Caroline Akanho

Hey, It's Caroline, Creative as can be,

As much as the world of Acting shows us how much of a performer, illustrator and Artist we all are. (Even you, who may have just started), Acting is an art of life that can be altered each day for free. Yes, on your day-to-day, you learn a bit more about yourself.

Acting is doing (as said by various and multiple practitioners and so on throughout life) Being of a helping hand is crucial in such a collaborative and group-oriented profession.

Let's all learn and help each other, even from just the little we know, you never know that little could be such a significant advancement for somebody out there!

Thank you,
Creative Caroline Akanho

Hi, I'm Caroline!

Just a regular young adult who has discovered the World of Acting as just a teen but has seen the progression of the kinds of acting I like and do.

Something I noticed:
There is something about Naturalism and Method Acting in which one has to take the given circumstances and use them to stimulate the emotions for the stage, whatever form that may be.
Doing Drama, Theatre, Acting, and all the other aspects of being an actor, I become a more rounded person and a better version of myself each day.
I have recently found that acting is a free art that can be maintained daily or given circumstances.
It was just Caroline. I am Creative Caroline, and I will be creative Caroline, Myself.

Let us explore more together!


Credits Include

2021 [added]
Student Film Supporting
2021 [added]
Student Film Lead
2021 [added]
Apology Expected
Student Film Supporting