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Hi! I'm Tim (he/him) coming to you from NJ (no, not the Jersey Shore :) ).

I graduated from Kean University with a B.A. in Theatre. I toured for several years, with different theatre companies, around the country. Most recently I joined AEA after working on A Christmas Carol at the Lyceum Theatre in NYC.

I found We Audition through the Matt Newton Studio where I'm currently taking Amy Russ' class.

But enough about me! I'm here to help you! Whether you're looking to self-tape (and who isn't during this pandemic), prep for an audition, run lines for a class, or just to stretch your acting muscles; I'm here for you. I'm willing to give you as much or as little help or direction as you'd like. I want to make you shine.

If my beacon is not on I may still be available so feel free to email me at TimothyRegan7@gmail.com or find me by using any of my social media accounts listed below.

Hope to read with you soon!

Timothy Regan joined AEA in Jan. 2019 while working on A Christmas Carol at the Lyceum Theatre in NYC. Definitely missing live theatre but embracing the online world we're currently in.


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" Always the best!!!!!!! 💫💫💫 "
" I've worked with Timothy as a reader in class as well, and he is a gem! Thoughtful, grounded, and incredibly generous with his time. Thanks so much, Tim! "
" Timothy was awesome!! "
" He's so awesome!!! "
" Timothy is so great!! Very present and has excellent timing. He helped me get a lot out of a quick scene! "
" Have to reconnect "
" Timothy was so fun to read with! Gave me exactly what I needed. :) "
" Great working with Tim! Super helpful! Definitely recommend "
" Timothy was very friendly and a great reader! "
" Dope Reader ! Amazing to work with! "
" Always love working with Timothy! He's a hoot and the most patient. "
" Thank you Timothy! "
" Timothy is AWESOME!!!!!Such a great reader and gives great insight to the scene!! "
" Awesome reader! Strongly recommend! "
" Timothy is THE BEST "
" Timothy is expedient, positive and professional! "
" Timothy was great help! He read as my scene partner for a scene I'm working on in class, and gave great notes! "
" Absolutely Outstanding!!! "
" Such a great and helpful reader!! "
" Fantastic Reader!! Thank you so much Timothy!! "
" Thank you Timothy. You're a star! "
" Great! "
" Great reader! "
" 10/10 "
" He is an EXCELLENT READRER I will be using him again! "
" Excellent, patient reader. "
" So nice and sweet, went above and beyond for me, he had to read for 3 separate characters and made it a smooth and easy process! Thank you! "
" Tim is the BEST. So smart, so encouraging, a brilliant actor, and cool as hell to boot. Seriously the best reader you could ask for. 11/10 recommend 😊 "
" So helpful and kind :)! Lovely to work with :) "
" Timothy is an amazing reader! Helpful tips and super patient. I highly recommend!!! "
" Timothy was so much fun to read with! Great feedback and communication all around. "
" Timothy is an awesome reader!! He understood the scene immediately and was so much fun to play with! "
" Timothy is a great reader and has great vibes too! Highly recommend! "
" Tim is favourite!! He reads well, connects beautifully as always and we have the best time. Love your work Tim. If I could give 10 stars I would. Thank you! "
" Wow!! Tim was soooooo amazing! Great reader, overall a great human. Easy to connect and everything was on point. This was my first time on WeAudition and I cannot recommend it enough. So seamless and so much fun! I got so much out of this experience in such a short amount of time. Why didn't I sign up sooner?! Love, love, love. So happy I chose Tim :) "
" Great reader, patient and collaborative! "
" Tim was great! He has amazing comedic timing, great suggestions and is a wonderful reading. You're a rock star, Tim! "
" Great reader! "
" Timothy was a great reader! Helpful and easy to work with. "
" Timothy was awesome!! Hope to work with him again. He was patient, gave excellent feed back and helped me relax. Thank you, Timothy!! "
" Always great to read with Timothy! "
" Timonthy was fantastic! So fun and such a good energy and a great actor. Book him! "
" Great! So fun and easy to read with. Thanks! "
" Tim is the best! He's so patient and gives off such great, positive vibes. "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Three times reading with Tim, and it's amazing everytime! "
" Worth ALL of the 5 stars! Just sayin... "
" AH-MAY-ZING reader! Wonderful energy, pops right into character. Let him read for you, seriously. "
" Absolutely lovely! Timothy helped me get to some important emotional moments. "
" Timothy was so kind and professional and patient. He helped me have a great audition and self tape. Thanks Timothy! Excited to work with you again! "
" Super knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommend! "
" Tim was great! Wonderful session "
" So helpful and friendly! "
" Awsome reader great energy "
" Such a positive bright energy that was totally needed for my 1/2 hour sitcom scene. Perfection! "
" Awesome reader! 10/10 thank you! "
" Awesomeeee reader!! thank you soo much! "
" Awesome reader. We happen to go to the same film school "
" Tim was super funny and awesome to work with. Highly recommend!!! "
" Such a helpful, friendly reader! Timothy knows his stuff and comes ready to work. "
" GREAT READER! Very nice person, super polite and smart! Thank you! "
" Dude's the man! Great reader "
" Oh my goodness. Timothy was so amazing to work with. We ran lines for an hour and he really helped me get off book and made me feel comfortable. And they also help me work some kinks out with the scene. "
" Fantastic reader! Easy to work with and generous. Thank you! :) "
" Timothy is amazing! Wonderful reader, great energy, super flexible with his read! Thank you!!! "
" Great reader, highly recommend! "
" Great reader, relaxing approach, helpful bouncing ideas around, kept me on-point :) Thank you! "
" Great reader! Really kind and helpful. "
" So sweet and helpful! "
" Awesome. Very helpful with notes. "
" Really nice and fun person. Great reader! :) "
" So friendly and nice. Great reader. Thank you man "
" Thanks Timothy...Great read, great attitude! "
" Good actor with a natural read and good voice. Nice person too. Will use this reader again:) "
" Great as always. Thanks Tim "
" So easy to work with! Thanks Timothy "
" Tim is SO NICE! Thank you so much for your help, super great advice, I appreciate it a lot! "
" Excellent! "
" Very prompt and professional. Will definitely look for Timothy again! "
" Great reader. "
" Timothy is an amazing reader! I felt like my take was 10x better just having him in it. He was very patient with me and made sure the takes were great to use. "
" Tim was awesome! This was my first time using We Audition, and he put me at ease with his calming presence. He gave me some helpful direction after we did a couple takes which, in my opinion, definitely added to the scene. Book Tim as your self-tape reader! "
" Such a patient and present reader. Thank You so much! "
" SO great working with you! Cheers! "
" Soo good! "
" Playful reader with great comedic timing. "
" Awesome reader! Supportive and patient, offered some great suggestions. Thank you! "
" Soooo kind AND a fantastic help! "
" Timothy is a GEM!!! He was a perfect reader for a multi cam sitcom I was working on. Picked up on it quick and gave such helpful notes, thanks so much!!! "
" So good!! A real pleasure to work with. "
" Incredibly great reader and a pleasure to work with! "
" Nice guy. Patient & upbeat. "
" Awesome "
" Thanks so much Tim. Great reader and very receptive "
" Timothy is so much fun! We had a great time doing a self tape together. He's an excellent reader. "
" Timothy was so great! He had a great handle on the scene and was super natural and generous. Thanks so much, Timothy! "
" Great reader, great emotion and energy! "
" AMAZING. Reads and throws back the energy thats needed for the scenes. "

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