David Kepner

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**Free 15 min For SAG-AFTRA Actors**

MFA in Acting - UCLA
BA in Theater - Boise State University

Hey! I'm an LA-based actor with over 15 years of theater and acting experience. I would love to help you out or just be pair of ears while you work your material. I'm glad to be there either way!

If you have a cat, please show me.

A couple of bumper sticker quotes that have helped me:
"Being off-balance and on-target is the goal."
"The voice always needs to connect to the need of saying something"

I can help you with:
-Self Tapes
-Textual analysis
+ Whatever you need!

VENMO: @pdatekepner
Instagram: @pdkepner
Website: Davidckepner.com

SAG-AFTRA, AEA-Eligible, UCLA M.F.A. actor alum.


85 Reader Reviews

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" Really responsive. Great reader! "
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" A great reader! David is one of the best "
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" Great reader! "
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" Wow so kind and helpful! Will def be coming back to David! "
" Thank you David! David had cool energy from the moment he popped up on my screen. He had great input for me and is a great reader "
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" EXCELLENT READER!!!!! Loved him and his funny. Met my energy comedically and elevated it!!! Thank you David. "
" Awesome reader! Talented and fun to work with! "
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" Gave great feedback, and a good reader! "
" Supportive, detail oriented, good read! "
" Such a great professional and a kind person to work with! I had a very long script and sometimes couldn't remember my words and David was so patient with me. He also gave me great suggestions on how to improve the scene and it worked so well! Can't thank you enough. "
" Awesome reader, loved it, def will come back! "
" Thank you sooo much David!! David gave wonderful feedback and was a great, generous reader!! Definitely will book again!! "
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" AWESOME!!! So helpful and giving with his time :) "
" David was awesome! He's very down to Earth and works with what you need. It was good to practice with a friendly actor. "
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" David really takes the time to help out and keep doing take after take! Always appreciated. "
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" Super helpful. Great coach and gave honest feedback. "
" Great session with David. He's so much fun to work with and to run scenes with. Thanks David. "
" David always asks great questions and offers constructive notes that add so much depth to my tapes. Thanks! "
" Really enjoyed working with David! Thank you! I'll be back! "
" David was so knowledgable and able to help me dig into my Shakespearean text. Appreciated his feedback and coaching. :) "
" Two enthusiastic thumbs up "
" David is the bomb! Would totally work for him again! "
" Excellent Cold Reader! Great laid back energy! "
" David was awesome to work with. Loved all his feedback, which added nuance to my performance that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Looking forward to working together again! "
" Amazing reader! Thank you so much, David! "
" Fantastic, thoughtfull feedback. Wonderful! "
" Great instincts and advice! "
" David is great, full of great ideas, great energy & a really generous scene partner. Can't wait to work with him again. "

Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
2017 [IMDB]
Netflix and Kill
2017 [IMDB]
Twelfth Night
2016 [IMDB]
The 5 Stages of Trump