roisin monaghan

Do not hesitate to be in contact, I am here to help. I want you to get that job and first nail the audition. Supporting one another is paramount we never know what the future holds.
I am very experienced with audioning and if on top of helping you read if you need a kind ear or some support I am happy to share the nuggets of information that have helped me along the way. Roisin x

I grew up in rural Ireland to American parents, I have dual nationality. I have a flair for accents, comedy and serious drama. I was exposed regularly to theatre from a very young age. My credits stretch back 16 years, I became professional in 2012 after training in NYC.
I have performed all over the UK, Ireland and in the US.
To work with I am lighthearted and fun, but I'm still focussed on doing the very best to help other actors and directors achieve their creative goals.
Professionally I pride myself on being reliable, ontime and off book.
My dream is to be a series regular in the states and to work with uber talented script writers, directors and cinematographers. I am 100% committed to achieving this goal. Thank you, Sincerely Roisin (Row-sheen) Monaghan