Heyy Heyy ! I'm Danielle! NYC born and raised.. a true Bronx girl :)

Check out my web series BRONX ISH on YOUTUBE.
Written, starring, directed & exec produced by moi.

Featured on News 12, Shadow and Act, BRONXNetTV, and ABC Ch 7!
7.5 views on TIKTOK.

CBS's " FBI" , HBO's " High Maintenance".
I've written & performed TWO - 90 minute One woman shows

Bilingual in Spanish.

- Former UCB Student and experience in Stand up Comedy. Comedy is my natural space; experience in Drama as well.

Here to help, uplift and support other actors in any way I can.
I also work privately as an acting /life coach- My clients have gone on to book projects and I am super proud :)

We remain optimistic, consistent.. and we will get exactly what it is we believe and manifest <3

msalonzo@gmail.com - email to schedule in advance if you'd like :)
IG: @dannid33
IG: @bronxish_

I'm Danielle- A working actress and writer in The Bronx, NY.
I am fluent in Spanish and am grateful to be apart of this community - here to read for others, and get last minute help for myself , haha :)

Recent TV credits include:
CBS " FBI" episode and HBO's " High Maintenance"

I've written/performed 2 - one woman shows as well as my web series" Bronx Ish" . I'm currently working on my first Pilot! :)

Bronx ish' is on Youtube... check it out!

Smith Talent- Laurie smithtalentgroup@gmail.com


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