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I'd be very happy to read a scene with anybody. I've recently completed an advanced acting course and performed in an online zoom show of Romeo and Juliet, as Paris, Chorus and Apothecary. I've also played Oberon and Theseus in a Dutch school performance of Midsummer Night's Dream and had starring parts in some Brecht/Weil plays (in Dutch). I've performed to small and large audiences as a conjurer and musician. I am a qualified Steiner-Waldorf teacher. I devised my own 1-hour show a couple of years ago which was performed to an audience of about 30 with very positive feedback. I am a retired academic with 25+ years of teaching, research and staff development experience. I am fluent in English and Dutch (and can read in intermediate German and French). I have basic US, RP English, Irish, Dutch accent skills. I'm in the UK. Do get in touch, very glad to help out.

I am a retired academic, revisiting an old passion, in addition to music and art and I have been learning a lot about it recently and recording myself doing various monologues. As a teenager I was active in my school's drama performances and starred in Der Ja Sager (Brecht), played Theseus and Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream and was murdered as one of Medea's children. I am fluent in English and Dutch and OK with American and Irish accents.


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Credits Include

2021 [added]
Advanced Acting Course
2021 [added]
Romeo and Juliet
Online perform Paris, Chorus, Apothecary
2021 [added]
Stagemilk Drama club
6-week online Student
2021 [added]
Stagemilk Drama School
2019 [added]
Beginners Acting Course
2017 [added]
Balancing in Freedom
Solo performer
1983 [added]
Midsummernight's dream
High School Pl Theseus and Oberon
1982 [added]
Der Jasager (Brecht)
1978 [added]
High School Pl Medea's son