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Hi I'm Leah and have been working as a professional actress for 6 years with a degree in drama and theatre studies.
I have worked within Film and Theatre (Shakespeare, comedy, drama) and I am very happy to help you with auditions, rehearsals, advice or direction.
I have had training at Act up North and Acting Mechanics which are classes in acting for screen. I also have experience in Meisner and Stanislavski technique

English Actress from Liverpool with a higher registered voice
Playing age 18-25
Suited to roles of student, girlfriend, girl next door etc.
Accents: Liverpool, general northern, RP, Standard American, Scottish
Happy to help and feel free to have an open communication on what you would like so I can give the best performance for your audition. Also don't worry about the time restraint as I am patient and it takes as long as it takes to get your best performance.

If my beacon is off but you would like to read with me then you can contact me via email at leahpw92@gmail.com

British/Liverpool Actress
Playing age - 18-25
Casting Type - Girl Next Door, Student, Nurse, Office worker

RBA Management info@rbamanagement.co.uk

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2020 [IMDB]
A Trip to A Festival (Me, Myself... Only).
2019 [IMDB]
The Scene That Gets Interrupted
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