Mikaela Davies

Hey there! I'm an actor, director, writer and acting coach. I help actors book work all the time. I would love to help you next!

In the months I've been on WeAudition I'm proud to say actors I've worked with have received callbacks and bookings.

I have been coaching actors successfully on their film/tv and theatre auditions for the past decade, booking projects for  NBC/Global, Hulu, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Oprah Winfrey Network, Prime Video, CBC, Lifetime and many others. I also teach acting on camera at Armstrong Studios.

For theatre, I have coached actors on auditions and roles for the Stratford Festival, Chicago Shakespeare, Soulpepper Theatre, Mirvish Theatre and Canadian Stage.

I can also help you improve your set up, run lines, do text analysis and trouble shoot tech problems.

If you want to schedule a coaching session you can shoot me an email at mikaela.davies@gmail.com or book through my website: https://www.mikaelalilydavies.com/coach

Mikaela Davies is an actor, director and writer. She is a recent graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Actors Conservatory. She spent two years performing at Soulpepper Theatre and four seasons at The Stratford Festival, most notably playing Katherine of France in Breath of Kings, Irma in The Madwoman of Chaillot and the lead Beatrice-Joanna in The Changeling directed by Jackie Maxwell. She is a graduate of the Soulpepper Actor’s Academy, Stratford Festival’s Michael Langham Conservatory for Classical Direction and Canadian Stage’s RBC Director Development Residency. Davies is the inaugural recipient of the Jon Kaplan Canadian Stage Performer Award; she holds a Sterling nomination for Outstanding Comedic Performance for the titular role in Miss Bennet at The Citadel and a META nomination for Outstanding Supporting Performance in The Last Wife at The Centaur. Most recently you can catch her on CBC's Murdoch Mysteries or listen to her on Audible in The Relatives.

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" Mikaela is AMAZING! Full of wonderful advice and gave me some brilliant exercises to help bring my monologue to life! So lovely to work with :) THANK YOU! "
" It's always, always, always a pleasure working with Mikaela. She's an insightful, unflappable, kind professional who brings it every take. Thank you!! "
" Did we ever have our session, Mikaela? I think I messed up our time zones. But I will pay for the time you spent preparing and waiting for me not to show upl "
" Always a super supportive superstar. Thank you, Mikaela!!! "
" Mikaela is truly so intuitive and understands text analysis and makes the most helpful suggestions "
" Mikaela was a great reader- offered helpful suggestions "
" Always great! highly recommend "
" Always excellent - wonderful script analysis skills "
" Great reader! "
" She's a pro. Wonderful and helpful notes. Really fruitful session. "
" Great! "
" She's fantastic ! "
" Excellent thanks for the tips during my performance! "
" Awesome reader always. Great great tips. "
" The BEST reader I've ever had one WeAudition! Just WOW!!!!!! "
" Working with Mikaela was a real joy! Not only did she bring a touching honesty to our reading, but she also made several technical suggestions that helped bring our scene to life. Worth every minute that we spent together. "
" Mikeala absolutely amazing!!!! "
" Mikaela is simply the best! Great reader!!! Thanks again A+ "
" Mikaela is awesome! Very helpful, great reader and fun to work with. "
" My oh my, Mikaela is a treasure!! Super valuable actionable notes that keep building to that excellent take! Seriously, book her!! "
" Wow! Mikaela is a wonderful reader and coach. For you seasoned actors on here, get with her. She helps to add a little extra something special to your auditions. xo! "
" Mikaela was so knowledgable and helpful! Highly recommend! "
" I always love working with Mikaela, she is a true gem! "
" She's amazing! So happy to have found her! "
" The Best! the absolute best! "
" Wonderful reader with great energy "
" Amazing, thank you for your help! "
" Awesome Great energy to feed off of! "
" Thank you!! Book her!! "
" Amazing insight! Super helpful! Would love to read with her again!! "
" Mikaela is honestly gold on this platform! I feel so comfortable working with her. Thank you so much! "
" Mikaela was literally incredible. She is professional, helpful, and very patient! She was right on the ball with her notes and coaching, so I am so confident in the tapes I will be submitting. I highly recommend her! "
" Great reader. She introduced me to techniques I haven't used before that really opened the scene up for me. Would definitely work with Mikaela again! "
" Super helpful! "
" Always amazing "
" Mikaela is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend her "
" Absolutely rush audition for a movie. Only a couple of hours to prepare and Mikaela was brilliant with friendly incite and advice for improving the scene. I would highly recommend her. "
" Awesome "
" This. Woman. Is.A.God. Send. Seriously, words cannot even begin to describe how happy/fulfilled I am working with Mikaela - she is hands down the best. From her energy, to her talent, to getting you to see things you didn't see before - if you're in doubt, I will personally give you you're fee back if you're not happy with her. She's PHENOMENAL. "
" Amazing and wonderful as a coach and reader! Learned so much from her! "
" Smart reader! Love! "
" Mikaela was extremely helpful to me in getting this scene on it's feet. Great input on different approaches and nuances to make the most impactful choices. "
" So terrific! Great breakdowns every time! "
" Love Mikaela. I'd work with her anytime. "
" SHES SOOOOO GOOD. She wants you to get this! "
" Mikaela went above and beyond!! Not only is she an awesome cold reader, she gave helpful notes that brought my scene to the next level. Thank you! "
" Amazing reader!!! "
" Absolutely amazing! So helpful, precise, and helps make the work specific ! Thank you Mikaela! "
" Amazing reader, made me really comfortable and helped me overcome moments of tension with breathing techniques, patience and reassurance. Very aware of what the scene needs and what the actor needs. Thanks Mikaela! "
" THE BEST! Got to work and helped me figure out what was happening in my sides. Really appreciated her way of coaching! "
" The gratifying consequence of collaboration is that you give and take from each other, and that's how you create things that are truly inspired. Thank you Mikaela for making me a great Umpire. DC⚾🎭🎬 "
" 10/10 reccomend "
" As promised, Mikaela delivered! Such an awesome coach and reader! Direct, to the point, and full of constructive critiques to enable you to give your best performance...all with a smile. Thank ya ma’am. Will definitely book again! "
" Mikaela was so wonderful, she really helped me breakdown the story of the scene!! "
" Such a warm, patient, and gentle soul. She brings the energy as a reader and the kindness as a partner. Highly recommend! "
" Thanks for helping me with the self tape!! Fun to read with :) "
" Awesome "
" So great! Gave awesome feedback and interesting notes. "
" Mikaela is a wonderful coach and reader. Thank you very much for the session, today! "
" THANK YOU! Mikaela was able to very quickly connect emotionally on a very subtle scene, give great feedback, and push me to do take after take until we were happy and had options. There aren't 6 stars available otherwise I'd give that!! :) "
" Mikaela thank you <3 Such a pleasure working with you! Great reader! Brooke "
" She transformed my take on the scene. She is a skillful coach, actress and reader "
" Mikaela thank you so much. Great working with you ! Awesome reader! "
" Wonderful!!!! I loved the way she just jumped in and helped me with awesome notes and FIRE!!!!! Love love love!! "
" Again. This is awesome, she's awesome, I'm awesome, problem solved. :) (secret inside jokes developed while working with her are awesome) "
" Awesome! thank you! "
" Great reader! Great with context and quickly too! Thanks! "
" Holy. Cow. If you want someone who is going to make you feel calm, encourage you, give you great pointers, and then coach you all in one...you've found your gal!! This was just rehearsal but she was so good that I had to book her for the actual taping! Thank you Mikaela!! "
" Mikaela was great s always!!! "
" Awesome reader/coach- as always! Gives great technical direction- "
" Gave a great suggestion for a button to the scene. Incredibly patient and kind. Thank you!! "
" Loved working with her! She's so patient and willing to give some awesome feedback. So great at reading and giving directions to flush out my character and the scene! Will totally work with her again! "
" Amazing acting coach- highly recommend! "
" Excellent every time! "
" A great experience every time. "
" I wonder how many times people give up just before a breakthrough - when they are on the very brink of success. That is Not happening to Mikaela and I. We riding till the wheels fall off! Thank You! 🎞💰🔮💯▶ "
" An amazing coach and person "
" Such a valuable coach and reader "
" So amazing "
" She has awesome tips! "
" Mikaela was AMAZING!!!!!! She had such a great energy for me to feed off of in my tape and her notes were so fun to work with. 11/10 recommend!! "
" SUPREMELY GIFTED! Incredible understanding of how to draw out the best. "
" Mikaela was wonderful and just what was needed. A simple note made all the difference. A surgically placed direction aimed at the soul of the piece. "
" Mikaela is my absolute favorite. She is so incredibly helpful!!! "
" Maybe the best director of subtle notes I have received so far. Keeps the comedy grounded and stays within you without showing it "
" Mikaela is a superstar!!! Such a great reader with awesome tips to make your audition shine! Thank you again:) "
" Mikaela is such an awesome reader and coach! Love working with her! "
" Wuk Wuk!!!! "
" Such an amazing person to work with and talk to!!! "
" Mikaela is such a great reader and coach! "
" Mikaela is gold dust, wrapped up in great energy and a lovely ability to help you relax. Great offers of notes too! "
" Amazing! Thank you so much "
" The essence of professionalism is the focus upon the work and its demands, while we are doing it, to the exclusion of all else. She just gets me in a zone. Salute. "
" Whipped me into shape right quick. Thanks "
" Mikaela was a great reader and helped me with a couple of very well observed notes. She’s extremely good with actors and is a superb coach! Thanks Mikaela! "
" She is such a great reader and coach! thank you! "
" So lovely. She gave great feedback, and advice. Would highly recommend! "
" So helpful as always!!! "
" Mikaela was so helpful!!! "
" So amazing! "
" Mikaela is the best! Thanks for the notes and for taking the time to help improve my set up even further! Excited to continue working with you. "
" She was easy to work with. Loved her energy! "
" The collaboration though. So professional in every sense of the word. Thank you. DC "
" What a rockstar. Mikaela was so wonderful, friendly, supportive, and gave quite a few very helpful adjustments. Thank you Mikaela I will absolutely be back! Best, Nick "
" WOW!! Mikaela truly rocks! A seasoned pro, relaxed, good SPECIFIC notes that totally changed the approach and made a great, great take. She will help you find just what you need to make the scene pop. Book her. "
" Best 30 minute session I've ever had. So friendly and knowledgeable. A total go-to! "
" Truly a pleasure working with Mikaela. This was my first time using WeAudition and I needed a reader for a two-scene self-tape for a feature film. Not only was Mikaela efficient with our time, but she also gave insightful and specific notes. I can't wait to work with her again. "
" An incredible reader - patient, informative, and a wonderful actress "
" One of the best readers around! Super helpful!!! "
" Mikaela is a phenomenal reader! She is patient, and gives helpful notes. I look forward to working with her in the future! "
" Mikaela is incredible! She gave me awesome pointers and helped me understand my character better. "
" Mikaela was amazing "
" Mikaela was extremely supportive and patient. Stuck with through tech difficulties and noisy neighbors until I got the takes I'm proud of. Thank you so much, Mikaela! "
" Oh my, Mikaela is amazing! A real seasoned pro with incredible advice that made the scene work. Can't say enough good things! Book her!! "
" Super helpful! "
" Very friendly and knows how to breakdown the scene to make it realistic!!! "
" Mikaela is a rock star!!! Such a pro you guys! So knowledgeable and great at cold reading. Thank you for your help again! "
" She's the best! "
" Incredible!!!! "
" An amazing reader "
" Mikaela was super helpful! She gave me really concrete tools to work with! Great reader "
" Mikaela was excellent in helping me rehearse and tape my audition scenes, reading multiple characters easily. I would definitely recommend her. "
" Mikaela is an awesome reader. Helped me with my French and English audition. "
" Amazing reader, so helpful and intuitive! "
" So so wonderful- great reader, great tips "

Credits Include

2021 [IMDB]
Murdoch Mysteries
TV Series
2019 [added]
The Last Wife - Centaur Theatre
2018 [added]
Miss Bennet - The Citadel
Miss Bennet
2017 [added]
The Libertine - TIFT
2017 [added]
The Changeling - Stratford Festival
2017 [added]
Timon of Athens - Stratford Festival
2017 [added]
Madwoman of Chaillot - Stratford Festival
2016 [added]
Breath of Kings - Stratford Festival
2015 [IMDB]
Shooting Horses
2015 [added]
Marat Sade - Soulpepper Theatre
2015 [added]
The Dybbuk - Soulpepper Theatre
2015 [added]
Spoon River - Soulpepper Theatre
Faith Matheny
2014 [added]
Idiot's Delight - Soulpepper Theatre
Mrs. Cherry
2014 [added]
Tartuffe - Soulpepper Theatre
2014 [added]
The Crucible - Soulpepper Theatre
Mary Warren
2013 [IMDB]
TV Series
2013 [IMDB]
2013 [IMDB]
2012 [IMDB]
2010 [IMDB]
Twisted Seduction