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I'm so excited to read with you!!! Wanna break down a scene? Drill lines? Practice just to practice? However you wanna work your material, let's do it :)

The Lee Strasberg institute NYC / Margie Haber Studios / Second City / Groundlings

Repped in LA/NYC

IG @eeshekaa
SAG-AFTRA eligible.

Managers: Paula Curcuru @ Prestige (NY) David Rosario @ ROAR (LA) Personal:

232 Reader Reviews

" Such a sweetheart! Loved our session "
" Good feedback, good read! "
" Incredible reader and super generous scene partner! Highly recommend Esheka 10/10 experience "
" Such a great reader and super sweet!! "
" Great reader! "
" So kind, patient, and collaborative!!! I would love to work with Esheka again!!! "
" Esheka was awesome! "
" Fantastic reader and actress! Grasps not just the words but the meaning underneath while reading a very layered scene. Thanks, Esheka. Would definitely work with her again! "
" Esheka was great! So helpful and very fun to read with. "
" Fantastic Reader!! She really puts you at ease. Great eye for which take reads most natural too. "
" Esheka was very kind and a great reader! Would definitely work with again! "
" Esheka was great! Good reader and had good ideas/adjustments to try! Thank you! "
" Esheka is a great reader, very present! "
" Thank you Esheka! So sweet! Great reader great notes. Highly recomend! "
" Lovely "
" Wonderful reader so sweet! Thanks Esheka! "
" Splendid wonderful professional! Esheka Rocks! "
" Great! Jumped right in and so patient "
" A warm, fun, engaged reader who's willing to play :) Thanks, Esheka! "
" Really great reader! "
" Esheka is great! I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader! "
" What a kind human, thank you, Esheka - Wonderful cold reader and was easy to work with - Naturally brought character to life, while reading simply. "
" Esheka is a fantastic cold reader and very sweet! Thanks for you help! "
" Really kind energy and easy to read with. Thank you! "
" Really great!!!! "
" Really good reader and great attitude! "
" The Best!! Thank you :) "
" Always a blast with Esheka!! She is so warm and kind with her feedback and asks questions to make you delve deeper into the scene!! Thank you!! "
" Always the best!! "
" Esheka is wonderful!! Jumped right in and had some great ideas for the scene! Thank you :) "
" Esheka had a ton of heavy lifting to do in my scenes and she did it beautifully. She had a ton of lines and had to be three different characters. She kept the pace of the scene and I could tell when it was a different character speaking, not bc she changed voices, but in her intentions. She did an incredible job! Not to mention, she is super sweet and smiley. A great person to work with! Thank you Esheka! "
" Awesome reader!! Really helpful and perfect energy level :) "
" The sweetest! great energy, takes adjustments so well. great cold reader :) thanks Esheka "
" So lovely, great reader and was exactly what I needed. Thank you Esheka!! "
" Patient and just clicks into reading! "
" Super fun, bubbly and positive. Great experience. "
" I love when I can talk about the craft and what's actually happening as we work. What a great start to the auditioning day. Thank you! "
" Super star reader, thank you Esheka! "
" Just the best, such a generous actor!! Thank you :) "
" Amazing reader, Esheka also helped me find the truth of the scene! Thank you :) "
" So wonderful, kind and helpful! Do yourself a favour and book Esheka when she's online!! "
" Jut the best!! Thank you :) "
" Efficient & warm "
" The best as always!! Thank you :) "
" Wonderful as always!! Thank you :) "
" Great! "
" Esheka was the perfect reader for my audition. Will definitely be working with her again! "
" Thank you "
" Wonderful! "
" Amazing energy and great reader. "
" Awesome as always! Such a generous actor and reader. Love working with Esheka. "
" Esheka is fantastic! She's got great insight into material and she's always super positive! "
" One of my go to's!! Esheka gives such great suggestions!! Very kind. Thank you :) "
" Amazing reader. Looking forward to working with Estella again. "
" Awesome reader! Thanks Esheka! "
" Great! Extremely patient, kind and helpful! I'll reach out again! "
" Esheka is awesome! "
" Great reader! "
" Wow! Excellent Actress! Excellent Reader! "
" Great! "
" Love working with Esheka! Such a pleasure. "
" She's the best. Keep coming back! "
" So much fun doing a rehearsal with her!!! "
" Very charming helpful young woman "
" She is a wonderful reader and scene partner!!! Book her! "
" I love working with Esheka. She is the sweetest individual and very professional. Someone you can rely on. "
" So fantastic! A natural and a pleasure to work with!!! Thanks Esheka!! Hope to work with you again!!! "
" Esheka is SOOO great! She's really there in the moment with you which makes it easy to get good takes quickly! Highly recommend! "
" Amazing! So lovely and got the scene immediately! Highly recommend and hoping I can get here again! "
" What a chill human! Great actor, great feedback, super supportive. Always love working with Esheka! "
" This is my second time working with Esheka and she is wonderfulllll!! Really she is a beautiful reader and a blast to work with. =) "
" Esheka is the best!! So fun to work with! "
" Great "
" LOVE working with Esheka! She really gives me a lot to work with. Perfect scene partner. Excellent reader 10/10 "
" Awesome. Great energy! "
" The best! Always helpful. Thank you!! "
" Very warm presence. Super patient and great reader. Thanks. "
" Just the best, so lovely and really helps you with what is going on in the script! Book her!! "
" One of the best!! Always so helpful!! Thank you :) "
" Great reader and great energy! "
" Great vibes, great help, and a great reader. Thanks so much,! "
" Esheka!!! is great! "
" So incredibly helpful! "
" Super Helpful! Really encouraging, excellent sight reader too "
" So fun to work with! wonderful notes!! "
" So friendly! "
" Esheka was wonderful to work with. "
" Nice collaborator! "
" Esheka is very fun to work with! She's very supportive and gave lots of insightful notes. I was able to carve out my character with her guidance. Thank you so much Esheka!!! "
" Esheka is a great reader. Professional, great attention to detail, patient and a very generous actor. I highly recommend her. "
" Esheka was awesome. Gave a great read and helped me through some technical difficulties without frustration. Will definitely use again! "
" Amazing!!!! "
" Great reader! "
" The best as always! My go-to reader!! "
" Super helpful and lovely! "
" One of my fav's! Always a great session. Thanks Esheka! "
" Esheka is a wonderful scene partner - so warm, present, and easy-going. I loved working with her! "
" Wonderful reader! Thank you Esheka! "
" Amazing energy as always!! Thanks Esheka :) "
" Really good! Really, really good. "
" Love reading with Esheka!! "
" Esheka!! "
" Esheka was so kind and an amazing reader to have!! THANK YOU!! "
" Great reader as usual!! "
" Very kind, she has replied to all my questions, very professional "
" Such a supportive, great reader. Thank you :) "
" Great reader!! "
" Amazing! She gave my scene so much life! I will definitely be using her again for my auditions! Thank you so much, Esheka! "
" Such a kind wonderful reader, and helps with the scene! Thank you :) "
" Really awesome! Definitely will book again! Thanks Esheka! "
" She was so amazing! Took directions well, made time for me, and was super undersdstanding! "
" THANK YOU SO MUCH! Loved all of your emoting great reader! "
" Excellent reader highly recommend ! "
" Patient, excellent reading! Thank you! "
" So accommodating, and professional. What an awesome experience! "
" Just the best, thank you :) "
" Wonderful reader, very patient and fun to work with! "
" Esheka is very cool "
" Great reader "
" So warm and open to the process. Great feedback. Thank you! "
" Amazing! Thanks Esheka! "
" Nice work! "
" Nice work! "
" Thank you Esheka for your kind heart and adaptability. "
" Literally one of the best readers I've worked with on here. Her energy is so great, and she gives you a lot to work with in your read. "
" Great "
" I love working with Esheka! We always have such a great energy with each other! She has been super giving in every session & has helped me find new discoveries in the script and in what I bring to it! Thank you so much girl! "
" Generous, patient, and creates a vibe where you feel like you can create. SO great! "
" Super easy to work with. "
" Great reader! "
" Just wonderful, thank you :) "
" Awesome "
" Wonderful as always!! Thank you :) "
" Esheka is such an amazing reader. She is so kind, patient and will read with you till you get it right. I will look for her to read with again. "
" Loved working with, Esheka!! "
" So great!! Super helpful!! Thank you :) "
" Eshekaa!! So much fun reading with her! She has an incredible energy & super patient and helpful! "
" Esheka is so friendly and kind and always has good ideas! Thank you!! "
" Patient and so great! Thank you! "
" Superb and sweet! "
" LOVE Esheka! We always work really well together! "
" Esheka is such a gem! "
" Just the best!! Book her! Thank you :) "
" The best! "
" One of my go to's! So helpful and great at breaking down a script! "
" Esheka is awesome! She made me feel super comfortable and she gave great feedback that really enhanced my performance. Highly recommend working with her! "
" Super helpful rehearsal with amazing notes!! Thank you! "
" Esheka came through when I needed a quick turnaround tape! She was a rockstar!! "
" Esheka is amazing!! She helped me find some great depth in a super short scene. Book her!! "
" Super helpful!! Thank you :) "
" Wonderful reader, thank you! "
" Wonderful reader!! x "
" Great to work with you Esheka "
" Esheka was amazing! Great pointers. Book her! "
" The best! Thank you :) "
" So lovely and kind, great reader!! Thanks Esheka :) "
" Wonderful reader, great notes! Thank you :) "
" Once again: wonderful actress - real, authentic, genuine with great ease and presence! "
" Esheka is a wonderful, generous actress: fully present (even late at night) with such a genuine quality - it's a pleasure reading with you! "
" Lovely reader and great actor, jumped right into the scene. Do yourself a favour and book Esheka! "
" Esheka was super patient! "
" So great to read with Esheka! She has a good energy about her that's like talking to a friend. "
" Wonderful reader, very kind. Thanks Esheka :) "
" So nice, had to work with her twice. Appreciate the encouragement!!! "
" Being my first time, she was very patient and kind! Thanks Esheka "
" Esheka was a great and kind reader! "
" Such a wonderful reader! "
" LOVE Esheka's energy. She's a great reader, listener, she gives wonderful notes and is always down to play! She really takes your time with you until you feel confident. THANK YOU!! :) "
" Love working with Esheka!!!! "
" Very helpful and communicative! Will certainly work with again! "
" Love love working with Esheka! We always have a great time and she always gives me great feedback to strengthen my work! "
" Thanks so much Esheka for your patience and putting up with my erratic energy for this audition lol "
" Love working with Esheka!!! Soo much fun! "
" Thank you! "
" Esheka was so patient, kind, and up for anything! A joy to read with!! "
" Really good reader; enjoyed our session "
" Nailed it! "
" I love working with Esheka! A wonderful partner and actor "
" An amazing reader. So patient and kind "
" Esheka is GREAT!!!! Picked up the script and quickly jumped into it, I Highly recommended her if you want to book your project!!!! "
" Great actress and kind person to rehearse with! "
" Thanks so much Esheka for helping me with this late night tape! Very kind and supportive. "
" Esheka was amazing! I had to rehearse a scene and her tips were tremendously helpful! BOOK HER!!!! "
" Great, super nice. "
" Esheka is so sweet with such great energy!! We were able to get my multicam self tape done quick with multiple great takes. THANK YOU!! "
" Esheka was wonderful to audition with. Lovely personality. Professional and to the point. Will definitely book her again for future auditions. Thank you for the help! "
" Great read through, gave me some awesome pointers on my audition and super friendly. thanks so much! "
" She was so sweet, and gave me new perspectives on the scene! You were fun to work with too:) Thank you so so much! "
" Amazing! "
" Great reader and very nice! "
" She was great! Would work with again. "
" Such a great reader and awesome energy! Highly recommend "
" Amazing personality and super professional! Highly recommend "
" Such a fantastic reader!! Really loved working with Esheka! "
" Wonderful, kind reader. "
" Awesome reader, handled complicated sides really effortlessly and with a great attitude. Will use again! "
" Such good energy, not rushed at all and felt super comfortable working . Highly recommend!! "
" She's amazing "
" I ended not needing a reader for this one but she was absolutely understanding and just had such a joyful attitude about it all. We laughed it off. Cant wait to work together soon! "
" A+ The best as always. "
" Love Esheka! Made a personal request to read with her! She' was available and ready & jumped right in! "
" Excellent. I had fun AND I learned lines! "
" So much fun working with Esheka! "
" Great reader, really nice, and takes adjustments very well! "
" Great reader! Came in willing to jump in w/ an energy that put you at ease and comfortable in digging in. Would absolutely recommend. "
" Esheka! She is super patient & friendly! We had some fun while getting the work done! Thanks girl! "
" Amazing! Great Reader! Great Energy! Highly Recommend! "
" Cool!!! "
" Great job! Very professional and courteous and helpful "
" Really loved working with Esheka! Great actress and gives you a lot while reading! "
" LOVE Esheka! She is so fun and helpful and a really good actor! "
" Esheka is a fantastic reader who gives so much to play off of. I would recommend her to anyone! "
" She is my go to reader I LOVE working with Esheka "
" Loved working with Esheka shes amazing "
" A+ What an amazing reader. So on point! Great energy I needed for this self-tape. Book Her Guys!!! "
" Really nice and awesome!! Thanks for rehearsing with me! "
" Such a great cold reader. Was able to have the high energy I needed for my audition. thank you again! "
" Esheka has such amazing energy, loved speaking to her! "
" Esheka did a great job and was really fun to work with! "
" Great reader! So fun to play with! "
" Awesome reader and great energy! Would love to do a real scene one day ^__^ "
" Such a fantastic reader!!! :) loved working with her and can't wait for the next time. "
" Wow. You cannot ask for a better rehearsal partner than Esheka. She picked up 3 different roles instantly for a fairly long scene and helped me discover so many things with the script and my character. Book her! "
" So sweet and looking forward to reading with her again. Talented actor and reader! Book her. "
" Super friendly and helpful "
" Really fantastic and supportive reader! "
" She was a great help! Thank you! "
" Great reader. So lovely and fun to read with. Thank you again! "
" Awesome reader! Super kind! Thank you! "

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Not Okay
Searchlight PIctures
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This Is What Your Anxiety Looks Like
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Birthday Blues
Dir: Ilia Waya
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