Fleur de Wit

Hello! My name's Fleur, I'm a professional actor-musician, presenter & voiceover artist based in London, England. I've always loved reading in for friends and I'd love to help you make a standout self tape.

My approach is focused, efficient and tailored to you. I'm there to support you in any way you need, whether you're racing to turn a tape around for a tight deadline, or stuck on a scene and looking to bounce ideas off another actor. Whatever it takes to nail your read.

The great thing about self taping is that you call the shots. Finding your unique version of the character, and then unleashing the joy in your read is what it's all about. Let's go book you a job!

'Fleur is not only a great reader, intuitive, with a perfect tone for the tape, she is also when asked, brilliant at giving subtle redirection to help open up more options for the audition. She has helped me get cast more than once, including for feature films “Ashens and the Polybius Heist” and “Running from Reality”.'

- Alexander Tol (Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga, Waffle the Wonderdog, Dune Drifter)

LANGUAGES: Native French, native Dutch & native English

ACCENTS: Native French, Dutch, RP, flawless German, Russian, Polish

- Speaking roles in commercials for NowTV, Fanta, Eurostar & Bailey's
- Voiceover for multiple characters in The Witcher video game
- Presenter for Whirlpool Netherlands

Feel free to drop me a message if I'm offline. E-MAIL: fleurdewit.ldn@gmail.com

Hello! My name's Fleur, I'm a London-based actor, musician and trilingual native speaker of French, English and Dutch.

International Actors London ialagents@gmail.com

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