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Give me a call to help with your practice tapes for Self-Tape May w/ the Audrey Helps Actors club! 16 self-tapes in the month of May qualifies you for a chance to be interviewed by the go-to actor admin podcast host, Audrey Moore. I completed self-tape May in 2019 and because of my tapes a director cast me in a film that led to SAG eligibility. Pave the way for your own success and hone your audition skills this May!

For TV/Film/Improv/Comedy I'm your man.

I've done classes with:
-Michael D. Cohen
-The Groundlings
-Margie Haber Studio
-Scott Sedita Studio
-Ivana Chubbuck Studio
-Adam Barnhardt (stand up)
-Berg Studios

Let's get to work!

Based in Los Angeles.


If you must Venmo: @EllisDavid-Perry

Ellis David Perry is an actor, known for playing Jay in the web series Bombshell (2020) now available on Fearless streaming service(@watchfearless). He currently studies improv at The Groundlings as a Diversity Scholar.

Theatrical: cpeldon@aquatalent.com Commercial: tim@activityla.com

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" First time working with Ellis. Great energy and wonderful reader. Thanks! "
" Ellis was so wonderful to work with and so fun! He had great ideas and feedback. Thank you! "
" Extreme sweetheart and a great reader "
" Amazing as always!!! A+ "
" Super friendly, funny, and accommodating! "
" Super nice, professional and friendly. "
" Not Professional "
" Ellis is so wonderful!!! Always takes my tapes to the next level "
" Great reader!Great energy! "
" So helpful and kind! "
" Wonderful comedic actor. I loved his reading. will definitely work with him again "
" He is a go-to! "
" Very patient and super helpful! "
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" Wonderful:) "
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" Awesome Reader!! So fun, relaxed and great feedback! "
" The best "
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" ELLIS is SO fun to read with!! WOW he really made the comedy of the scene so much funnier. Thank you!!! "
" Great reader. "
" Ellis is an awesome reader! "
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" Thank you "
" Excellent - thanks so much, Ellis! "
" Ellis is great! "
" Wonderful as always! positivity! "
" Engaged and invested in the read and the actor. Thanks, Ellis! "
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" Amazing insight, and amazing reader "
" Ellis is AMAZING. Excellent cold reader and super passionate about art + acting. "
" Great reader, friendly and patient, Highly recommend! "
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" Great energy as always! "
" Ellis is so wonderful!!!! So helpful with my audition "
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" Such a pro...stalwart. Tried and true. Book him! "
" Loved Reading with Ellis! Very helpful and supportive. "
" Ellis was great! Ready to jump right in and tape, offered suggestion when asked, and we knocked it out of the park! "
" A+ "
" Great Job!!! the perfect partner and coach for my scene! would love work with him again! "
" Amazing "
" Ellis is very kind and easy to work with "
" He was lovely! So helpful and encouraging and fun to play off "
" Great reader! Thank you so much x "
" A+ "
" Loved the feedback and adjustments Ellis gave. Dove in to the script and got the scene right away. Super jovial and calm presence. Cheers! "
" He is awesome and patient "
" Awesome person and really there to help!! "
" Awesome reader, great energy! Thank you! "
" Very easy to work with. Funny and gives good, creative notes. "
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" Ellis was great! My connection on the other hand wasn't, thanks for your patience anyhow. "
" Amazing! Lovely reader, tons of helpful notes! Thank you! "
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" Ellis is a rockstar. He just wrapped a show and came off set and gave me such life. What a breath of fresh air. A wonderful actor and listener. THANK YOU!!!!! "
" Lovely "
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" So fun and patient and supportive. Great reader! "
" Lovely reader - great enthusiasm, asks great questions and has lots of interesting thoughts and perspectives! "
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" A+ "
" Great reader!! thanks so much ellis "
" Great Reader!! "
" Thanks for your help!! "
" Thanks Ellis!! "
" One of the best readers I've ever had (and that's not me blowing smoke). This guy is a fantastic cold reader. We wrapped almost as soon as we got started because he was just so freaking on point. One of the best and especially great if you're on a time crunch. Top marks! "
" Fun, collaborative, smart, creative, supportive. A gem! "
" Great reader with insightful adjustments "
" Amazing! Kept a straight face the whole time πŸ˜† "
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" Very rude. Like I woke him up from a nap. Seemed unapproachable. "
" I mean...... :D "
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" Emmy winning reader. way ahhhmazing. "
" Saved me in a jam. Thank you! "
" Ellis was so much fun to read with! I had a bit of a ridiculous self tape and he really helped me nail the pacing/comedy of it all. "
" Great with cold reads and super prepared just to hop into a scene. "
" First time using we audition! Ellis explained everything so clearly and was an awesome reader. Thank you! I'll be back! "
" Ellis is great and very fun to work with! "
" Always a reliable reader, great attitude "
" Great reader "
" Very helpful, gave me exactly what I asked for. Thanks Ellis "
" Very helpful. Caught an important stage direction I'd missed. "
" Exactly what I need today ! Thank you sir. "
" Great Reader!! "
" Great notes that really helped my audition! "
" He was great! "
" Ellis was a total professional. I used him for a self-tape audition. He was ready to get to work right away, was a great listener and talented actor. There is no doubt I will go back to him for future projects. "
" Ellis is such a great reader and actor, he gives wonderful feedback and is super patient!! "
" Great reader "
" Great reader! "
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" Fun, present, and brought the energy! Made me feel really comfortable so I could be natural "
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" Patient and great! "
" Great, as always! "
" Ellis was super helpful with breaking down this comedic scene. Thank you. "
" Very insightful. Direct. Has a very clear understanding of what he sees in the actor and the character. "
" Great reading and coaching! :) "
" <3 "
" Fun reader "
" Helpful, patient and encouraging, Ellis is a great reader! "
" A great reader who gives helpful feedback. "
" Ellis is great not only as a reader and a coach for my audition, but he also answered a lot of questions about the acting biz in LA! "
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" Great reader! Thanks for helping me out! "
" Awesome wonderful reader, so helpful in a bit of a time crunch for me and provided great feedback as well! "
" Very patient and great notes and direction! "
" My internet connection sucks, so I couldn't say bye, but thank you so much! Nice running lines with you again! "
" Great reader "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Awesome cold reader! Super nice and fun! "
" Great! "
" Offered helpful notes and suggestions. Easy to read with. "
" Ellis was absolutely fantastic! Wonderful reader, great insight, and true master of his craft! "
" Thanks! "
" Hi Ellis! Such a great reader thank you very much. It was a great experience working with you. Solid actor seamless easy fun session "
" Great reader. good suggestions. "
" GREAT! "
" Brilliant human! Great coach, very present reader! Ellis understood my material immediately and helped me get it to the next level. THANK YOU!! "
" You rock... so good. awesome! AM "
" Awesome! So helpful helping me crack the scene open and get into it <3 "
" Ellis reaaaaally helped me out. Due to my bad internet connection, and also I was trying a character that is completely different to my personality, I was a little nervous taping for the audition. But he gave me confidence, great advice, and also solution. Not only that I'm happy with the tape, I enjoyed chatting with him too. Highly recommended. And thanks again Ellis! "
" Fantastic notes!! "
" Great reader every time! "
" Very helpful! Great cold reader and super friendly "
" Great reader, helped me tape a commercial and was super fun and positive! "
" Great Reader! "
" Ellis was great! Thank you! "
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" Good reading with ellis "
" Awesome reader to have fun playing around with the scene with :) "
" Ellis was just great! Perfect reader, valuable tips and very helpful! Thank you Ellis! "
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" Had a great experience with Ellis. Very kind and thoughtful. "
" Very good reader "
" Very patient. Thanks. "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Ellis is a great reader! Super upbeat and helpful! "
" He's fantastic. Knowledgeable, patient and a little quirky to help keep things moving. "
" Great! "
" Just amazing redirect!!! So GOOD!!!! "
" I'll work with him again!!! "
" Great cold reader "
" Has comedy pacing down to a science! Super reader and fun feedback/notes that really really helped. Also, helped me decide which takes to use! "
" Great Reader "
" Great energy- thank you Ellis!!! "
" Ellis is such a great and enthusiastic reader! He gave me a good note as well. Happy to have his direction and excellent voice :) "
" Thanks so much for your help. Quick and to the point. "
" Super chill reader "
" Excellent reader and gives solid notes! "
" Ellis is great and extremely helpful! "
" Patient and helpful, thank you~! "
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" Great reader who found the comedy in the scene incisively and had a lot of helpful ideas. "
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" Love Ellis! Great reader, great reactions, great feedback :) "
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" Great! "
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" Awesome! "
" Great reader, added to the process and made it fun!Highly recommend "
" Eillis was excellent! "
" Such fun reading with Ellis. He plays a mighty fun scum bag sheriff, should that be what your lookin' for. And great thoughts on the scene to boot. Thanks, Ellis! "
" AMAZING! Will read and self tape with him again. Great feedback, super fun, and patient! "
" Ellis was super easy going and fun to work with. He's great at helping flesh out audition pieces and very patient with longer scenes. I really appreciated it. Thanks again, Ellis! "
" Ellis is always a dream to work with! Thank you Ellis! "
" Ellis is super positive and a fun reader. "
" Really awesome reader and gave great notes! I appreciate it! "
" Ellis is so fun to read with! Great suggestions and no pressure. Thank you, Ellis! "
" Excellent reader, great suggestions for the character. "
" Fantastic, thank u! "
" Such a pro!! Great energy. Great reader. Very helpful notes. "
" He was great! Professional and patient...would love to work with him again. "
" Excellent. Great suggestions for beefing up my comedy scene! "
" Amazing reader and super cool guy! Was able to jump right in and help me find so much with the read, thanks Ellis! "
" Such a great scene partner and really helpful script analysis!! "
" First time, what a great guy to start my WeAudition journey with! "
" The best! "
" Great reader. Good feedback. "
" Ellis is awesome - he gave me some great adjustments and helped me w all my technical questions!! "
" Excellent read! "
" So positive and encouraging! Great to work with "
" Willing to roll with the punches and gives helpful tips. "
" Superhelpful patient as I figured out the app! :) Thank you! "
" Ellis is the best! So warm and generous to work with! "
" He's the best! Love working with him. A gem!! "
" Great as always. Love working with him "
" Amazing as always! "
" Ellis is so encouraging!! I hope we can work together again! "
" Ellis was amazing!!! "
" Ellis is a super fun reader - especially for comedy!!! Thanks so much! "
" Thank you Ellis. Great tips on my audition. Fingers crossed! "
" Ellis was a fun reader with great suggestions for my self tape! "
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" Great reader picks up the scene well, and knows the pacing of a scene. "
" Really nice, easy-going guy and reader! "
" Fun reader! :) "
" Excellent reader! Really helpful and kind. "
" Great to work with Ellis again! "
" Great experience with Ellis! Thanks for your help. "
" A treat to work with! We wasted no time and jumped straight to work. He is patient and easy going. Will aid you anyway you prefer for the scene and just a pleasant human being. Look forward to working together again! "
" Great reader, very comfortable to work with. Thanks a lot Ellis! "
" Very helpful and patient reader. "
" Wonderful reader. Very kind and has an easygoing demeanor that is great to work with. Will definitely use Ellis again :) "
" Awesome! "
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" Easy to work with, whohoo. "
" Generous and insightful! Great to work with. "
" Ellis! "
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" Lots of help! "
" Very funny very good person and reader !! Chose him ! "
" Loved the read with Ellis! Great notes. Thank you. "
" Ellis is the most friendly, talented, and helpful person I've read with on this site! His notes were spot on and helped me improve the scene so much. "
" Ellis is such a joy! He's a fantastic reader and also just a lovely person I can't wait to read with again. "
" Really good suggestions and a great reader! "
" Ellis was great, jumped right into the scene with me! "
" Excellent! "
" Thanks man! Great scene partner - and very patient! "
" Thank you!! "
" Gave great insight and tips! Highly recommend! "
" Great reader! Super helpful! "
" Perfect! Thank you! "
" Ellis was awesome and a great reader! He really dove into the scene with me. "
" He’s a pro! Amazing energy. Very insightful notes that help take your audition to the next level. Book him! "
" Jumped straight in, great reader, very helpful, thank you Ellis much appreciated! "
" You are a WONDERFUL scene partner. Thank you so much, Ellis!! "
" Great energy!! "
" Very Helpful "
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" Great reader! Thank you! "
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" GREAT Reader with sound suggestions. "
" Incredibly helpful with story! Gave such great insights into the world. Will definitely work with Ellis again! "
" Eliis is great! Enthusiastic, offered great feedback and was fun to work with "
" Great, very helpful! "
" Thank you "
" YAY such a positive energy. Thanks Ellis :) "
" Ellis is a great reader! Super fun, helpful, and professional! "
" Thanks for your help! "
" Phenomenal reader and amazing awareness of reality! He helped me bring reality into the scene with graceful notes. Thanks, Ellis! Highly recommend! "
" Awesome. super patient and gave great advice and direction "
" Provided excellent direction and feedback for a scene I'm working on! "
" Amazing love!!! "
" He was such a huge help for my audition. Love this guy "
" Awesome reader!! Fun, professional, and a great actor to work off of! "
" Ellis is so amazing and extremely patient "
" Super friendly and helpful! He helped me find new beats, great experience. "
" FAN-TASTIC!!!! I'm going with Ellis again! Awesome Energy & Ready to Play!!!😁 "
" Very supportive, good reader, creative notes! "
" Quick to respond. Fun! Easy going, and gives fun direction for comedy! "
" Really fun reader "
" Awesome reader, amazing energy and notes! "
" Friendly and helpful! "
" Great rehearsal..Thank you! "
" Ellis delivers - a fantastic reader and scene parter. He goes above and beyond to help me discover my character and forces me into choices! Thank you a million times. "
" Always a great time reading with Ellis. Great greatttt Energy xx "
" Helped to frame the setting of the scene! Fun to talk to. "
" I totally struck gold with this guy! Ellis was helpful and fun beyond words. Phenomenal reader with insight and feedback that totally spoke to me. Thanks, Ellis! Looking forward to another one soon! "
" Super helpful !! "
" Excellent reader. "
" Great reader! "
" I enjoyed reading with Ellis. I was having trouble making an adjustment I was trying for, and he mentioned a tiny thing, a technical thing, and it was really helpful! "
" Ellis was great. Flexible and very supportive! "
" So nice and great reader "
" Great reader, thank you so much :) "
" Super helpful, friendly and gives great notes for taping! "
" Ellis is very terrific! "
" Ellis is awesome! He was the exact reader I needed. "
" Great! "
" Perfect. "
" Awesome reader. "
" Ellis is very personable and honest! Great reader and natural coach. I would give 10 stars if I could. "
" Ellis was awesome! Love working with him. "
" Wow!!!! Ellis is amazing! Excellent scene partner!! He really helped me connect to the scene so much more than my initial work / breakdown! Friendly, skilled and extremely helpful! I will definitely work with him again! :D "
" Great fun working with Ellis! "
" Very fun to work with! Great cold reader! "
" Nice guy. Great reader. "
" Great reader. Gives good constructive feedback as well. "
" Fun times! Thank you "
" A great reader with amazing insight about the scene! "
" Just what I needed! Thanks! "
" Good reader "
" Patient. Good cold reader. "
" Ellis was great! Thank you! "
" Wonderful, wonderful! "
" Dedicated scene parter! "
" Great reader! "
" Absolutely wonderful!!! "
" I need an emergency reader for a last minute audition! Thanks so much Ellis! Great expressive reader! "
" Very talented. Super helpful "

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