Breezy Branham

Hello from Texas! Let's ace these auditions together!
Aside from being a reader, I can help you with pronouncing German words.

I've received training from LA's "The Groundlings School", Chicago's "Second City", and "John Lansch Studio for Actors" in Houston.

In May 2021 I graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Media Studies/Policy . During my studies I concentrated on film and diversity.

My natural accent is an American accent but I am always training in new accents.

Languages: English (native), German (studied since 2011)
Instagram: @breezybranham

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Education: I've taken classes at Second City, The Groundlings School, and John Lansch Studio for Actors. In May 2021 I will graduate with a BA in Media Studies/Policy.

Current accents offered: Texas Gulf Southern Accent, New York City (Queens), and Australian. For the Queens accent, please see my comedic video on my YouTube (linked). For my natural accent, please see my linked dramatic video.
I'm always training in new accents and will add them as they become available.

Languages: English (native), German (advanced intermediate proficiency/studied since 2011)

Special Skills: Accents, Improv, Cry on cue, cycling, martial arts, licensed driver, hula hooping
Instagram: @breezybranham

I'm currently unrepresented and I'm seeking representation.

Credits Include

2020 [added]
Gene Reeves "The Reverie"
Music Video
2019 [added]
Cajun Court TV
2018 [added]
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate
2017 [added]
Boo Boo Bandits
2017 [added]
Katz's Deli