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Ingrid Benussi is an Australia / Chilean actress, currently living in Cancun, Mexico. 🏝 Can speak fluent English ( British & Aussie ) & Spanish ( Latin American ), and French & Italian (Basic) ❤️... working on my US GenAm - give it a go! 😉

I LOVE my craft, I love to excel, and my PASSION is to serve and help others do the same. I have worked with some incredible directors, casting directors and teachers. I have been working as a reader and acting coach for over a year, whilst also having over 13 years of acting experience specifically in acting for camera in TV and Film.
Being an actress I know what is required from a Reader, and that is basically consistency, energy and accuracy to speak when required during self-tapes and with the right timing, because as we know, timing is everything in acting! I'm also helpful as a coach if you're interested in feedback or seeing the script and/or performance through a different set of eyes, just let me know what you need. I can be whatever you need me to be. ❤️

I look forward to working with you!! 🥰 Ingrid

If you want to send me a message you can reach me on Instagram: @ibenussi or email:

My acting bio:
Born in Sydney Australia, her parents are Latino from Chile, South America. She grew up in Perth Australia with her parents and one older sister. A very talented actress, Ingrid has always had a natural talent in performing arts, which includes her film work and live performances in Salsa & Latin dancing. She is particularly passionate about acting on film, and has been cast in a variety of leading & supporting roles. Most recently being cast as lead female in an upcoming TV series based on a published book.

Ingrid Benussi is an Australian/Chilean actress, currently living in Cancun, Mexico. Born in Sydney Australia, her parents are Latino from Chile, South America. She grew up in Perth Australia with her parents and one older sister. A very talented actress, Ingrid has always had a natural talent in performing arts, which includes her film work and live performances in Salsa & Latin dancing. She is particularly passionate about acting on film, and has been cast in a variety of leading & supporting roles.

She has worked with director Hugo Blick on the TV Mini-Series The Honourable Woman with Maggie Gyllenhaal. She has also completed filming her lead female role for independent rom-com feature film where she plays a fast, fun & sexy French girl, who changes the life of a shy, nervous businessman from Somerset with her vivacious free-spirited character and livelihood.

Ingrid has just finished filming Circus Road which is currently in Post-Production. Most recently she has been cast in Asphalt Jungle, an action-thriller to be filmed later this year. She has also been cast as the lead female in upcoming Television Series "Son Solo 90 Minutos", a story adapted from the book "Lying For A Living" which is based on real events.

If you want to send me a message you can reach me on Instagram: @ibenussi or email:

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" Wonderful, Ingrid. Thank you for a delightful and no pressure read. I recommend Ingrid -- she is nice, patient, and a pleasure to read with. You'll enjoy reading with Ingrid! :) "
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" Ingrid is one of the best, most professional readers I've ever worked with. Her help grounding my Australian accent for a commercial made all the difference and massively improved my work from start to finish. Her kindness, patience and understanding made it comfortable to make mistakes and her natural sense for camera work are a great asset. She has a great ear for many dialects and incorporating them into the work. Top notch! "
" Good reader, thoughtful "
" Short and sweet tape - Ingrid was lovely! "
" Great as always! "
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" Ingrid was super lovely. The connection was terrible so she made extra effort to work with me & I appreciate it! Thank you :) "
" Ingrid was AMAZING! She was very relaxed and patient with me since it was my first time using WeAuditon. She provided some great feedback but not really off the cuff, it was just where needed. She talked through some of the ideas I had with me as well for some of the physical portions. I'd love to work with her again and recommend you do as well! Thanks Ingrid! "
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" Wow, this woman needs an award. She ha so much patience!!! GREAT READER!!!! "
" Love working with Ingrid! She's so down to earth & encouraging. "
" Ingrid give so many helpful tips about blocking & she really helped take my scene to a better level! "
" Ingrid was so encouraging & helped me with the blocking for the scene. When I was flubbing my lines she helped me laugh it off & stay focused. Adding her to my list of faves! "
" Ingrid, so full of wisdom, insight and good vibes. Thank you! "
" Really helpful and supportive reader! "
" So kind and always helpful! I feel a lot more confident "
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" The best as usual!!!! "
" Such a fun self-tape, thank you for being an awesome scene partner! "
" Delightful and exactly what I needed. Thank you for getting me ready for this scene!! "
" Thanks Great reader "
" LOVED working with Ingrid! Great help in Spanish! "
" Ingrid is amazing! Very patient and helpful:) "
" Just the best!! what a fabulous energy. so kind, so talented, so patient. "
" Always a breeze to work with! Straight to work and a delight and such a calming fun presence! Literally waited like 30 minutes till she was available! Book her if you get the chance! "
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" Another awesome read with Ingrid "
" Ingrid is awesome as always! "
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" Amazing Reader Highly Recommeded!!!! "
" She helped me so much with my self tape! Thanks so much Ingrid "
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" I just keep coming back! Always a wonderful help :) "
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" Ingrid is awesome! "
" She was wonderful! Great reader for my self tape. Her timing and reactions were spot on. Highly recommend! "
" I LOVED reading with Ingrid!! She put me right at ease and had some SUPER helpful redirects and helped me refocus on some important moments in the script. HIGHLY recommend!! "
" Ingrid is great. Gives good helpful feedback. Great energy "
" Game for anything, very supportive and quick to drop into character. "
" THE BEST! My go to reader! "
" Berry Berry Nice "
" Amazing as always! Ingrid helped me with scene analysis. Thank you for being thorough, generous with your time, and fun to work with! "
" Love working with her!!!!! She is simply the best "
" Ingrid was very helpful when it came to feedback and being understanding with such an intense scene dealing with seizures. I would definitely recommend her if you need a reading partner for a self tape for an emotionally demanding scene. "
" Ingrid is always a joy to work with! Relaxed, connected, and personable. Book her! "
" Two days in a row! So awesome, so patient and kind words of encouragement. "
" So great! Such good vibes, I at no time felt rushed. Never dropped a line and timing was great which I needed for comedy! "
" Great reader! If I see her online she is my first choice always ! "
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" Ingrid was so sweet! Very generous with her time and energy. Would absolutely book again! "
" So sweet and lovely! she was a great reader and we had fun together! "
" Simply the best read ever!!!!!! "
" I am positively thrilled to have worked with Ingrid. I needed a reader who spoke and read Spanish and she was absolutely perfect. She was so much more than a reader. She was an acting coach, patiently helping me with blocking, pronunciation, the whole time she was positive and encouraging. I am so beyond grateful for her help. "
" I absolutely love reading with Ingrid. She does whatever it takes to get it perfect and wont end till you are 100 percent happy. "
" Such a good reader!! "
" THANK YOU! Ingrid it's a pleasure reading with you :) "
" Ingrid was sooooo beyond patient, so helpful. absolutely love working with her!!! "
" Ingrid is fantastic! Gracious, easy-going, and a great reader. "
" Amazing!!!! A beautiful spirit and great actor! "
" Ingrid is awesome! So kind and willing! "
" Ingrid was a Godsend. She was super patient and motivating. Her being an actor really helped, she knew exactly what I needed and understood what I was going through. She gave me advice that helped bring more variety to my scenes. She was really good with the details of the script. She was great! I will definitely be working with her again. "
" Soooo sweet!!! and helpful! "
" I will book her immediately if I ever see her online!! She's a joy to work with and delightful to play around. she's also very skilled and has helpful input if asked for beforehand. I loved her energy and how fun this self tape was to do! You will be starting the work on the right foot soon as the session starts. Excited to see you next time around! "
" Ingrid was FANTASTIC! I threw every level of "Can we do it like this" at her and she backed me up and went with me like a champ. THANK YOU for your creativity, energy, and collaboration! "
" Ingrid is a great reader, very invested! "
" She was perfect. Whereas my internet connection was not even close. "
" Great reader!! lighthearted and fun! "
" Very helpful to work with! Helped me out in a pinch for a couple self tapes. "
" What a fun self-tape session! Ingrid is an awesome reader who is patient, tireless, and encouraging! "
" So wonderful! Felt no rush at all and she understood the technical difficulties. "
" SO encouraging, patient, and very insightful. Grateful to have worked with Ingrid! "
" Awesome woman she was amazing, beautiful personality which made me really comfortable working with her. She gave me a lot of great pointers. Im definitely looking forward to working with her again. I had lots of fun. "
" Great reader vey patient; authentic australian accent; "

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