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I'll only give you notes if you'd like them, but I love to break down the story in a script. I'm great with cold reading and solid with many dialects including British (RP, Cockney, regional) and General American Southern. I'm trained in Stanislavsky and like to bring improv into my self tapes. Currently an associate company member at Echo Theater Co. and studying at Last Acting Studio in LA.

Zoe Walpole is a SAG actress, known for playing Agnes in Agnes of God with Factory 449 (Helen Hayes Award, Outstanding Supporting Performer). Other favorite roles on stage include Frankie in the Member of the Wedding and Clementine in Hooded or Being Black for Dummies. Film credits include Jack the Hypochondriac, Live Fish, and Black Vengeance.

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" Great energy, lovely notes. "
" Such a fun and kind reader! Extremely supportive and easy to work with. Thank you! "
" Lots of fun. Great reader! "
" Was so sweet and helpful. I really enjoyed reading with her. "
" So patient and a great reader! "
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" Lovely reader!! So fun!! "
" Very patient and great to work with "
" Lovely gal! "
" Incredible sport "
" Wonderful reader! Great actress, easy to work with "
" So wonderful!!! Zoe is a fantastic reader and scene partner - makes new choices each time that make it easy to play off of - and really knows how to talk about and work through a scene. SUCH helpful feedback and amazing energy all around. Highly recommend! "
" She's great! "
" Awesome! Thanks so much!! "
" Such great energy, so sweet! A smart and intuitive reader! Will definitely book again. "
" Excellent! "
" Had a lot of fun! And was down to improv when I asked which was great :) "
" Great ideas to play with! "
" Great reader, with wonderful notes and energy. Made my scene 20xs better. Book her! "
" Great reader and gave great feedback! Super sweet and warm energy too! "
" So sweet, great energy "
" Zoe is Great fun to work, super focused, terrific script analysis help. "
" So fun! If you want to play around with a script, she's perfect. Good ideas, and good energy! "
" Always enthusiastic and delivers the line with intention. "
" Zoe is always great to read with, super helpful with improvisations and makes good suggestions if you need help with your scene. Would highly recommend! "
" Lovely! "
" Super easy to work with and really positive attitude! Will definitely book her again! "
" Awesome to work with! "
" Great reader! Picked up the tone super quick and gave me a great read "
" Zoe is fun and delightful to work with. Her energy is calm and approachable! She's up for suggesting different ways of doing a scene. "
" Friendly and helpful! "
" Fantastic to read with! "
" Such a sweetheart and great to work with! Open to observing for notes/feedback! "
" Lovely reader! Book her! x "
" Fantastic reader, thank you!! "
" Zoe was absolutely lovely. A wonderful scene partner. Thank you so much for walking through this scene with me!!! See you another time :) "
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" Very patient and awesome reader! I was dealing with some new emotions in this one and she was a great help. "
" SO amazing and helpful!!! "
" Great reader! Highly recommend. "
" Amazing, sweet and helpful! book her! "
" Zoe is a great reader! She even helped me by improving lines as my dear twin children. Book her!!! "
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" Zoe was wonderful! So fun to work with! "
" Great reader! Super positive and knowledgeable. "
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" Zoe was super sweet and a great reader! "
" Zoe was amazing! I booked 30 minutes and she was professional the entire time. She is also a GREAT cold reader. I felt like she had the script way before our time started.. Will def connect with her again!! "
" Absolutely great and wonderful direction. Unfortunately lost her midway through! "
" Zoe is an amazing reader!! Highly recommend and will hire her again! "
" Such a great reader! Thank You Zoe! "
" Excellent cold-reader! Zoe picks up the lines and cues flawlessly right out of the gate! "
" Great reader "

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