Eternanda Fudge

Hey superstar! I’m absolutely thrilled to offer my time to help you with that script:)

I’m skilled at
*cold reads
*audition prep
*scene work
*character development

I promise to work at your pace and to follow & respect your process every step of the way. As a trained actor under Linklater, Meisner and Stanislavsky technique; my approach is unique in that I listen to your needs first, checking in with you before we get started, then give only what you allow at your level of tolerance because I know how annoying unsolicited advice and crossed boundaries can be. Lol!

Absolutely proud to say two of the actors i've read with booked! One, whom i coach, is consistently checking in with a project he's working on (cant diclose it just yet but his press release will be very soon)

I wish you much success and you GOT this and I'd love to help get you booked! If you want to schedule another reading & Rehearsal time email me ANY time!


Hey superstar! I’m absolutely thrilled to offer you my time to help you with that audition:) I take pleasure in helping out!

I'm an actor, writer and vocalist just moving here to LA from NYC ! I've been booked on Law & Order SVU, several feature film's including Sugar, Lorenzo and Monica and Delusional soon to be released.

I also have Hollywood Karaoke in pitch stages, The Ida B Wells project being edited in preproduction and a script for TV currently being edited and prepped for pitch!

I currently have a Bachelor's of Arts in Performance from UMD College Park

Theatre Companies:
Essence of Acting
NYC madness

And currently working on producing music as a singer songwriter! Find me on All streaming Platforms!


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" Amazing as always! Provides great feedback & incredible with cold reads "
" Amazing reader with amazing enthusiasm and patience, Thank you Eternada!! "
" Awesome as always "
" Always incredible "
" Eternanda is amazing!!! such great insight, patient helpful and a great reader, thank you!!!! "
" Always amazing! "
" Good read "
" Incredible reader & also a great coach if you’re open to suggestions. She’s also very patient so if you’re a new actor she would be good fit for you "
" She’s the best! "
" Excellent reader, great energy and very attentive. "
" Great Reader! Was super patient and took all my notes. "
" She’s amazing and very patient! "
" FABULOUS!!! Eternanda's wonderfully helpful. Great scene partner. "
" What a patient and considerate reader. I felt so free and safe in her company and guidance x thank you! "
" Eternanda rocked with me in the late hours. And helped me navigate a tricky comedy scene . Thank you Eternanda for your help and making things easier. "
" Great reader! Nice short script that she helped me not over complicate!! Would def recommend! "
" I had Eternanda record two different characters for me. She was brilliant. I will definitely hire her again. "
" Eternanda was great! Super patient and lovely "
" Eternanda was super helpful and conscious of the cues I needed for my self tape. Thank you! "
" Awesome reader and gave me great advice on taking the emotions of my character! "
" Eternanda was great to work with. Just what I needed for this read. "

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