Stephen Hayward

Hey fellow actors!

I'm a London-based graduate from Mountview, who's looking to help other actors out and stay connected during lockdown.

With a wealth of stage experience, I'm an excellent sight-reader and speaker of English. I'm flexible, great at accents, and a supportive scene partner. I love playing and working to bring a script to life, whether that's for a self-tape audition, rehearsed online reading or scene you've been working on.

How I can help you:
- I can read as your scene partner in character, responding to however you feed me the lines
- I can rehearse as many times as you'd like to help you learn the part and give it your best
- And, only if you ask, I can offer direction and advice on how to make your scene really sizzle

Hopefully we can work together soon!

Versatile graduate of Mountview - friendly, easy to work with, and excellent at sight-reading. Excels in higher status characters - softly spoken with a darker side.

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