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I'm an Actress (BBC, Comedy Central) and Filmmaker with lots of experience reading for Casting Directors. This has given me wonderful insights into what helps to make a self tape shine, including:

-Identifying the right tone, pace and energy
-Having a clear emotional journey
-Finding beats and shifts in the scene
-A clear understanding of relationships and environment

Why Pick Me? 🎬
I am fully invested in every read. It's a total joy for me to be a part of another actors creative process. I will adapt my way of reading to work around what YOU are bringing to the scene.

I'm an experienced cold reader so happy to dive straight in and provide notes if you want/need.
My native accent is British/RP- so I can also help you with that!

Pre-book or come say hi:
📸IG @graceparryofficial

Trained Actress, Writer and Director
* Trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
* Ongoing classes with Demidov Acting School (London)

Grace Parry is an actress and filmmaker, originally from Norfolk. Her TV credits include Killed By My Debt (BBC), Baby Reindeer (Netflix), Fantasy series 'Whatever After' and "Perfect Match" for Comedy Central. She was among the lead cast of two of the most successful British-made web series of recent years, Night School (playing fan favourite Katie Gilmore) and the historical fantasy, REN. In late 2019 Grace shot her directorial debut short film Outsiders, which she also wrote, produced and stars in. Represented by: Northern Gold Personal Management Contact me directly at

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" Grace for the win! Happy to have her helping me with my audition again :) "
" Fabolous. 10/10! "
" Grace was a superb reader! So helpful and I definitely recommend her "
" Always glad when I see Grace is online! "
" Amazing reader and directions were spot on! "
" Good reader with good character insights. "
" Grace is amazing!! "
" She was a great reader, thank u! "
" Wonderful energy; great to partner with; 11/10 "
" So lovely and welcoming! "
" Excellent "
" Thank you and good luck! "
" Grace was absolutely lovely to work with. Very patient and a great reader!! Would absolutely recommend! "
" Wonderful reader!! Comedic chops ++++++ "
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" Fantastic notes and really fun reader! Highly reccomend. "
" Great actor and person! "
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" Fantastic reader, full of helpful suggestions. "
" Amazing!!! so sweet and great notes! gave me extra time "
" Grace is amazing! Book her if she's online. Gives really good insight into the given circumstances and has a way to explain things which easily help you get into the head of the character without even realising it. Lovely to work work, extremely passionate about acting and wants you to do your best! "
" Twice in a day! If you see Grace online, book her "
" Love working with Grace! "
" Absolutely Lovely! "
" Grace brilliantly jumped right in! Super fantastic reader, thank you!! "
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" Grace is a fabulous reader! Her energy is amazing and she gives great suggestions! I had a blast working with her! Can't wait to play again! :) "
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" Such a generous human. Great reader. Puts you at ease and full of inspiring notes;) "
" Really loverly to work with!! Grace provided some great notes to provide some wonderful options. "
" Fantastic! Amazing coach with great insight! "
" Awesome reader! Recommended. Great character tips. Thank you. "
" Grace is amazing!! "
" Grace is such an angel. we are so lucky to have her patience and light and wisdom. "
" Thank you Grace! Lovely working with you. "
" Lovely lady, enthusiatic and great positive energy! I'll be back x "
" Lovely, efficient reader "
" Grace is a fun, friendly and helpful reader! "
" Lovely. "
" Grace is awesome!! So pleasant, professional and supportive!! "
" Amazing and wonderful collaborating with in making scenes sharper! whoohoo "
" Absolutely lovely in analysis and accent help! "
" FANTASTIC reader! She made the time to make sure I had the takes I wanted but more than that offered pithy and super-helpful insights into the beat-by-beat structures of the scene itself. Beyond that, if you couldn't tell from her reel, she's a fantastic actress and makes the other parts in the scene come to life incredibly vividly. "
" Patient and helpful! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Super fun, helpful reader. "
" A+ reader!@ "
" Second time working with grace! She's a great reader, very patient and with great notes :) "
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" Grace is awesome. She knows her stuff and has wonderful insights. I absolutely loved working with her. "
" Grace is patient and insightful. and talented. She helped me tremendously with a short but intense and emotional scene with availability and practical nuance. Thank you Grace!! "
" Superb notes and fun to work with as always "
" Grace is BRILLIANT! We worked on a period drama where I (US accent) have to use British RP. We went line by line and repeated as necessary. I feel so much more confident now. THANK YOU! "
" A+ reader! :) "
" Grace is awesome! She's a great reader with terrific notes and suggestions. Thanks Grace! "
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" 10/10 and I mean that honestly. Grace was so amazing at helping me find new meaning and intention in the script. Couldn't recommend her enough. "
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" Gave me the best most helpful note ever that completely turned my audition around. "
" Great reader!!! "
" Grace is my go-to!! I will literally wait to see if she's online before choosing another reader, she's that good. Such a wonderful, giving actor who takes the time to understand the small nuances of the script, thus allowing her to give you the best notes that are sure to help elevate your performance. I don't know what I would do without GRACE! "
" Thanks Grace, lovely reader! "
" Thank you Grace for your insightful perspective and inspired direction. Our session was beyond my expectations. Such a pleasure working with you! "
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" Worked together twice in one day! Wonderful "
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" Amazing as always!! "
" Excellent reader and very helpful! "
" Grace is truly a God-send. She was my first reader on WeAudition, as I'd never used the app before today. There was soo much going on my end, including "first day of school" nerves which made me a bit flustered. I'd also like to mention that my 10 pound Shih Tzu started throwing up in the middle of our take and she gracefully waited for my to clean it up. Im most appreciative of her kindness. With Grace's positive attitude and willingness to help me power through, I made it to the end of our taping feeling confident in my audition tape and most of all calm. She has more patience than most people, which Im very thankful for. Thanks Grace, you rock! "
" Grace is wonderful to work with. Great reader and helpful suggestions. "
" Thank you so much. she was so patient with me and made me feel so comfortable. "
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" So sweet and fun, made it super chill to tape, and really great reader! "
" First time using a reader on WeAudition and WOW, Grace is AMAZING! 11th hour, 2am self-tape audition in LA and from the UK, she helped me add so much depth to scenes I thought I had "figured out." I'm sold. Thank you, GRACE! "
" Grace is amazing! So many awesome tips! So talented as a coach and director as well as reader! "
" Amazing! "
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" A really great help! Highly recommend :) "
" Lovely, fun and not a minute is wasted. "
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" Wonderful reading with you! "
" What a lovely person. great feedback! "
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" Grace is super cool and patient and give wonderful notes. She can see the scene is at and help work with you to get there. "
" Grace was wonderful and lovely to read with. I would definitely recommend her. She had some good tips for different ways to play the scene. Thanks Grace! "
" A darling person who legitimately brings the fun every time. Thank you, Grace! "
" Grace was an amazing reader and an incredible coach as well. She had a very honest, intelligent approach to the scenes and really helped capture a variety of moods to add substance. I would recommend her to anyone looking to turn in a top tier audition! "
" Thanks "
" Grace is an. amazing sight reader - just took two takes for us to get the perfect audition! What a legend. Thanks grace - book her! "
" A really kind, gentle soul with helpful notes (if you want them). Thank you, Grace! "
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" Great reader "
" Grace is very fun to work with! I can see she enjoys reading! "
" Excellent notes and I made sure to utilize her experience with reading for casting while we discussed the takes. Will call again. "
" Really helpful!! "
" Amazing! Was very patient with me and is super sweet!!! "
" Grace was wonderful! Great reader "
" Ah I loved Grace so much!! So warm and kind, which was exactly what I was looking for in my scene. Plus, she gave great advice that I think really helped me clarify my intentions & make my tape better. Thank you Grace!!! Can't wait to work with you again. "
" Great reader "
" Grace was super positive and encouraging! "
" Awesome!!!!!! "
" Loved her! She's an awesome reader. "
" Super sweet, and patient! "
" Grace was wondeful to work with! 10/10 "
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