Rafaela Lerbach

If you alredy have the script broken down, and you just need someone to read for you - i got you
If you want some help / advice building a character or an insight for a new possibility of playing a scene - i got you

Want to know more about me?

Hey, i'm Rafaela Lerbach, a Brazilian actress and also a cinema/filmmaking student at the university of Rio de Janeiro(UFF).
I was a Theather Student at The School for Theater and Dance (FAFI) in Brazil. I have knowledge of Stanislavki and The Meisner technique, so feel free to reach out to me for a conversation about acting, cinema or arts in general.

My birht language is Portuguese. I can speak english fluently. My spanish is really basic, but if you want to give me a shot and read it for you, it will be my pleasure.

If you want to schedule a session ahead of time You can contact me rafaela_lerbach@hotmail.com
or my instagram account @rafalerbach

Hey, my name is Rafaela Lerbach Santos and i’m a brazilian actress/model and also a filmmaking student.

I can speak Portuguese and English perfectly, while my spanish and esperanto are still in progress.

I've been involved in projects of my own, which I write, produce and act. will soon be enrolled in festivals.

I Studied Advanced Theather at The School of Theater and Dance (FAFI).

Some projects i’ve been involved as an actress are:
-Faca de só Lâmina- A short movie displayed at The Vitoria Cinema Festival.
-Os Fortunatos - A long displayed at local movie theaters.
-And others independent works enrolled in Brazilian Festivals

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" Great reader! Thank you!! "
" Fantastico "
" Lovely reader! Thanks <3 "
" Rafaela is such a fun person to rehearse with! Thank you so much!!! "
" Very nice reader. "
" She is great. Very helpful and great partner "
" Wonderful reader "
" Rafa was great. She was so helpful and thorough with going through the scenes and making sure I got everything out of it. "
" So lovely and talented, will definitely use Rafaela again in the future. "
" Wonderful reader!! 10/10 "
" Rafaela is delightful! Fun, friendly and a great reader! So appreciate the help! "
" She is so great and upbeat! thank you so much for helping! "
" Great reader "
" She was perfect! a fun person to work with and extremely professional. Highly recommend! Thank You :) "
" So awesome and kind, she really let me take my time ! "
" Rafaela was super nice, would definitely work with her again! "
" She gave some very helpful comments and I got to rethink my process as an actor. She also enjoyed the script and her character. Would recommend for any new actor. "
" Awesome "
" Lovely Reader! "
" Great partner! Gives great feedback and really hones in on the details. Her honesty was super helpful. Check her out. "
" Great, easygoing and natural reader! "
" Awesome person! "
" RAFAELA!!!!! Such an amazing experience!!! Thank you for going through the entire process of table work, scene study, memorizing, and multiple takes (with AND without a dialect) with me. It felt great to really connect and dig in. I feel like we made art I am really proud of. So appreciate the commitment and support! And thank you for the gentle reminders that I have this and don't need to live in my head. Honestly, some of my favorite scene work I've done. "
" Really fun reader. "
" Thanks for helping me with Self-Tape May Rafaela! "
" Fun reader! :) "
" Great "
" Helpful when reading lines. "