Ethan Jung

Intelligent and enthusiastic. Can do light and fun, deep and serious, scared/curious/terrified, and more!

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Hi, I’m Ethan Thomas Jung. I am 10 years old, live in Houston, and am represented by AEFH Talent (LA) and Page Parkes (Houston).

I play lots of sports, love art, swordplay, archery, taekwondo, and so many more things, but acting is more exciting to me than any of my other activities. I worked my first job in May 2019. Since then, I have booked several commercial/social media jobs and one short film. I have also done some modeling and hope to land VO roles. But my real passion is film and TV. I have been taking classes and attending workshops regularly to continue to learn and improve in this.

I am a very good listener and take direction well. I am outgoing and fun, but very polite and respectful (true southern boy, but without the accent😉… Unless that’s what the scene calls for.) Since acting is my passion and not something my parents have forced on me, I really get excited about and appreciate opportunities and take them seriously. Not to brag (though I am), but I am very intelligent (straight as in school and high emotional intelligence), so this helps me in interpreting sides, building a scene, and acting appropriately: whether comedy, drama, or horror; innocent or jaded.

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to glance at my resume and watch my reel.

Please keep me in mind for upcoming castings!


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AEFH Talent: Page Parkes Talent: (Texas, Georgia, Louisiana local hire)

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