Tshiwela Maangani

upto 15 mins : $ 8.00
upto 30 mins : $ 16.00
upto 60 mins : $ 25.00

I'm just a South African chick, who grew up in London and found herself in New York.

I'm fluent in TshiVenda and basic in isiZulu.

I am a Meisner Trained Actor, based in New York. I graduated with an MFA from Rutgers University and received my BA(Hons) from LAMDA.

If you're looking to rehearse, run lines, coaching, scene analysis or self tape ... hit me up :)

Venmo: @tshiwela3 (preferred payment method)
Paypal: paypal.me/TshiwelaM

Email: tshiwelamaangani@gmail.com

I am a Meisner Trained Actor, based in New York. I graduated with an MFA from Rutgers University and received my BA(Hons) from LAMDA.

732 507-8118

45 Reader Reviews

" Best reader I've had! Period!!! "
" ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Great energy. Talented and jumped right in and gave me what I needed. "
" If you want to next level your understanding of scene and self-tapes, you are in good hands with Tshiwela. She loves working with actors and it shows. I appreciate all her insight, patience, and encouragement. I wish I could have her read with me all the time. Thnk you thank you thank you!!! <3 "
" Wow, best reader I have ever worked with. She's so insightful, and really works to break down the scene so that your scene pops. I feel like I am in scene study class in the best possible way. She's patient and generous and so smart! Thank you Tshiwela! "
" Exceptionally reader. Made great suggestions and got me an great audition "
" Great session. Provided a great strategy to attack the scene and break it down before recording. Truly a pleasure. "
" Very sweet and willing to redo takes when you noticed you were completely out of frame in playback lol "
" This woman is a blessing! LITERALLY!!! Thanks you for another amazing Read Tshiwela!! "
" She was fantastic and honest!! Will totally be booking her again! "
" It was lovely working with Tshiwela. She is extremely helpful and patient. Thank you so much!! "
" Tshiwela is amazing!!!! Extremely helpful and patient!!! I got through this audition with her help!!! "
" Always so gooodd. my go to! "
" So kind and patient. "
" Tshiwela is awesome! Such a great energy. I am very glad we were able to work together! "
" Ran my audition with her, had such a great time, loved her energy and encouragement!!!! "
" I keep coming back!! "
" Great actor! Great reader! And a good eye for making a scene pop :) "
" The best reader in town! "
" Awesome reader. Great feedback and help as well. Patient and generous with her acting. Thank you! "
" Great reader to work with! "
" Easy .. Relatable and was able to give great feed for lines! "
" I cannot stretch this enough! She is the BEST! I'm beyond grateful to have had her as my reader! Tshiwela is a real Trooper!!! Thank you!!! "
" Thank you so much, Tshiwela! Quickly jumped in a comedic scene and gave me what I needed for a solid take! "
" Great reader, fastest and easiest audition in my life! "
" She was patient and helped me get it done 30 mins ahead of time "
" Great reader "
" Awesome and so helpful! :) "
" Fun and great to work with! Thanks Tshiwela!! "
" She makes you feel so comfortable and gives insightful notes. Such a pleasure and can't wait to collaborate again!!! "
" She was easy to work with and very personable. "
" So sweet and helpful! Felt so lucky to have her read with me. "
" Tshiwela is a talented actress with wonderful in-depth insights. She helped me crack the code on a challenging audition. I will definitely use her again. "
" Such a great reader!! Excellent! Excellent! So kind and insighful. Thank you for the wonderful script analysis. "
" Tshiwela is very nice. we played around with the script and she kept me on my toes. "
" Tshiwela is literally the best!!!! She is very present and interactive especially when it was a cold read. I highly recommend her!!! "
" What a gift it was to work with her! Her memorization technique was incredibly reliable and sound. Helped lock down lines on a deadline. I can't wait to work with her again! "
" Fantastic reader! Her instincts are on point. Book her! "
" Awesome help, very patient and confident is her approach. Thank you for your time! "
" Working with Tshiwela was great! "
" Nothing short of amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Think I found my LINE-MATE! lol Thank you so much Tshiwela! "
" Tshiwela is phenomenal. Such a talent and a great support. Highly recommended! "
" Tshiwela was so incredibly helpful in running lines - she really helped get me get off book and was so patient. Def someone I'd want to work with again. "
" Amazing! "
" WOW!! SHE KNOWS HER STUFF!This is the second time working with Tshiwela and I am blown away. I was very stuck on a scene. I couldnt get it to move. Tshiwela gave me 1 little note and the whole scene just came to life. Thank you!! "