Samantha Camilleri

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upto 30 mins : $ 15.00
upto 60 mins : $ 25.00

Hello =)

I am an Australian actor, teacher, writer, voice over artist and producer currently based in Vancouver. I believe in three philosophies when it comes to performance and life:

Act Fearlessly. Act Boldly. Act Truthfully.

My natural accent is Australian however I can also help you with RP, Cockney, General American or Southern. You can view samples of my work on Vimeo, or officially on my website,

I have technical self-tape experience as well as patience to help you find the right moments in your tape. I appreciate and respect the process of all actors, so please feel free to drop me a line.

The two main acting techniques I have studied and use to work on my own scripts include The Method by Ivanna Chubbuck and Practical Aesthetics. I am happy to work on exercises with you first to help you find your character, be a reader for rehearsals or be that voice to help you put down your next audition tape!

Gentle Payment Suggestions:
15 mins - Pay What You Can
30 mins - $15
1 hour - $25

If I am not available and you would like to set up a time, feel free to reach out:
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▷ Instagram - @samantha.camilleri
▷ Paypal - @samanthakdcamilleri

I look forward to working with you soon!

I am an Australian actor based in Vancouver, Canada who believes in three philosophies when it comes to performance and life:

Act Fearlessly. Act Boldly. Act Truthfully.

Over the last decade, I have worked on stage playing roles such as Mia (Broken), Shelby (Steel Magnolias), Judy (Perfect Wedding) and Anne (Wanted - One Body) alongside teaching and working in film. In 2021, I wrote, co-produced and starred in Biscuit Dust which has been viewed in over five countries under L Block Production House.

I continually seek challenging roles and love connecting with like-minded people. In 2018, I returned home from New York City, where I trained at Atlantic Acting School, further exploring Practical Aesthetics alongside viewing world class performances on and off Broadway.

As a dual citizen of Australia and Malta (EU Passport), my heritage has played a major role in my life, whether that be my connection to family, my love of food or positive attitude towards life and opportunities.

Alongside storytelling, I have a passion to give back. Cape of Hope, focuses on raising funds for established charities through my love of adventure and testament to hope.

When down time allows, I love to scuba dive, snowboard, find new succulents for my collection, write or read or work in the field of education. My current bucket list: learn to surf and trek South America!

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Pacific Artists Mgmt | Russ Mortensen (604) 290 4292 | Play Mgmt | Shea Cantin (Commercial) and Samantha Jewell (Voice) (604) 677 7529 | (604) 677 7529

54 Reader Reviews

" Great reader!! Thanks Samantha. "
" Awesome reader "
" Samantha is super friendly, great to work with "
" Very helpful! "
" Top notch reader! Great energy and a queen at improving! Reading with her was actually fun, which is not something auditions generally are. She listens, she responds, and she makes you feel comfortable enough to be fully expressive. Highly recommend. One of the best readers I've had the pleasure of reading with! "
" Very friendly, helpful and great all around!! "
" Great as always! Thanks Samantha! "
" SUPER AWESOME !! beautiful accents and very helpful with scene work highly recommend !!(: "
" Fantastic reader! SO open and friendly as well. "
" Amazing reader and amazing energy! Samantha is passionate about what she does! "
" Samantha was awesome, I highly recommend!! "
" Samantha is an extraordinary reader!It was a cold read and on the first read she nailed it! I highly recommend that you read with her!!! "
" Such a great reader!! Thank you :) "
" So sweet so knowledgeable and such a great acting coach! Thank you Samantha! "
" Super sweet. Great reader! "
" Such a lovely and sweet reader! Very enthusiastic and great acting chops - book her! "
" Really great advice, lively and energetic! Thanks Samantha :) "
" Top notch! "
" Amazing reader "
" Samantha was super helpful in getting me off book on a scene I'm working on! "
" What a lovely, lovely, lovely human! I mean it guys - BOOK SAM! She's fantastic and soooooo easy to work with! A++++++++ "
" We had such a good time rehearsing, I will call again! "
" Happy New Year "
" Such a friendly and helpful reader "
" Samantha was awesome! Really appreciated her feedback and excitement about what it was we were filming. She's a terrific reader, very generous with her time. Thank you Samantha!! "
" Amazing "
" Sam's the Best! "
" Thank you Sam for reading for me on this one! Cheers "
" Samantha is so lovely and generous. Had a great time rehearsing my scene with her. "
" Great working with you! "
" A great and respectful reader. "
" Very friendly and helpful! A Joy to chat with. "
" I highly recommend Samantha! She went above and beyond as a reader and was an absolute joy to work with. "
" Great reader :) "
" SAMANTHA! HER ENERGY WAS AMAZING! She was so patient and helpful! & gave me plenty of great suggestions to play with! Thank you! "
" Oh my gosh - Samantha went all out for me!! Thank you for your beautiful energy. She is a WONDERFUL reader -PLUS she can do a perfect American Standard accent. Definitely book her for your sessions. "
" Great cold reading skills, very knowledgable and kind and patient "
" Sooo helpful! "
" You couldn't get a better reader and hype girl than Samantha. She bought information from classes she has done to help with my monologue, helped me find the colours in the script. Couldn't recommend Samantha higher. Thanks, Sam "
" Absolutely lovely! Great to read with! "
" Incredible! 10/10 would recommend! "
" Excellent reader and love the energy! "
" Samantha is a delight! So lovely and encouraging, will read with her again anytime! Thank you :) "
" Samantha was a great reader! Awesome to work with! "
" Great reader!! "
" Great to prepare with Samantha - Thoughts and reflection are solid!! "
" She's so fun to read with! "
" So sweet and helpful! Has good ideas "
" Team player and GREAT READER!!! "
" Wonderful to run lines with! "
" Grateful and thankful! Super-helpful!! "
" Samantha is outstanding, and gave not only fantastic feedback, but as well great ideas to explore; I could not be happier with preparing with Samantha - Truly grateful and thankful! This was so much fun!! "
" Great! "
" Friendly, helpful reader! "

Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
Biscuit Dust
2019 [IMDB]
Ten out of Ten
TV Series
2019 [added]
Nell Gywnn - Lousie
2018 [added]
Wanted (One Body) - Anne
2018 [added]
Broken - Mia
2017 [added]
The Vagina Monologues - Various
2017 [added]
Perfect Wedding - Judy
2015 [added]
Steel Magnolias - Shelby
2013 [IMDB]
Deadly Women
TV Series docu
2011 [IMDB]
Coming Out
Video short