! "
" Nikita was so awesome! The consummate professional. Masterful at helping me break down the scene and character and gave juicy tips at each corner. Two scenes in the bag and I feel great about them. Will definitely book again! 10/10 RECOMMEND! "
" Wonderful! "
" <3 "
" She's awesome!! not only a great reader but gave awesome advice and feedback that helped so much. work smarter not harder ; ) "
" Bad connection "
" Nikita was phenomenal!!! I originally booked her to help me with some tips for playing a character in withdrawal from drugs and I HAD to book her again to film my actual tape. She is amazing at script analysis. She also was at the ready when I asked if she could hop on WeAudition and rehearse. She helped me go from barely connecting to the scene to what we both thought was a killer take. God willing I get it! If not, it was a pleasure!! Highly recommend!!! "
" Nikita gave great advice on playing a character in a euphoric state (cracked out) and was super helpful and patient. I hope to work with her again. "
" Lovely "
" You will always wish to work with Nikita! "
" Superb! Magnificent! Dedicated! Tremendous actor! Do yourself a favor and work with Nikita! "
" Nikita was so much fun to work with! Truly amazing experience. "
" Wonderful and engaging. great feedback as well helped during my scene. thank you. "
" Nikita was so amazing to work with! Really!!! great notes guys! "
" Great reader, thanks so much "
" Phenomenal actress! Phenomenal reader folks! Nikita brings a depth and a connection that is palpable when working with her. ¡Gracias Nikita! "
" <3 "
" Loved working with Nikita! "
" One of the most giving readers ever!! Thank you! "
" Nikita is AWESOME. Don't let the 'free' fool you, she's worth every penny...well, more. She's worth more than free. I spent an hour yesterday with another reader to just get a (literally) 40 second tape that was no good...I had to reshoot it. Nikita and I were done in 10 mins and she really helped me flesh out a great doing. -New Nikita fan "
" Honestly such a great vibe working with Nikita! She gave me such helpful tips/feedback for my commercial audition that I didn't even think of. She's absolute magic, will definitely book her again! "
" Really fantastic! Super patient and adaptive! "
" Nikita is a great reader. Naturalistic and organic. I thought she knew the sides better than I did! And great with figuring out character objectives. I will definitely work with her again. "
" Fabulous reader! Friendly, professional, and patient. "
" Superb. Amazing! Intuitive and collaborative! Amazing energy. "
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" Fantastic! Exactly who I needed during a midnight self-tape session. I will work with her again for certain. "
" Nikita is a delight to read with every time. She knows chemistry! "
" Very patient, inciteful and helpful! give great advice! "
" Amazing help! She’s very direct and gives great pointers about the script. "
" She’s an amazing help! Very communicative and interested in the script. She gave me pointers and helped me bring my self-tape to life. "
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" Great! "
" Wonderful!!! "
" Loved working with Nikita provided such valuable advice cant wait to work with her again "
" Nikita was fab and spent a whole hour with me on this scene. She is patient and has lots of great ideas!! "
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" <3 "
" Nikita was an absolute pleasure to work with, and a delight to chat with afterwards. Highly recommended!!! "
" Nikita is so kind and helpful when giving feedback! I had a great time reading with her today! "
" I loved reading with Nikita! She was super engaging and gave amazing advice. Loved her energy and wishing her good luck on her self tape too!!! "
" Very nice! Thank you for rehearsing with me! "
" Chea! "A realization, allows us to see why we are who we are. Seeing our why, allows us to redefine and define our how." "
" Thank you!!! Such a fantastic reader!! "
" So good. Look at us. Two kids. Creating magic. Time and time again. Thank you, Nikita :-) "
" Elevation. Thank you, Nikita. The space to be authentic and discover authenticity is the most impactful space one can create, in my opinion. Thank you for the created space. "
" Nikita is so generous and fun to read with!! Thank you!!! "
" OMG technical failures after failures... the universe would just not have us meet (or whatev). In the end, we won and got stuff done so there lol "
" So wonderful. on every level. incredibly kind, excellent read. very help. "
" Omg! Nikita just gets it! Helped me find why my scene is written in, and helped create a character to play and HAVE FUN with! Such a pleasure! "
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" Nikita was so wonderful when i needed someone to work fast with me. She was great!!! "
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" The best as always! "
" Did it again! Nikki is so present, emotionally available, insightful. I love working with her & the tapes we produce! "
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" The best! tnx again hon "
" Absolutely amazing as usual. I definitely recommend. :) "
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" As always one of my favorites! she has great instincts and helps me so with accents and cadence. "
" The best thank you Nikita "
" I had such an AMAZING selftape with Nikita. She really threw herself into the role and brought great energy which in turn really allowed me to delve into my character further. Also she's the sweetest! "
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" Nikita was a fab reader to work with. So generous and thoughtful with her ideas and feedback. Really appreciate her time and would love to work together again. Thanks, Lucy "
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" Very very helpful and offered great advice to the scene ! "
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" Wow! I had such an amazing experience working with Nikita. So generous with her experience and guidance. She helped me get out of my head and find the sincerity in my choices. Can't wait to work with you again! "
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" Such a pleasure "
" A great and fun experience! "
" Lovely working with Nikita, such a great energy & a great reader. "

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