Rina Mousavi

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Hi Everyone!

I love reading for actors and giving you direction if thats what you would like.
Contact me for a self tape, practice or to just helping you with lines.

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I've done lots of training and happy to share my learnings with you. I've booked film and TV shows and always ready to take on a new challenge. I've recently co-produced a short film and we are now in pre-production for the feature length.

Lets book that role!

Rina Mousavi is an Australian actress known for her role in ABC TV Series 'Itch' (2021) Indie feature film 'Alexander' (2020) and 'Aversion' (2020).

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36 Reader Reviews

" Awesome "
" The best of the best!!! A true talent. "
" Excellent feedback and a great scene partner!! "
" Rina was incredible! She was such an energetic reader, understood the tone of the sides right away and gave some really intelligent, insightful notes to help improve my performance (upon asking for feedback). I definitely look forward to reading with her again! Book her! "
" She's wonderful, so pleasant and easy to work with!! Excellent actor & reader. "
" Brilliant!! So full of enthusiasm, ideas and a great energy. Enjoyable experience "
" Really nice, generous reader! "
" What a pleasure! And I love her energy. Made playing fun and she has great suggestions! "
" Love Rina! Wow! Super insightful, patient & great direction! Thanks! "
" Kind person and gave great feedback! Rina created a wonderful atmosphere. Highly recommended! "
" Wonderful reader, very engaging! Lots of fun. "
" She was amazing to really help me knock out my audition I will be back. "
" Great! "
" Lovely energy, super friendly, helpful, and a great read! Thank you Rina! "
" Excellente! "
" Nice and easy! "
" Was veryyyy helpful! And super patient! "
" Nice "
" Fantastic reader picked up on the scene immediately and was a pleasure to work with. Will definitely reach out again "
" Rina was amazing! "
" Rina is such an amazing reader! She is patient and doesn't intrude on artistic creativity. She actually helped with some technical aspects of my tape to make it look as professional as possible! Highly recommend! "
" Very helpful and a great reader! "
" Thank you! "
" Rina was super helpful! Very insightful and kind. Thank you Rina! "
" Awesome!! "
" Rina was amazing! Thank you for your time and insight on my audition. "
" Great reader! Fun to work with with nice ideas "
" Rina is amazing, gives you exactly what you need. Great scene reader ! "
" Rina was terrific to read with and gave me great suggestions. "
" Awesome, giving reader! A real go-to! "
" Rina was so amazing! She really took her time and made sure I was comfortable with the self tape. "
" Thank you, Rina! "
" She's awesome! "
" So sweet and gave great advice!! "
" Very nice and picks up the scene fast. I love her specificity . "

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2020 [IMDB]
The Toast
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The Society
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