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Hi! I'm Chloe :)

I've been acting professionally since I was very young. I've worked in tv, film, theater and commercially. I also coach acting. I'm based out of New York City. My favorite job I've ever worked on was my first network television show. "One Life To Live".

I would love to be your rehearsal partner or reader for your next self tape audition. Let's work together and book the next project you audition for!
Lets connect on instagram @chloenicolesworld

New York City based actor, singer and writer, member of SAG-AFTRA + AEA.
soprano (Vocal Range D3-E7) with belt and whistle tone

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" She was wonderful and so sweet and patient! Thank you so much! "
" Chloe is awesome! "
" Chloe was very patient and made sure I had time to get the best takes! "
" Great to read with! :) "
" Thank you "
" Chloe was very sweet. Was super ready to jump right in. Thanks Chloe! "
" Great Reader. Awesome to work with and incredibly giving. "
" Amazing as always! very patient with great scene breakdown skills "
" Great very friendly. Great at reading and coaching. Highly recommend "
" Chloe was so energetic and wonderful! "
" Loved Chloe's energy! She was a quick read and super sweet. Thanks, Chloe! "
" A talented actor who is consistently excellent. A pleasure to work with! "
" Amazing reader! Thank you so much! "
" Amazing reader! Thank you very much! "
" An absolutely fantastic reader! A skilled, patient, and experienced actor whom it was a joy to work with. I really lucked out getting the opportunity to work with such a great actor. "
" So great! She gave great feedback and was very patient. Ill be booking again! "

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