Elena Victoria Feliz

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Hey! I'm Elena, an Afro-Latina actor based in Chicago, and I really enjoy reading scenes with fellow actors! I'm ready to meet you wherever you are in the process and create a space for you to memorize, rehearse, tape, work on your craft, or just read a scene for fun! I'm also here to respect your process and can simply be here to read for you, or am able to offer feedback if desired, just let me know what you need. Geeked to help you do your thing!

**Re:rates - The world is wild right now so if my rates work for you, great! If not, just let me know when you book, and I'm happy to meet you where you are. :)

If I'm not online and you'd like to schedule ahead of time, feel free to shoot me an email at elenavictoriafeliz@gmail.com.

Time Zone: American Central (CST)

Website: https://www.elenavictoriafeliz.com/

Venmo: @felizmeanshappy

Elena Victoria Feliz is an Afro-Latina actor and singer based in Chicago. She has trained at Acting Studio Chicago and has a BFA in Theatre Performance from Niagara University. She was recently seen as Paul in the Joseph Jefferson Award Winning production of ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, which earned six wins out of seven nominations including Best Ensemble and Best Production of a Play.

Website: https://www.elenavictoriafeliz.com/

Upcoming: Shannon in CLUSTERF**K an audio drama with Eclectic Podcast Network. Launches April 1st.

Representation: DDO Artists Agency


300 Reader Reviews

" Total delight, intuitive and dropped right into the scene with me. I felt so at ease working with Elena. "
" Had a wonderful time reading with Elena ! "
" Very sweet and patient!! "
" Solid and positive and easygoing and was the perfect reader choice for my rehearsal today! "
" Awesome reader "
" Amazing. Thank you Elena! "
" Loved her!!! She was awesome, helpful and supportive!! Great reader and great name tocaya! <3 "
" Short and sweet. Audition tape done. Thanks Elena "
" Elena come through! If you are looking for a great reader whose ready to jump in, play, give you all the good beats, and energy to react from, pick Elena! Thank you so much! "
" Had a great time working with Elana! "
" Elena was AWESOME! She was able to dive right into my scenes in both English and Spanish, offered great feedback and adjustments, and was super present. I highly recommend her! "
" Helpful. Patient. And Fun "
" Love Elena! A great reader, really got into the scene with me and had good notes :) "
" Elena is awesome!! "
" Fantastic, friendly, professionally and a great reader and actress! "
" Very helpful. Nice to work with. "
" Elena was so friendly and a great reader! "
" Elena is a wonderful reader and I would work with her anytime. "
" Amazing reader!! "
" Excellent reader! Very helpful with my audition "
" Such a giving person and reader! ¡Gracias, Elena! "
" Elena was great. Hoped right in and was ready to go immediately. Would love to work with her again. You should too. "
" LOVELY person and actress/reader!! <3 "
" Great reader! "
" Idk if ya'll know but Elena is a killer at commercials!!! definitely hit her up if you need any commercial insights! Thanks Elena! Always so lovely to work with you!!!! "
" Elena was amazing to work with "
" SOOOO HELPFUL! Book with Elena!! "
" Elena sorry I think the connection went bonkers I tried refreshing but didn't work haha but I think we got enough takes! Thank you for your help and feedback!!! "
" Amazing! "
" Absolutely loved Elena! She's a pro. I can't wait to have her read with me again. "
" Absolutely incredible - so wonderfully supportive - thank you a million!!! "
" What a pleasure and joy to work with! Will book again! "
" Great reader again -- just rehearsed for a callback today but helped me get in the right headspace and fine tune the scene! "
" Super caring and helpful! Wonderful reader "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! Picked it up immediately and was very kind. "
" Perfect! "
" ELENA jumped in fired up and ready to roll! LOVE the energy! :) "
" Elena's great! She was extremely helpful. "
" Great reader and amazing energy. Book her!! "
" Wow! So patient and so helpful. So full of life this one. Give her a click. "
" Super stellar reader!! highly recommend you give her a try !! very patient and very concise with long scripts "
" Always get to work with her! "
" Amazing "
" Really patient & helpful! Drops into the material so quickly! Thank you! "
" Very pleasant read, really gave me something to work off of which I really appreciate! "
" So awesome. Her reads were amazing and helped set the mood for the scene. "
" GREAT reader!!! "
" Seriously my favorite reader on the sight! "
" A five star experience, every time!:) "
" Great reader! "
" Such an incredible and incredibly sweet reader. Was there for and with me every step of the way. Thank you, Elena!! "
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" Just book Elena whenever you see her. She's SO SO great. "
" Always a pleasure to have Elena as my reader! "
" Excellent, diligent and all the while professional and friendly:) "
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" A+ reader!! "
" She's amazing and so helpful!!!!!!!! "
" Elena is the bomb "
" Amazing reader! "
" Great reader! Everything you'd want! "
" So patient and lovely. Thank you "
" Professional, easy going, relaxed and ready to go "
" Very smooth reader. Very patient. "
" Always great! "
" Elena is an excellent reader. I use the site all the time and she is one of the best! "
" So sweet, so thoughtful, and so talented! She was very easy to listen to and react to, she let me find so much more in the scene as I was working. So happy! "
" Elena was amazing! Was having troubles with my media and she was super flexible in working with me and was an awesome reader. Thanks a bunch! :) "
" I am so HAPPY Elena was online, she's such a joy to work with! A+++ "
" Gave really amazing notes!! "
" READ with Elena! She is the bomb! "
" Amazing!! "
" Awesome human and reader! "
" Really great reader! Thanks Elena! "
" So much enthusiasm! Great reader, so positive, excellent notes "
" Elena was fantastic! Super helpful with feedback and new ideas that helped enhance my audition tape. "
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" Very professional "
" A+ so kind and patient!! "
" A+! so patient and kind "
" Elena is lovely to work with! Read with her "
" Elena needs an MVP badge. She kills it! Thanks so much. "
" 10/10. 2nd time working with Elena and she really encouraged me despite feeling drained and tired. Was patient and positive throughout the whole experience, even gave me some technical notes that made the scenes pop even more. Great eye, great reader. "
" Super great reader and had so much patience with me! thank you! "
" Hi Elena, Thank you so much for being a great scene partner. Much Love. "
" Awesome reader, and can connect instantly to what your scene requires! "
" Elena is amazing! Very sweet and present and gives great energy as a reader. She positively reinforces what you're doing well and when given permission to give notes, she comes with ones that only enhance and layer the performance. Highly recommend! "
" What a delightful young lady. Elena is talented, smart and a joy to work with! "
" Always Great reading with you Elena. Book her yall! "
" Elena is amazing! One of my favorite readers!! "
" An exceptional reader/energy to work off of "
" Always the best "
" Thank you for being present, dropped in, and patient. Really great read! "
" So great! Lovely human, great reader, just a wonderful time! I love working with Elena! "
" Very natural reader and had great energy and ideas! "
" So sweet and SO HELPFUL. Will definitely be asking to work with Elena again :) "
" Very supportive and encouraging! Will def book again! "
" One of my favorites. "
" Thank you!! Let me know if I can ever help you out! Sincerely appreciate it. - Mercy 863-651-8811 "
" Super easy to work with! "
" Energetic Reader Jumped RIGHT IN made the scene feel REAL!! "
" I always trust Elena! "
" Amazing reader! Thank you ! "
" Super fabulous! Quick study and a delight. Thank you, Elena! "
" Elena was fabulous! "
" Elena is wonderful, as usual! "
" Elena is an INCREDIBLE LISTENER, with a warm and wonderful energy. She allowed me to feel comfortable and relaxed, and was patient as we worked through the material. "
" Kind and helpful "
" BEST READER EVER. 11/10. ROSES ROSES ROSES. Kind! Talented! Fun to be around! Can do Shakespeare! She's got it all! "
" Great notes, super supportive, excellent professional read. 10/10 recommend. "
" Made Great Strong Choices! Quick response, super helpful. Will def work with her again! Thanks Elena! "
" Great reader! Very present! "
" Really lovely experience reading with Elena. She brought great energy, was patient and fun to work with. "
" Iconic "
" Another great session! "
" One of the best readers I’ve heard in a very long time she changed her voices for the characters she did absolutely amazing "
" Elena was such a lovely reader!!! We jumped right in the scene and she was present and generous the whole time. Such an easy read, thank you! "
" I mean....YES. Thank you! "
" Incredibly Knowledgeable. Wonderful notes. "
" So awesome. So fun and so helpful! Really worth the whole hour we had together. Definitely, use her if she's there on We Audition. "
" Elena was great!!! Excellent feedback and energy. I Highly recommend her work "
" Great scene partner with really helpful notes as always "
" Awesome reader with great energy and helpful notes "
" Elena was so much fun to read with!! She gave great feedback and we had a really helpful conversation about the scene and character relationships!! Definitely would love to work with Elena again sometime soon! "
" Brilliant wonderful reader! Thank you so much Elena!! "
" Great as usual, and the coldest cold reader out there! "
" 2nd time with her-lovely energy each time "
" So patient and nailed the read! Highly reco! Will certainly book again :) "
" Super helpful and understanding, she helps give you feedback and helps you feel comfortable! thanks so much! "
" Such a great actor and a truly kind human. Highly recommended! "
" Elena was awesome. Very good notes and knowledgeable of the scene!! "
" Great reader as always! "
" Uh-MAZE-ing. Thanks so much!! "
" Always amazing! "
" Awesome! "
" Always fun to work with elena! excellent at commercials!! "
" Elena is an awesome reader! "
" Such a lovely person and an amazing reader. Highly recommend! "
" Great session! "
" A+ reader! She's literally the best. :) "
" Awesome as always "
" Elena is a fantastic reader!!! She is a great actress and picked up the script so fast, I highly suggest her. Thanks Elena:) "
" Elena is a solid reader--always happy to get her! "
" Smart, great actress, focused, and on it! "
" Fantastic reader, always committed :) "
" Great experience with Elena Again absolutly wonderful reader and energy "
" Elena is a great reader, supportive and kind :) "
" Very helpful, collaborative, and supportive! 👍🏻👍🏻 "
" Wonderful! "
" Elena was great! Super responsive, just willing to do whatever I needed to make the self-tape work, patient, and she was non-judgemental which all actors know is necessary to truly let go and just do the work. Thank you Elena, hope we work together again soon! "
" Elena is absolutely amazing. She took my self-tape to the next level. So, so wonderful. Book her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Perfect in every way! Very helpful "
" Super patient and welcoming! thank you! "
" Incredible ease and so helpful "
" Elena is a great reader - so on it! "
" Amazing, congenial, professional! "
" Amazing reader! They were so sweet and offered so many great suggestions as well as reassurance throughout the whole process which really helped me get in the zone and believe in my work. Thanks again for creating such an open and safe space! "
" She really has great insight on the material and adds to my scenes! "
" Awesome reader! Jumped right on in with the scene! Thank you Elena! "
" Always fun to work with Elena!!! "
" FANTASTIC READER!!!! Super committed to my drama scenes. "
" Great reader! "
" Awesome! "
" Loved working with Elena! "
" Elena is the absolute best. I'm always thrilled when I see that she is on - amazing artist, amazing reader. She's a joy to create with. "
" Great as ever, never loses energy, friendly and professional! "
" Love Elena. Great energy, professional, thoughtful. I'll be looking for her to read with in the future whenever I can. "
" Fantastic as usual! "
" Elena was great and excellent with pacing for comedy! "
" Elena has great energy and gave very helpful feedback. "
" Such a wonderful reader! I would DEFINITELY work with her again! "
" Great reader, versatile, very easy to work with, book for sure! "
" What are you waiting for? book already:) "
" Fantastic, very congenial, great actress, great reader! "
" Book her! Such a pleasure working with her! "
" The best! "
" Excellent, very friendly, awesome actress, very helpful! "
" Thank you!!! "
" Super sweet and is fall of ideas. "
" Elena is such a calming, warm, positive presence. Immediately puts you at ease and is game to play if you want to try some things throughout the session. Highly recommend! "
" Super helpful, fun, and easy to work with! "
" Elena is GREAT! Such a patient and understanding reader. Thank you again! "
" Very intuitive reader! Thanks so much! "
" Elena was such a patient and kind reader who was ready to play and go "yes and" to ideas. We built a couple really fun scenes together for my audition, and had a great time doing it! "
" Super fun and adaptable actress! Very professional and kind! "
" So patient so nice and professional. "
" Awesome, very friendly, very patient, very proficient and had helpful tips!:) "
" Elena was an incredible reader for me!! an absolute pro and so easy to talk to, cant wait to read with her again! "
" An absolute pleasure to work with! "
" Great reader with a lot of good ideas to approach a scene. She's amazing "
" Great reader great energy thanks for read! "
" So incredibly nice. "
" Awesome as always! Thank you, Elena! Apologies on my intra-nets. :-) "
" Excellent reader highly recommend 👍 "
" Elena gave me such enthusiastic improvisation! She's so talented! "
" Love her! "
" Such a great reader! Thanks for everything. "
" Awesome! "
" So awesome!! I was her 100th person she read with on here! Congrats Elena! "
" Elena is great! Super chill with an easy energy. Helped with a self tape and provided some awesome tips and suggestions. "
" A+ reader! She's the best!! "
" Friendly and professional! "
" Excellent Reader!! "
" Thank you, Elena - You are greatly appreciated 🙏🏻 "
" Awesome reader as always - Picked everything up right away - Got to the work! Highly recommend! "
" So awesome!! Amazing reader and super helpful with building out the scene and the character! "
" Such a great reader. Pulled thrugh like a champ in a time crunch. Will definitely book again "
" Amazing reader! So helpful with scenes and finding more in your characters! "
" Super helpful and committed to the scene! "
" So much fun rewarding with Elena. Great energy and reactions! "
" She was wonderful energy-definitely work with again! "
" Elena was so great and patient. She helped me learn my lines and was a great reader. Very supportive. "
" She's wonderful! "
" What a Darling and a fantastic reader! Thank you Elena! "
" She is the sweetest and the most helpful person! thanks elena! "
" Friendly, warm, easygoing...but also smart and experienced and on it! "
" Fun reader! "
" She was awesome! "
" A true star! Thank you for all your teachings and professionalism! Looking forward to working with you again! "
" This lady is a great reader! Authentic. "
" The sweetest, nicest human! thanks so much for your help. "
" Such a great and present reader! "
" Gave me a great note! "
" A wonderful talent! With a great taste in music! Awesome reader!!!! I recommend! "
" Excellent! Elena is cheerful and helpful, deftly able to accommodate weird scripts and lots of background noise :) "
" Amazing reader and her ability to allow you to do whatever you need to in order to get to the place you to need to go is so comforting. So nice and sweet! She was the perfect reader I needed. BOOK HER!! "
" So helpful, so supportive, and so great! Definitely recommend. "
" Perfect reader! On point and was very easy to play off and respond to her choices! "
" Great reader! "
" Such a delight to work with. Fantastic reader. "
" Elena was an amazing reader, thank you so much!! "
" Always the best insight!!! Booked with her, and it's easy to see why. "
" Thank you! So warm, supportive and easy to work with! "
" Elena was so amazing to read with. She just understood the scene and we went straight to it! BOOK HER "
" Great reader. Offered lots of insight! "
" Elena is excellent with legal jargon and has an incredible knowledge of the legal world. We went over scenes for a legal drama audition and she was invaluable in my process. With her help, I now have a much better understanding of the legal jargon in the script and the world of the show. A++++ reader. So patient, knowledgeable, and helpful! Book her if you have an audition for a legal drama / any procedural with difficult jargon! "
" Elena is excellent at legal jargon and has an incredible knowledge of the legal world. We went over scenes for a legal drama audition and she was invaluable in my process. With her help, I now have a much better understanding of the legal jargon in the script and the world of the show. A++++ reader. So patient, knowledgeable, and helpful! Book her if you have an audition for a legal drama / any procedural with difficult jargon! "
" Awesome! So patient and a great reader! "
" Amazing reader! Provides wonderful feedback and connects with scenes within an instant! "
" She was AMAZING!!!! Helped me soooo much !!! Gave such great advice !!! Will be back :) Thank you for all your help !! "
" Absolutely fantastic!!!! Wonderful reader and very kind soul, will definitely book again 😀 "
" Awesome , great reader , relaxed , there for you .Thank you !! "
" Elena was amazing! She was so great to work with and really helped me work through the scene!!! Thank you Elena! "
" Really willing to break down the scene, with great insight !! kind and supports a safe, playful experience. "
" Elena is awesome. Recommend. Super easy to work with and gives great feedback (all asked for). Thank you! "
" Elena was a great an efficient reader! She jumped right in! "
" Elena was amazing...great energy and patience. "
" Elena has great comic timing and kept the pace of the scene perfectly. "
" Wonderful reader! I love getting to work with Elena, she gives amzing feedback, is so patient, and has such a positive attitude "
" So patient and gave me great advice!! I would definitely work with her again :) "
" So sweet and helpful! "
" Elena is a great reader and super friendly! "
" Amazing. So helpful and created a great space for me to work through my scenes. Good vibes and great work! "
" No comments "
" I love reading with Elena, 100% recommend her ! "
" The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. And when Elena and I collab, we do dis!!! Grateful. Sprinkles!!! "
" Amazing reading! super supportive and very sweet "
" Elena was SO helpful and patient. Superb. Thank you so much! "
" Awesome reader and great energy! "
" Elena was warm and friendly and gave me wonderful things to work with each time we read the scene. "
" I love Elena! She is such a pleasure to work with-- so talented, open and ready to play. Highly encourage working with her!! "
" Great ideas and fun to work with! "
" Amazing reader! Very sweet, supportive, and so on top of it. They made the process so easy for me! Thank you so much! "
" Super easy to work with! "
" Elena is very supportive. She's a wonderful reader, quick on the uptake of what's going on in the scene. I like that she wasn't trying to be overly directive, but warmly gave opinion on best take, etc. "
" Great reader, and so nice! "
" When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. Ms. Elena brings this very essence to the table making her a spectacular reader.👋👍🙂 Well done! DC "
" It was such a pleasure working with Elena! She was super chill and kind and is a surprisingly good reader! Thank you! I can't wait to work with you again. "
" Like I said before - an excellent reader! "
" Lovely reader. Recommend. "
" Elena was my first reader ever on WeAudition, and I'll definitely book with her again. She made my first experience welcoming and insightful! "
" Elena was awesome and such a supportive reader! "
" Another great session - thank you "
" Great "
" Thank you "
" Awesome! Great working with Elena! Thank you! "
" Lovely and A Great Reader! "
" She is so preset, and sweet!! Great reader!! Thank you! "
" Great reader, highly recommend! "
" Great reader kind and patient "
" So patient and lovely, clear voice. "
" Elena was so lovely, helpful, and knowledgeable! Will definitely reach out to her in the future. "
" Elena is great, such a generous & smooth reader. Jumped straight in & was such a wonderful energy. Looking forward to wrking with her again. "
" Great reader! THanks so much! "
" Amazing reader, Elena is super kind and gives wonderful feedback! "
" Second Time is a charm!! "
" Great Reader. SMART. Knows what to do. I'd read with her anytime. "
" Very nice and great reader! "
" We had to fly right before class, but she was amazing and gave me great insights in the ten minutes we had! "
" Wonderful reader!! 5 stars! "
" Elena is super kind, patient and an amazing reader!! "
" Elena was so amazing to work with. She had great energy and I instantly felt that I could have fun and play. Thank you so much for your time and work Elena! Take care. "
" Thank you Elena for being so sweet and helpful! "
" Sooo nice and fun to work with! "
" Superb on all fronts! "
" Love Elena and her energy! "
" Elena is so lovely and friendly and immediately makes you feel comfortable and ready to work! "

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Audio Drama/Fi
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Lantz & Pez LLC
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A Real One
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All Quiet on the Western Front
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