Taj Ruler

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Hello there! My name is Taj and I have been a full time actor, improviser, and voice over artist in Minneapolis for the past 12 years. I have training from The Groundlings in LA and Second City in Chicago. I have also studied at the Guthrie Theatre, the Brave New Workshop, and The London Dramatic Academy.

How I can support you:
- I would love to read as your scene partner! I will put energy and focus behind my read so I can support and highlight *your* best performance.
- My improv training gives me the ability to think on the fly and always follow your lead.
- I am willing to rehearse as many times as you'd like to help you learn the part and become as comfortable as possible in the role. Also happy to give feedback/direction if you want!

(If you want to schedule a time with me as a reader, please feel free to email me! rulert@gmail.com)
Venmo - @Taj-Ruler

Taj Ruler is an actress and writer, known for Killer Hike 7 (2019), Theater People (2013) and Need a Ride (2016).


901 Reader Reviews

" Taj is seriously the best reader out there, she is my absolute favorite to work with!!! "
" So much fun working with her!! "
" Great energy! fun to play with! perfect for my comedy scene "
" Awesome! "
" Always kind, warm, great energy, nice comedic timing. Enjoy her greatly. "
" Taj has never not been an angel in every way. "
" Great reader....helps me crush it every time. "
" She's just the absolute best. I will always work with her if she's on "
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" Awesome! "
" Very flexible and honest! "
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" Brilliant reader "
" Really generous and supportive. "
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" Always so fun to read with! "
" Always great! So good with any roles that require improvisation "
" I love reading with Taj! So amazing every time! "
" Such a positive and supportive reader with an awesome expressive voice--great to use as an off-camera buddy in your scene! "
" I love working with Taj! "
" Great times, as usual! "
" AMAZING! Great actress -- great energy. Very supportive. "
" So great to work with-great pacing and accuracy for comedy! Thank you! "
" Always present and helpful "
" Work with Taj! She's amazing. "
" So so great! Brings real energy and emotion to her reads. "
" Oh my she's amazing! Like really good! "
" At this point I go with Taj so many times I look obsessed, which is accurate. "
" Excellent! great energy and very kind! fun to act with. "
" Taj was super friendly and easy to read with! Thank you again Taj! "
" Great comedic energy, always sweet and warm. Thanks, Taj! "
" Taj was SUCH an awesome reader. Amazing energy, so patient and kind. I loved working with her. "
" Fun reader! emailed her ahead of time to schedule and she was super prompt! "
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" Super sweet! Great Actor, and cold Reader!! Super Supportive and Patient! "
" Amaziiiiiing reader!!!!! "
" Always has the best energy!!!! "
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" I've probably written 100 reviews for Taj at this point because she's always the first person I seek out. She is phenomenal! "
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" Fabulous as usual! Super fun and such a great reader!! "
" One of my absolute favorite readers "
" <3 "
" Always the perfect reader! "
" She is the BOMB "
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" Taj is amazing! Always a pleasure to do auditions with her! "
" Thank you "
" Always a fun scene partner. Really great at comedy. "
" The Best... highly recommend as a reader !! "
" The best!!! :) "
" She read the Bard with me! Bravo! You need someone to do the Bard, she is a must! Thanks so much! "
" SUCH great energy!! so encouraging and sweet and helped me memorize my lines. looking forward to working again! "
" She is so kind! Best advice ever. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Consistent superstar. Constant joy. Thanks, Taj!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Taj is AMAZING, one of the best readers I've worked with-- so good! "
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" Taj is the best I work with her every chance I get! "
" Wonderful suggestions and coaching. Exactly what I needed! "
" Taj is the best!! Such an incredible and encouraging reader that really helps you get the best take "
" I love working with Taj! Truly one of my favorite people on this platform! "
" Awesome sauce as always!! "
" Wonderful. Highly recommend! "
" Thank you for pounding it out with me!! "
" Perfect. Great comedic timing. Scene went exactly as I needed. "
" Very nice read. Really appreciate the time, especially on a holiday! "
" Always a pleasure reading with Taj! "
" Awesome to read with! "
" Super supportive and easy to work with, as usual!! "
" Taj is so helpful and I love her energy! "
" Made of Phenomenal as always! Love you, Taj!!! :D "
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" Always lovely! "
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" Always warm, playful, kind. Thanks. "
" Great reader, enthusiastic, and always ready to make you look your best! "
" Love working with Taj, very generous reader! "
" Wonderful reader with great insight and advice! Super supportive and really works with you :) "
" Loved her. Good energy. Very helpful notes that helped with my sitcom audition. "
" Great energy, so much fun to work with! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Super sweet! Super fun! :) "
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" Awesome! Fantastic read and wonderful suggestions! Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure. Super friendly. Patient reader. "
" Always a joy. Always great. Thank you! "
" <3 "
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" Taj is an incredible storyteller which makes her the PERFECT reader. Great with pacing, quick to grab story in the sides and run, great insights and SO FUN. Love Taj. "
" Amazing! Thank you again! "
" Amazing reader! Thank you so much Taj! "
" Fantastic as always! Thanks, Taj. "
" Love Taj, she's the absolute best! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome work! Thank you so much! "
" Fantastic as usual! "
" It is always wonderful working with Taj. We just did a very difficult audition scene and she was tremendous to work with. I would highly reccomend her. "
" Awesome "
" Seriously, so on it!!!! "
" Great! "
" Always excellent! "
" Always great! "
" Always the besttttttt "
" EPIC READER! So great :) "
" Best "
" I mean....what can I say?! The BOMB. Such a fun, patient, and present scene partner. Ready to take on anything. I really enjoyed working with her AND the convo. Also, nice to connect to someone from an old stomping ground. Would definitely use again!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!! "
" Fab - highly recommended! "
" TAJ IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD!!! She really cares about helping you to get a good take. Please book her! "
" This is probably my 100th review of Taj because I always seek her out, she is seriously the best! "
" Thank you "
" Taj was amazing! ! "
" She was supportive, professional and just great! "
" Love Taj! She's my go-to. I feel so comfortable reading with her, and she can play any character. "
" Great again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Brilliant listener great picking up on cues!! Will work with again and again I’m sure "
" Looooove her! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Taj was terrific! Great reader and wonderful positive energy! "
" Amazing as always ❤ Thanks again 🙏 "
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" Such a great reader who helps at such crazy hours "
" Awesome!!!! "
" Best "
" Taj is the best! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Such great energy! "
" I LOVE TAJ!!! TAJ FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! Seriously the best. "
" Lovely reader! Patient and generous, thank you "
" My GO TO. Won't leave the house without her! ;) "
" So kind and encouraging! "
" Taj is amazing and so encouraging! She really worked my lines with me and only gave notes when I asked for them. Great with comedy! "
" Taj helped me get a gig last week...hopefully...lightning will strike TWICE!! She is great!! "
" Work with Taj! She is the greatest. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Shes a new FAV..... Book her (or don't because she'll be busy with ME....)!!! "
" Cool Reader.... "
" I LOVE WORKING WITH TAJ!!! Thanks again! "
" Amazing experience as always! She is such a joy. Got great work done on the scene and got a little therapy session as a bonus!! "
" Taj is so patient and helpful! "
" Such a real, real, talent on the other side of the screen. Thank you Taj "
" Fantastic!! Thank you, Taj! "
" Great reader. Quick response. "
" Excellent, again! A+++! "
" So patient, so lovely. A solid reader, GREAT pace. A+++ "
" Amazing as always! "
" Great reader, thanks! "
" I'm obsessed with her, she's amazing! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome!! "
" Such a great reader!!! very encouraging and on point & simple redirection. THANK YOU TAJ!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome! Such great energy and instantly connected to my commercial material. Would highly suggest working with Taj! "
" Always so easy to work with! Taj is very supportive and encouraging! Can't recommend enough! "
" Always a joy to work with! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Taj is my FAVORITE!! "
" Taj is so fun an enthusiastic! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" SHe is GREAT! and generous enough to stay on for extra takes :) "
" Love Taj! "
" <3 "
" Wonderful and supportive reader as always. "
" Awsome as usual "
" Taj is AMAZING! Great reader, shared some great insights and was super fun, easy to get to down to the work. "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Thank you, Taj! Always a pleasure!! "
" Such a great reader and very supportive!! "
" If there were extra stars on here I would give them! Taj is seriously amazing. So calm and patient and supportive...and nails the tone every time. "
" Amazing reader and great notes! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent reader! Very supportive and encouraging. Highly recommend! "
" Always a great, grounded reader. "
" Fantastic reader! Every time :) "
" Always fantastic! "
" Amazing! So sweet, easy to work with, and gave great notes! "
" Great reading partner! Super enthusiastic and really great with the genre I was taping. Her improv background made the read more fun and kept things from being so tied to the sides. "
" Pleasant, delightful, warm. Great reader. Thanks, Taj. "
" Saved my life! Saved my life! I feel so much better about my scenes now. "
" Amazing reader, Taj! Really loveeee working with her! Def would do it again. **Somehow got disconnected at the end. "
" Taj was great! A great and natural reader and very kind, patient and encouraging. "
" Super helpful and kind! "
" Great reader "
" Perfect. Literally the best version of a person. "
" Fantabulous! "
" <3 "
" Very connected, attentive reader! "
" I needed a comedic reader for my audition & Taj was excellent. I was able to do a read I was really happy with thanks to her dynamic energy & awesome (hilarious) delivery. Thank you, Taj! "
" Awesome! "
" <3 "
" SO great Thank you for the helpful adjustments!! "
" Such a delight !!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Really fun. Great reader. "
" Awesome reader! Gives you a lot to work with "
" Work with Taj! She's amazing! "
" AMAZING!!!! "
" I mean -- I can say so many great things about Taj. She is such a stellar person and reader. She makes you feel so comfortable with your audition. I highly highly highly and highly recommend. Book her. I have worked with her a few times. A repeat customer! "
" Always fantastic and willing to play :) "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Always great! "
" Consistently helpful and energetic and awesome!! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amesome as always! "
" So wonderful "
" One of the BEST readers on this site. Bar NONE- and I use this sit ALOT "
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" Taj is a wonderful reader: positive, present, encouraging! Looking forward to working with her again! "
" Thank you "
" Amazing read! "
" Great reader with helpful suggestions! "
" I love her!! Her energy was soo positive and infectious! She made feel comfortable to do as many takes until I felt good about it while reassuring my nervous mind! I feel soo grateful to be able to get this tape done at a later hour too! Thank you so much! :) "
" Great reader! Thank you, Taj. "
" Patient and completely there for you. Hooray for Taj! "
" Wonderful as always ! "
" Taj is the absolute best, most kind and patient reader! She helped me find moments in the script that I otherwise would have missed. "
" Positive. Gets the job done effortlessly! "
" Always a treat to get Taj to read with me. Such a quick study! "
" Great! "
" AWESOME!!! Love reading with Taj! She is an EXCELLENT reader! Picks up the nuances of the scenes and characters really quickly. BOOK HER! If you are lucky enough to get some time with her it's a game-changer :) "
" Love the energy! Great reader! "
" Taj is the best. When you see her, jump at the chance to work together! "
" The most patient, calming, helpful reader. 100% recommend. "
" So fun to read & play with! "
" Honestly, such a great reader. So on it and helpful. "
" My first reader and she made the experience so fun and positive. Thanks for your support Taj! "
" Always amazing. "
" So nice and fun as always "
" Second time working with Taj. She is an absolute ROCKSTAR with tremendous suggestions also. Keep her around! "
" Taj was with me for every moment. Felt very supported. :) "
" Always one o my FAVORITE Reader on the sight! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thank you for a great rehearsal! Appreciated your commitment and sense of play. "
" Great, as always! "
" Awesome "
" Love working with Taj! "
" Me again! Thank you "
" Fantastic! "
" Very energetic, warm, and friendly reader! Thanks, Taj. "
" Patient and great notes "
" Always amazing! :) "
" Excellent reader. Great with comedy. Friendly & patient. "
" Another great read - thanks, Taj! "
" Amazing! "
" Great! "
" Awesome "
" So kind and friendly! Really helped me get prepared. "
" Taj is a pro! Great reader, easy to work with! "
" Simply the best! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great "
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" Excellent reader, always amazing. :) "
" Great energy. great feedback "
" The best, as always. Thanks, Taj! "
" The best "
" I love working with Taj! She always brings super great energy :) "
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" Amazing, as always! "
" Always fun working with Taj! Thank you "
" Taj is always such a wonderful, amazing reader who bring so much to the table - I work with her every chance I get! "
" Taj was incredible. She provided great feedback and is a tremendous cold reader. "
" Taj was great! A delight with whom to read! "
" Taj is a fantastic reader and scene partner - her energy and enthusiasm are infectious! Look forward to working with her again soon! "
" She crushed it!!!! "
" Great reading. thank you so much. "
" She is simply THE BEST! "
" Great reader, thanks Taj! "
" She's just too good. I soooo enjoy working with her. "
" Amazing session as always! "
" Taj is always incredible to work with! "
" Amazing reader ! Great energy "
" Amazing reader! Very good energy and such a calm, warm presence. Highly recommend! "
" Always great! Perfect partner for comedic scenes "
" Great reader and very helpful "
" Always awesome!!!! "
" Amazing!!!!!super patient and up beat gave me really good adjustments and very encouraging "
" Perfect timing! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Taj is wonderful - so easy to work with! "
" Excellent reader, great suggestions, her friendly demeanor helps you feel more relaxed. "
" Fantastic reader! Taj is one of my all time favs! She was my reader for an audition a couple of months ago and I ended up booking a major role in a Lifetime TV movie. Readers make a difference! Taj is always fun and helpful and catches on quick to what the scene needs. She is your "audition secret weapon" Thanks again girl! :D "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Third time, still great! Patient, positive and present!! "
" Consistently great! "
" GREAT to work with! Friendly, knowledgeable, patient and a fantastic reader!!! Made me feel super comfortable for my first time using weaudition or having any virtual reader. Thanks, Taj!! "
" I loved taj before she was mvp! :D Great reader, great pace and natural delivery that makes scene fly "
" Work with Taj! She is the best. "
" So lovely! My favorite person on WA. Rehearse with Taj if you have a chance! "
" Nice to read with a friend "
" Love working with Taj! "
" Taj is sunshine. Aside from being a slick reader, she's offering up pure infectious joy. Thanks, Taj! "
" Taj was amazing! Thank you so much Taj for being an awesome reader and giving great feedback "
" Taj is amazing! "
" Eeeeee!!!! I cannot say enough great things!!! Taj is THE BEST!!! So fun! SO talented. Natural read, very easy, and made the whole experience really fun! I'm pumped about a piece i was honestly dreading at the start of the rehearsal. "
" She's lovely and helped so much with my Irish accent! "
" Twice this pro has helped me. Honestly, the best!! "
" Thank you, Taj! You're great! "
" Thank you "
" Really lovely. Always gives great feedback. "
" Always "
" Always a joy to read with. I will wait until i see her available. "
" Thank you! "
" Could not have asked for more. Taj is professional, timely and friendly. This was my first time using the site and she was very patient with me and my multiple email! Then she provided a lovely read for my audition. I feel as though I have a partner now for future auditions - thanks Taj! "
" Excellent "
" Always a pleasure to work with! "
" Taj as always is a great reader. Thank you "
" Wonderfully supportive "
" Taj is always the best:) "
" I had a hard comedy scene and Taj NAILED all the reader lines. Such a quick study and amazing help. "
" I love Taj "
" Awesome! "
" Taj was great! Helpful, patient, and kind :) "
" Best, most kind and fun reader I've worked with on WA! Love Raj! "
" Helping me out in a clutch as always. "
" Great as always! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Taj was so energetic and wonderful to work with! I loved reading with her - she brought so much personality to the sides and gave really great feedback while also being supportive. Thank you, Taj!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always a pleasure to read with Taj. "
" Always a pleasure! Thanks Taj! "
" Work with Taj! She is amazing. "
" Absolutely wonderful! "
" Always a pleasure to work with. Very strong reader and gave me exactly what I needed in the read. Thanks again, Taj. "
" <3 "
" Always great "
" Taj is the best ever! Had another amazing experience with Taj as my reader! "
" Taj was lovely and great as always. Thanks so much, Taj! "
" I use this site a lot and she is one of the best readers I've had! she will be hearing from me again! "
" A happy repeat customer :)))) "
" Wonderful scene partner "
" Sweet reader and on point! "
" So fun to work with, fantastic high energy and a very quick study. She was ready with the right energy in no time flat. Thanks, Taj! "
" What a treat to have Taj again for a self tape after a rehearsal session on Friday! Thank you!!! "
" Really great reader, thank you Taj! "
" Great reader! very expessive and patient :) "
" Amazing person to work with! Pleasant, kind, and patient! "
" Taj was great as usual. Highly recommend "
" Taj was so great! Great on the lines and got right down to it cuz that was what I needed! "
" Literally I am obsessed with Taj "
" A pleasure as usual! The perfect rehearsal buddy! "
" A friendly, and skillful reader; she helps put one at ease . "
" Taj has such great comedic ideas that sometimes I love switching parts with her just to see her take on a role. Excellent actress. "
" The best "
" Shes amazing! so grateful to have met her. "
" The best! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" She was so connected and present! Loved working with her! "
" So great, very helpful, super bubbly! "
" Taj is a wonderful reader! She's so lovely and supportive. "
" Amazing session as always! "
" Taj is always a delight to work with! "
" Taj os super upbeat and energy is welcoming, Enjoyed our short read together! "
" Best reader ever! "
" Love reading with her! "
" Always awesome to work with. So positive and supportive! "
" She is awesome!! "
" Awesome! "
" She was great "
" Taj is always a pleasure to work with! "
" Taj is always fabulous! "
" Such a great reader! "
" Taj is fantastic to work with! "
" Always a delight! Taj elevates my reading with her positive energy every time. "
" Taj is such a joy! I really struck gold with her as a reader today. I felt like she really brought out the best in me for this character. Highly recommend "
" Great and supportive reader! She brings great energy to comedy! "
" She is so great! "
" Awesome reader! super supportive! Thank you! "
" The best reader in all the lands. "
" Thanks taj!!! "
" My regular reader, fantastic! "
" Perfect reader "
" Thank you "
" Great working with Taj! "
" Hits is out of the park every time!! Thanks again Taj! "
" So fun! Taj hops right and gets it. Super personable and friendly. Love working with Taj. "
" Fantastic as always! "
" She is fantabulous! Book her, so easy to work with. "
" I had such a fun time working with Taj!!! "
" Love working with Taj, she's the best! "
" She never fails! It's always a pleasure reading with her. She gives honest feedback so that you can get the best take possible. "
" Love bouncing ideas with her "
" The best best best "
" Love reading with Taj! "
" Awsome energy great reader! "
" Love her! "
" Taj was EXCELLENT, great energy and timing, a real collaborator when I needed to talk things through. Will absolutely hire as a reader again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fun Fun "
" Woop woop! always awesome "
" Great and so helpful "
" Great Reader! Got done in two takes! "
" Great reader with some great energy! "
" Thank youuu!!! "
" Absolutely fantastic and super helpful "
" It’s just fun to chat about life and stuff too sometimes "
" Simply a delight... "
" Taj never disappoints! Thanks again! "
" AMAZING AGAIN!! Thanks, Taj! "
" Excellent reader! So kind and helpful. "
" LOVE HER!!!! so much fun. Great reader. Really good feedback and tips. Easy to work with. Helped me remember how to play again. Made me feel so comfortable. So encouraging and positive. Can't wait to work with her again! "
" Thanks! Worked with me through a tech issue too this time. "
" Wonderful! "
" Always a pleasure working with Taj!! Definitely a go to on weaudition for me. Thank you!! "
" Thanks Taj. Great reader. Open and available with natural reactions. Recommend "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Made time for little old me!! much appreciation!! she's my go to girl!! "
" Brilliant as usual! "
" LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY. Repeat customer – and a happy one at that! "
" Great working with Taj as always. "
" Work with Taj! She is an absolute gem. "
" Sooooo funnyyyyy favfav "
" Amazing! "
" Great reader as always! Thank you!! "
" Awesome "
" Great reader. Super friendly. And great at comedy. "
" Great reader - fun personality - great to work with "
" Very encouraging, good notes "
" TAAAAAAJJJJJJJJJ!!!! she's get it DONE!!! picked up and ran with it!! SO BOMB.COM!!! "
" I love working with Taj! A great rehearsal buddy! Was able to bounce ideas and get tons of read thrus in. "
" Taj is such a good reader. Really connected and available. "
" I have BOOKED with this reader. Truly a gem. "
" Taj is the BEST, as always. Thrilled whenever I see she's available. "
" She was such a supportive reader and was really quick in understanding the material. Thank you! "
" She's such a positive person especially when you have a silly fall in your audition. "
" Always a pleasure! "
" She never disappoints! "
" Great!!!! "
" Great "
" Never showed up "
" Thanks very much! "
" So fast on her feet. Real pro "
" Wonderful Reader!! Cant say enough great things about Taj! "
" Taj is so sweet and helpful!!!! Super professional, so great to read with a fellow actor who can sit into the material with you! "
" Always good vibes with Taj! Thank you!! "
" Super great. "
" I'm always happy when Taj is online. I'm a repeat customer. She's professional and talented and great to read with. "
" Taj was absolutely excellent! Book her if you can! "
" <3 "
" First time I'm actually using WeAudition. Taj was incredible! Will help you as much as you need and keep you having fun in the process! "
" A-dorable and fantastic. "
" THE BESTTTTT and SO patient "
" Always awesome! "
" Super sweet! Great energy! "
" So sweet and fun to read with! "
" Fantastic, super supportive, made me feel super comfortable and ready for my self-tape! "
" Taj is my go-to reader! She's fantastic. "
" Taj is the best! "
" Literally every time I see Taj on, I click on her. She is AMAZING!!!!!!! "
" Awesome Sauce! so supportive! "
" Fun, supportive, great to read with. "
" Taj is my favourite! Love working with her. "
" Taj is super super super cool and fun! Made it feel like I called a friend to help me! Thank yoooooooouuuuuu! "
" Taj is my favorite ever!! I wish she could read for all of my self tapes! "
" Great Time working with Taj. "
" Always love working with Taj. She is always available and willing to do whatever I need! Thank you! "
" Great reader as always! "
" Encouraging, smart, talented. Excellent reader! "
" Awesome reader....great energy! "
" Taj was great. Really helpful : ) "
" Taj is fantastic. She made everything super easy and showed up with chops- right on target with everything I needed. Thank you, Taj! A pleasure- "
" The best "
" Awesome "
" Excellent reader "
" So much fun to work with!!! Great reader! "
" Taj is the BEST! "
" I came back again because working with Taj is so much fun. So generous as a reader & a human & I will be back. Thank you so much. "
" Taj is amazing, she helped me improv into the scene, gave me the most amazing notes & feedback. I cannot wait to work with her again. So supportive & awesome. Thank you. "
" Taj is a fantastic reader and very supportive and kind. Thank you!!! "
" Great actress, listener, and a reader! She gives you your space and plays along with the scene! Cant wait to work again! Thanks Taj! "
" Taj is a fantastic sounding board! Love working scenes and auditions with her. "
" I love Taj. My #1 pick every time. "
" Taj is fantastic!!! She is so helpful and has such wonderful energy!! "
" Wonderful! "
" Soooo good "
" She was so amazing and fun! Wonderful reader and gave great feedback! Love her and will work with her again! "
" Fantastic reader, patient, supportive! "
" Excellent reader, super supportive, has a way of informing the scene by the way she reads, great instincts! "
" Awesome reader and super engaged throughout, thanks Taj! "
" She's da best! "
" Amazing! Amazing! And amazing! I have so much fun with her. She makes you feel comfortable, and gives you what you need. Book her! "
" Any time I have an audition I hope to rehearse with Taj! Wonderful experience every time! "
" Taj was lovely and totally on it! My side jumped all over the place and she nailed it every time. Would def work with her again! "
" Always a wonderful experience and a great help! :) "
" Taj is always awesome! "
" Taj is definitely one of my go to readers!! "
" At this point, I'm not sure what I would do without Taj. THE BEST! "
" Awesome again! So happy and giving. "
" She was so awesome and fun to play around with! And just a fun and giving person in general. "
" She very patient with me, it’s second time us working together and I think that already says a lot "
" Taj was super incredible! So encouraging and supportive. Would love to have her as my reader again in a heartbeat! "
" <3 "
" I LOVE reading with Taj! What a joy and a pleasure it is to work with her ❤️ "
" Great as always "
" Taj was absolutely brilliant to work with. So nice and charming, it made the whole experience very easy and relaxed. I will be using her services again for sure! "
" Amazing! "
" TAj is the best!Ive had her several times and shes amazing!! so helpful "
" Always fun and possitive! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Really lovely. Beautiful, generous energy. Brilliant reader. Thanks you!! "
" <3 "
" Great reader, supportive, skilled in many aspects! "
" I always hope to rehearse with Taj whenever I get an audition! Just so incredibly kind and fun! "
" Always my favvvv "
" Taj is so kind and an amzing reader! She gave great notes and was super patient :) "
" Fabulous, as always! Excellent to work with, patient, and gracious. "
" Taj is so nice and encouraging! Thank you for all of your help "
" Work with Taj! She's amazing. "
" So fun! So nice! Knows what she is doing. Makes you so comfortable while working on your scene. Highly recommend! Book her! "
" Taj is the real MVP "
" She was LOVELY!!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Fab as always! "
" Seriously couldn't do it without Taj, "
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" Taj is so sweet and amazing, a gem to read with! "
" Wonderful energy! "
" So great. Taj had to read multiple characters. Great actress and an absolute magician with her voice! "
" Love her "
" Such a great reader! Needed help memorizing and running lines and it was fantastic but I’m definitely reaching out again for future voice work too!! Thanks again! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Always a pleasure with Taj! "
" Great "
" Wonderful reader! Fun, quick, and easy-going. Would recommend! "
" Great feedback and ideas. great reader, "
" Had great fun reading with Taj. Great suggestions. Will definitely use again. "
" She's great! She gets the script right away and she's super friendly. I could connect to her so comfortably with no hesitation. highly recommend! "
" Great energy. Prompt, fun, and super supportive. "
" She's awesome. Gives positive energy and good feedback. "
" Love reading with Taj! "
" Awesome every time "
" As great as all these other reviews say! So positive and fun! "
" Great "
" Great "
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" Love her "
" Bestest "
" Really fun and gret reader "
" Wonderful- repeat customer :) "
" The MOST fun, always!! "
" Taj was an AMAZING READER! She fully committed to the scene and it made it that much easier to dive in and be vulnerable in front of her. She offered clear, conscience, direct advice (when asked) so it was both easy and effective to apply. I cannot wait to work with her again! "
" SO fun and positive. great ideas "
" Super friendly and a great reader! "
" Always so positive and helpful xx "
" Taj is amazing, wonderful actress, big help so support and really help bringing character to life "
" Always Delivers!!! Thank you, Taj! "
" An angel on earth, a secret weapon behind the camera, a joy and a treasure! "
" THE BEST!!!! WOW "
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" Work with Taj! She's amazing! "
" Fantastic as usual! "
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" A must for any comedic scene! Such great timing and pacing. Really helped me get my best takes for a single-cam audition. "
" Amazing read! "
" Wonderful to work with always!! "
" Amazing per usual <3 "
" Always a great session with Taj! Thank you!! "
" Awesome, as always! Pleasant, patient, and truly cares about you getting a take that you are most comfortable with submitting. "
" She is the best nd bring s ti 10000% every time!!! "
" Taj is easy and pro and in relationship. I love reading with her. "
" Bubbly, knowledgeable, warm. Plus, Taj has a great, fun voice! "
" Taj is amazing! Can't recommend enough! "
" Swiftly becoming a favorite reader of mine. Excellent tone and fantastic cold reader. "
" Always fun working with Taj!! "
" Taj is magnificent!! We worked on a commercial audition (with a script) and she was super helpful "
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" THE BEST !!! "
" Taj is great!! She knows Comedy so well and pacing. We knocked out 3 takes in less than 15 min. Yeeeeaaahhh. Someone give this girl the medal "
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" Excellent!! Love her energy. Really makes you feel comfortable playing out different things with your scene. "
" Taj is awesome. I love her energy and enthusiasm and she picks up on the material very quickly! "
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" Such a funny gal who you can have fun with!! Thank you! "
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" Taj was so sweet and helpful. This is my first time using the website and I am so happy she was my reader. "
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" Fantastic reader! Lots of energy, has great insights and catches on to the story very quickly. "
" Love Taj! She's phenomenal to work with. "
" Amazing and clear notes; total pleasure to work with!! "
" Taj rules! She is a really great improviser, goes with the flow and lots of fun to work with. High recommend! "
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" Wonderful "
" Great reader! Would love to work with Taj again! "
" Great reader and gave great feedback. "
" Taj was such a pleasure to work with. What an excellent reader! She had the perfect voice for my self tape and I feel great about it:) Thank you! "
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" She was awesome! Very friendly, easy to work with and gave me good feedback. I would definitely use her again as a reader! "
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" Love working with Taj, she's the best! "
" Currently my go-to, Taj is THE BEST! "
" Great, energy. Fun person to do a one-liner audition (which isn't always true of people) who do bigger character one. Helps you throw it away while being interesting. "
" Taj is so great! Really enjoy working with her. "
" Taj is the best! "
" AMAZING!!!! I'd give 6 stars if I could. Such a great Actor and wonderful to work with!!!! "
" Wow!! I loved working with you and cant wait to work with you again soon!! "
" Sooooo great and the most patient!!! "
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" Always encouraging and a present and giving scene partner, even when I'm doing a quick and dirty 15 minute session. Love Taj! "
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" Excellent Actress "
" Great reader! "
" Always a joy. I can't wait to book this job with Taj's help! "
" This is my second taping with Taj -- I got so excited when I saw she was available to do this scene with me because the last time I worked with her she was so great! I am so grateful for her generosity of spirit and great energy. She makes me feel relaxed and connected right away. "
" Once again, a FANtastic reader! thank you! "
" Taj is great. i will be calling on her again. "
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" Awesome reader! Great notes when requested, very encouraging throughout, and a great scene partner. Thanks Taj! "
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" Taj is lovely, very encouraging and gave me some great ideas when I felt stuck :) "
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" This was my second session with Taj and it was great! I had three very different scenes and she easily adapted to the tone of each one. Thoughtful and valuable feedback. Thank you! "
" Fantastic, warm, and giving reader! I highly recommend, and plan on using her again. "
" Quick rehearsal of sides before I go on a film shoot, and starting my day with Taj and her warm, supportive energy is the best! Thanks, Taj! "
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" Good experience "
" Awesome to play with! She's really there with you in the scene. Highly recommended! "
" Thank you! You are a great reader. Easygoing and a good actor. "
" Always so nice and positive! I come in knowing what i want to do and she's supportive of that but also manages to be a sounding board. "
" Savior!! "
" Fantastic reader!!! "
" Excellent reader! "
" WONDERFUL READER- great instincts! "
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" Very helpful!!! Have worked w her a number of times "
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" Taj is great!! It's so fun to read with her and she has the best energy! "
" She’s awesome "
" I LOVED working with Taj! So friendly, streamlined as a reader while still giving all the acting beats you'd desire from a partner, and supportive through all the "just one more times." Use Taj for your work!! "
" She’s great "
" This was my first time using We Audition, and Taj was great! The system is seamless. "
" Taj has wonderful energy and was a joy to read with :) "
" Always makes me feel comfortable to try things. "
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" Lovely actress with a great energy, amazing work "
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" Taj is the best! She was really helpful, positive, fun and talented. I can't wait to work with her again! "
" Taj is super energetic and goes all in with as a reader. Not to mention some great advice for adjustments to the scene. I would highly recommend! "
" She's incredible to work with!!! it's like rehearsing with a friend! "
" This was my first experience with WeAudition and Taj made it so easy and fun. A wonderful reader and bright spirit. It was a pleasure working with her. "
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" Wonderful reader and actress! "
" Great energy, made me feel calm and didn’t rush me. "
" She’s very nice and quick "
" Great reader "
" Great reader for self-tape! "
" She was great. Wonderful energy and knew laban. "

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