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Lover. Card player. Sportsman.

I took part in an online 21 day monologue challenge in 2020. It was a fantastic learning experience. I'd love to keep that momentum going. Happy to help out anyone who asks.
Go ahead, ask!--

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I am available to read in person, if you're in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Astoria. Staten Island? Nope! Email me for rates!

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Peter Luna is an actor, writer, producer, known for Dead, Wait (2023), The Reluctant Detective (2014), and Peace Aqua (2010).

Represented by GILL Talent Group (NY, LA, Chicago, Atlanta)


1935 Reader Reviews

" Great read! Thanks so much! "
" Sweet, easy reader!! "
" Fantastic reader and great advice! "
" Great reader as always. "
" Thank you for an incredible session!!!! "
" Thanks Pete! Lovely working with you. "
" I LOVED working with Pete, by far the best reader I've worked with here on this site. 10/10, you gotta book him. "
" Pete is an incredible reader and actor! Super friendly and easy to work with, too! "
" Pete was great! Great reads, and a great help "
" We did a second set of 3 scenes and nailed it in two takes. Pete is very helpful and patient. "
" We're working on a multi-scene today and Pete has been great to work with. "
" Really great! "
" Thank you! "
" So awesome. One of my fav readers to go to - always present and ready to throw down! "
" Always so friendly and professional. Big fan of Pete. "
" Pete's great! Solid, fantastic presence and dives into character. "
" Best Reader! "
" Amazing, incredibly helpful "
" Lovely guy, absolute pleasure "
" Always a pleasure "
" This dude is pretty damn cool! So there with you. "
" Fantastic reader with amazing direction "
" Playful reader, keeps it real. Love his energy "
" Pete helped me so much with a hard scene and gave me such great tips I'll use in the future! Can't wait to work with him again "
" Definitely recommend ! "
" I've said before that I look forward to working with Pete as a reader, but also scene partner and providing input when asked. Here we are again! Thanks Pete, for the scene practice. "
" Amazing reader. Helped me run lines and get the jitters out right before a callback. SO helpful. "
" Pete was great as always! Love the rapid fire delivery I can get with him that keeps the scene rolling and natural - looking forward to working with him again and again! Thank you!! "
" Always helpful and a blast to work with. "
" Excellent! "
" Pete's the man as always! "
" Always reliable!!! "
" Great reader! "
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" Friendly and a very helpful reader. Many thanks, Pete! "
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" Awesome Reader!!:) Always Kind, Always Patient and Always a JOY to work with!!:) Thanks Pete!!:) All the Best!!:) "
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" Had so much fun! "
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" Always brilliant "
" Thanks for the amazing read! "
" Pete's the dang best as always! "
" Pete's the man as always! "
" Great reader! wonderful energy. An absolute pleasure. Thank you!! "
" What a powerful session. I got great tips to help me with my New York accent. Thank you Pete! "
" A+++ "
" Awesome reader! "
" Awesome read! "
" SO great "
" Great working with pete as always "
" Best play pal!! "
" Always pushes me for honest, realistic...."in the moment" reads.:) AWESOME READER!!:) "
" Stellar. "
" Excellent. "
" Peter's always a swell chappie! "
" Great Reader! "
" Love Reading with Pete! So helpful, and love his pacing!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Such a joy this guy - every time - insight, encouragement, and PATIENCE! "
" Great reader! Enjoyed working with him. "
" Always great "
" Excelent, got it in 3 takes. "
" Recurring scene he stuck in with me an we worked very hard. Thanks Pete "
" Literally the best reader. "
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" Great! Very helpful and generous! Good job picking up the flavor of the scene "
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" Pete was so kind and a great reader! He also gave great technical advice which is always appreciated! Thanks, Pete! "
" I had a great session with Pete! He is so generous, kind, friendly and a wonderful reader. He provided much helpful insight, too! I highly recommend him. "
" Pete is FANTASTIC! I felt very comfortable from the start and gave awesome notes and tips. Thank you so much Pete! "
" Awesome as always! Talented with great tips! "
" So helpful and knowledgable! "
" So generous and fun to work with. Thank you for the insights and the partnership. See you again soon! "
" Excellent scene partner and coach and so so patient "
" Another great, steady, and enjoyable time & read with Pete. Always a pleasure. "
" Great reader "
" Great as usual! "
" We hung in there between technical errors. "
" Tec issues this time buy Pete was great "
" GREAT ! "
" Always exactly what I need. Thanks Pete! "
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" FAB! "
" Absolutely amazing reader!!! So much energy and jumps right into the role. Will definitely be looking to read with him again. So grateful!! "
" Fantastic as always "
" Cheers Pete! "
" Pete is great! A wealth of knowledge, ask him about his soundboard! "
" Awesome job! "
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" Pete was wonderful! What an insightful, helpful scene partner. Thank you! "
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" Great reader "
" FANTASTIC READER!!!:) I Appreciate you , Pete!!:) "
" Whenever I get on WeAudition, I immediately look for Pete. He is so good "
" Amazing as always! "
" Co-star last minute with overlapping dialogue. I knew I need Pete for this one. "
" SO helpful! Thank you! "
" Energetic, focused reader! "
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" Always a great time working with him "
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" Petes an Allstar! Make sure to book your next session with him! "
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" Always a Wonderful Session with Pete!!:) Thank you Pete!!:) All the Best!!:) "
" Thank you Pete! "
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" Pete is super fun and great to work with as always. Thanks for all the advice and support! :) "
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" Pete is fast and very chill. It makes the experience so much more freeing to just BE. "
" Great reader as always! "
" He's fantastic!! Great energy and great reader!!!! "
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" Great reader! Friendly, professional, and gave great tips that took the material to the next level. "
" Good reader "
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" Always Professional!!:) Always a Joy to work with.:) Thanks Pete!!:) Best Wishes on Your Current and Upcoming Projects!!:) "
" Awesome person, Great Reader!! "
" Pete very fun and great reader!! Lots of good notes and feedback! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Pete is an amazing reader. Always there to go to bat for you in a pinch. "
" Pete is so fun to work with! "
" Very patient and supportive. "
" Thank you my friend ! "
" This was my first time taping on We Audition and I loved working with Pete. He helped me navigate the site but most importantly he had great notes and instincts and helped me make a much better tape than I would have in my own. Highly recommend working with him! "
" Awesome !!! "
" Pete was so right to be the reader for this! Glad I picked him! "
" Pete was very helpful! "
" Great reader! Very helpful!! "
" 10 stars "
" Great as always, as a reader and more! Scene partner, scene analysis, audition tips, etc. Many thanks! "
" THE BEST!! "
" Very kind and supportive "
" Awesome! I really learned alot from the self-tape audition. Having Pete read with me gave me a stream line approach to reach the height of the character. Thanks again. "
" Thanks for the help! "
" Quick, efficient and helpful, great experience "
" Pete was so wonderful to work with! Besides bonding over our cats, he was patient and gave great pointers and feedback that enhanced my audition. I will definitely work with him again! "
" Pete is a great reader. Solid work, nice guy, helpful tips. Thank you so much Pete! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Pete was very helpful and resourceful. I felt like I was with my acting coach. I can't wait to work with Pete again! He help me remember about character development and things I needed to work on for a great audition. "
" Thank you "
" Lovely "
" I’ve worked with Pete before. He always knows what to bring to anything I’ve got, he always knows what the scene is really about. Today’s session was no different. He gave me everything I needed. Thanks, Pete! "
" Pete's the best! "
" My go to from now on! Thanks for your reminders and encouragement! "
" Awesome session, will definitely request again! "
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" My go to guy for all crime procedurals! "
" Tried and true! Becoming my go to! "
" Always a treat with pete! "
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" Rockstar reader! Book him!!! "
" Such a wonderful HUMAN! PETE is so helpful with Acting tips and other actor resource! 10/10 would definitely recommend! "
" GREAT ACTOR. Lots of excellent tips too. Thank you. "
" Loved reading with Pete! Will definitely read with him again. "
" He was so good I booked him 4 times tonight "
" Great! once again "
" Amazing, as always!! "
" It's my third time working with Pete and he's now my go-to person here! He's a really supportive, patient, and kind reader to work with. Thanks again Pete! "
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" Amazing! great help with a last minute turnaround audition. "
" Always a pleasure!! "
" Excellent!!! "
" Always gives you what you need and 1000% more! "
" Pete is the best!! "
" Pete gave me everything I needed for a self tape and then some. He is extremely gifted, he knows how to figure out the beats of a scene quickly and precisely. Definitely book with him if you can. Thanks so much! "
" Wonderful Session with Pete!!!:) Thank you for the wonderful session as well as the wonderful acting fellowship. They both are Greatly Appreciated!!:) Wishing you ALL the SUCCESS and THEN SOME!!:) "
" Thank you "
" Great reader and personality! It was fun! "
" Great patient reader. Supportive "
" This guy is AWESOME! Confident and encouraging...hope he's on here next time! "
" Pete! thanks so much, AGAIN! Hit it out of the park. see you soon! "
" This is my 2nd time working with Pete and he was so incredibly helpful and supportive once again! Thank you Pete and congrats on your recent wins. "
" Pete is tremendous as a reader "
" When I have a serious audtion, I turn to Pete. five stars! "
" Great as always! Thank you! "
" Always look for Pete! "
" Always a pleasure! "
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" Pete is truly great energy. Fast, spot in reader. Jumped right in and nailed it. Lookjng forward to working with him again! Highly, highly recommend :) "
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" Pete is the mannnnn, the man man! As always! "
" My "Go To " ...thx Pete "
" Always a great person to see "
" Tremendous energy, great reader. All-round rockstar! Thanks! Highly recommend :) "
" So helpful as always! Thanks Pete! "
" Super lovely working with Pete ! Very patient "
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" Super great as always! "
" Thanks so much! I got a great tape & it was a pleasure "
" Helped me read through a script, very helpful! "
" Great "
" Thank you "
" Thank you so much Pete. You are always the best reader. Thank you for handling all my technical needs ;) "
" As always a great time and read. Packed with good advice! "
" Always a treato with Pete-o! "
" Awesome, great reader! "
" Great! "
" Very patient, great notes, advice, and fun to bounce back and forth with. "
" YES. "
" A very personable guy who does the job excellently! And great reader as well! "
" Pete was amazing! This was my first time using this platform, and he welcomed me to it so wonderfully. "
" Pete is my most dependable reader--so easy to work with and with great feedback "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Pete to the rescue! Great reader. so easy to work with. The best "
" Fantastic :-) "
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" On Point Pete! Total pro! "
" Always a pro! "
" Certainly saved me at 1:40 am pst!!! great reader ! positive vibes great to work with "
" Thanks so much Pete! He helped me get a great audition in really short period of time. "
" Wow Pete made this so fun and he does an excellent job bringing that comedic NYC energy- thanks!! "
" Fun and helpful!!!!!!!! "
" Pete is great! "
" One of the best! "
" Excellent!! "
" Such a pleasure! "
" Pete is a great reader. He is on point, kind, professional and easy going. "
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" AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!!:) I Appreciate YOU PETE!!:) "
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" Always great and nice with the quick pace for comedy! Read with Pete!! "
" Great reader!! "
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" Super Fun! "
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" Pete's the best! "
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" Pete's the best! "
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" Excellent every time! "
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" So easy, so professional, thank you sir! "
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" Always great ! "
" What great energy, insight and a phenomenal reader. Will definitely use again. "
" Pete's the best! "
" Highly recommend Pete! Very easy to work with! "
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" It's such an easy experience working with Peter. I always get multiple good takes to choose from. "
" The best! "
" Thank you "
" Really great reader! "
" Pete is awesome will definitely tape with him again "
" So much fun. Easy going and professional. Passionate. Gave me lots of options to work with. Real. "
" Excellent as always "
" Awesome Actor/ Reader! Thanks! "
" Great as always "
" Excellent and affable, as always. Pete is terrific! "
" What a PRO !!! Dropped right into the style and pacing.. a real joy ! Highly recommend "
" Great as always! One of my go to's. "
" Great reader, very helpful and patient! Appreciate it. "
" Pete is great and amazingly helpful!! Got lots of great self tape set up tips too!!!! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Awesome "
" I feel lucky to be working with you! "
" Excellent as always!!! "
" Great job we had technical issues between NY and ABQ, but Pete hand in there with me. "
" Great help with the audition "
" Another fantastic session "
" Pete is a great reader super patient and on point "
" Nice guy, good read "
" Pete is always a great reader with excellent feedback "
" Great reader!! "
" Amazinggggg!!! "
" Solid as a ROCK. Thanks again Pete! "
" This one was a hoot! "
" Pete's amazing as always! One of my favorite readers! "
" This is my 3rd time working with PETE and he ALWAYS brings his A GAME!!:) Thank you Pete! I Appreciate you. "
" Very helpful and great to chat with, even for a late-night last-minute audition. "
" Always a pleasure to work with Pete! "
" Laugh a minute riot...seriously that what we had to do! "
" The best "
" Repeat customer here. Positive, helpful, professional! Will be back again. :) "
" The best! "
" So kind! Amazing as always!!! "
" Super dope reader "
" Wonderful to work with! "
" Pete...I APPRECIATE YOU!!:) 2 tapes GREAT READS in 1 night. Thank you. Thank You. THANK YOU!!!:) "
" Very, very last minute Guest Star audition. It was smooth and professional. You'll enjoy working g with Pete. "
" Great Read Pete!!:) Thank you very much!!:) I appreciate YOU and Break it ALL on Your Upcoming Projects!!:) "
" Pete is the BEST "
" Thanks! Awesome as usual :) "
" One of the very best "
" Excellent as always! "
" So great! "
" Excellent reader. very helpful "
" Excellant!!! Great read and really informative about the biz! "
" Awesome as always! Thanks again! "
" What an excellent reader! Knew exactly what was needed on a stone cold read! "
" As always, Pete is a total pro. I highly recommend working with him. "
" Great! Thanks so much, Pete! "
" Great reader! Great feedback! "
" Peter was amazing!!!! "
" Great reader and friendly! "
" Thanks so much, clearly your a great actor. Thanks for reading with me "
" Handled a car alarm great "
" Excellent! "
" Excellent reader "
" Professional, always at the ready, easy going! "
" Awesome! "
" Pete is GREAT! "
" Pete's great! Very warm and professional "
" Pete is the bomb! thanks again for your help! "
" Great guy "
" Thanks! "
" I was glad to have Pete read again, I turn out some of my best work reading with him. "
" Great Reader!! Thanks Pete! "
" Pete gets all the 5 stars! Too bad there aren't more to give. MVP for good reason. Book him!!! "
" Pete was terrific, I couldn't have asked for more - highly recommend! "
" Great reader. Good dude. "
" Great spirit. Quality voice acting. Great reader. "
" Go to reader that delivers 5 star reads across the board. Fantastic!! "
" Once again, Pete was a pleasure...a great reader with patience and a supportive smile. Thank you, Pete! "
" Pete is fantastic! Really great reader. Great sense of humour. "
" Pete is always great. Even at 5am! Great reader. Thank you!! "
" My first time using the service and I used Pete Luna. He was great, put me at ease and is a fantastic reader!! "
" Gracious and PATIENT!!! all round great reader and coach! "
" Pete is awesome as always!! "
" Always great to work with. As a scene partner for a feature audition, we found the one take that is a keeper! "
" Thanks for your help! "
" Pete is a rock of consistency. Thanks Pete! "
" Always a pleasure "
" Wonderful! Thanks so much, Pete! "
" 5 Stars every time!! Pacing is always perfect! Thank you!! "
" Always such a treat to read with Pete! "
" My go to reader! Thank you again! "
" Always wonderful to work with! "
" EXCELLENT!! super helpful "
" Pete's ALWAYS awesome. :)e "
" 10/10 "
" First rate! Pete was patient, knowledgeable and helped me lay down a great audition. Thank you! "
" Always great to work with. "
" Thanks !!!!! Great advice "
" Amazimg "
" Pete is amazing, as always. He brings so much life to his character -- he really elevates every single one of my self-tapes. So grateful for you, Pete! "
" Pete is always great to work with! "
" Pete's the best! "
" Thanks Pete! "
" Great! "
" Pete is so nice, cool and helpful! Great self tape tips as well as self tape setup tips. "
" Pete showed up right away and brings outstanding yet calming energy. Great reader. Thanks dude! "
" Pete is always the best--great read, great feedback "
" Absolutely Awesome! Great reader that gives you a lot to work from and react to. Picked up the scene very quickly. "
" Super sweet and helpful. "
" Always great working with you "
" Always awesome! "
" Great reader to work off of. Helped enhance my tape tremendously. "
" Excellent as always. Great at picking up a script and getting the feel for it quickly. "
" So so good. He’s great. "
" Always a great read with Pete! "
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" Pete's the best! "
" Always great! Thanks Pete! "
" Great guy. Outstanding reader. Highly recommend. "
" Pete is an amazing reader and coach. I learned a lot from him in between takes. He's awesome!! "
" Super friendly and professional and gave me exactly what I needed for my lengthy commercial copy. Thanks, Pete!! "
" Pete is so incredibly helpful. Loved having him as my reader today. He brought out awesome choices and gave great tips. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader, very helpful! "
" Yessssss great guy !!! Recorded a great tape with him. So friendly "
" Always a hoot and a half! Love reading with Pete. One of my go-tos! "
" AMAZING!!! "
" So wonderful working with him as always!!! "
" Very nice and helpful "
" Great as always! "
" Great, one of the best "
" AMAZING! Thank you so much for the tips to get me to the flow! "
" Pete's always a stand up guy. Love working with him! "
" Always great having Pete's commitment as a reader! "
" Pete is the absolute best. He really gets pacing and was so fine tuned into giving me exactly what I needed for this read. "
" Good reader. succinct notes "
" Pete was awesomeness itself! You should book him ASAP. Thanks Pete! "
" As always, such a great reader and kind person! "
" Super awesome reader!!!! Thank you for the last minute tape!!!! :-) "
" Wonderful! "
" Pete is always fantastic! "
" My GO-TO for a quick read and I'm satisfied every time!! :) "
" A+! Friendly and fun to read with! Thanks so much for the settings tip! "
" Always a great chat with El Maestro "
" Thank you, Pete! Fabulous reader. Very patient. Great feedback. I'll be back. "
" Amazing! 2 days in a row~ "
" Absolutely wonderful. "
" Great read with Pete! "
" Very patient. i'd use hime again! "
" Amazing energy and such a great actor!! "
" Amazing again! "
" Excellent Reader! Encouraging, friendly, and professional. "
" Pete was just wonderful. I wish casting could see all he was giving me while doing the scenes. Thanks Pete! "
" Always the best! "
" Pete was superb. Super pleasant and down-to-earth and let both me and the scene take its natural course. He had some great tech suggestions and a perfect tone as a reader. Thank you, Keith. Hope to see you again soon! :) "
" Fantastic, can do multiple scenes on a dime. "
" Great! "
" Always the best! "
" My go-to pick! "
" It's always great working with Pete! So much fun to work with. Insightful, patient, and always has great tips. "
" Pete showed me how to use his smart bulb/lighting system, dope! "
" Pete is a great reader--I turn to him on aregular basis "
" My main reader of choice "
" Great "
" Pete's the greatest "
" Thanks, Pete, you were awesome, and nice chat afterward. "
" Very helpful setting up the audition and even had SFX which helped A LOT! "
" Amazing reader and person! "
" Pete is a great reader and helpful in so many ways in helping me produce a quality scene "
" Fantastic as always "
" 5/5 always a gent "
" Thanks for reading!!! "
" Pete is definitely one of my regular readers. Great to work with "
" Great reader! and patient! "
" Excellent! "
" Awesome!! "
" Lotta fun to work with! Came up w solutions to problems that arose. Thanks! "
" Always great! "
" Amazing!! Such a hero. I was having a bad day and he just read with me really quickly and then we were done! Super easy, thank you so much Pete! "
" Pete made my first WeAudition experience a breeze! Helpful, friendly and prompt. I'll definitely work with him again. Thanks Pete! "
" Great reader!!! "
" He was awesome, we knocked out a scene in like 5 minutes. :) "
" Thank you "
" Always a pleasure!! "
" 5/5 "
" Amazing reader! Great vibes "
" Great reader! Patient, helpful, will do as many takes as needed. Fantastic help to get an audition reshot last minute. "
" I had to do this self tape quick style and Pete was FANTASTIC! Friendly, kind, and on point. He made it a breeze and rolled with everything (loved his little kid voices for the scene too)! Super professional. "
" Fun great reader! "
" Pete is awesome. Great energy and willing to help you get where you need to be. "
" A GREAT reader, very talented and helpful and taught me new things about the We Audition system!! :) "
" Third or fourth time reading with him! Had some fun playing which added richness to the side. He also even pulled up a sound effect for me! Recommended times 100. "
" Awesome! "
" Double booked this guy!! he's got some nuggets to share!!! "
" Great energy!!! Loved reading with you!!! "
" Super helpful, quick to respond, did improv with me, professional, kind human! Thanks Pete! "
" Thank you "
" Fantastic as always "
" Pete is amazing like usual! "
" Always Patient and Energetic!!!:) WONDERFUL READER!!!:) Thank you PETE!!:) All the Best to You!!:) I appreciate You!!:) "
" Amazing. "
" MVP reader, taught me two very cool new tricks when it comes to making self tapes look better and an excellent reader to boot. We found our groove really quickly and the scene came together beautifully. Thanks so much, Pete! "
" Thanks Pete! Always enjoy working with you and knowing i'm gonna get something golden in the can! "
" Awesome as always!!! Thank you! "
" Thanks Pete! "
" Very helpful and talented! "
" Great actor - great partner to read with - thank you for your help! "
" Wonderful again "
" Wonderful energy and great reader! "
" ;-) "
" Awesome! "
" Pete is great! Thoughtful, present and had good insights to the script. "
" Great reader! "
" Always WONDERFUL! "
" Peter is the best reader! Just awesome. "
" Awesome reader, hung in there as long as i needed "
" Great! Good Timing, great sound. Thanks Pete! "
" Such a fun, generous , kind reader!!! "
" Great read "
" Awesome as always! Pete's the best! "
" Pete's the champion for great reads and great feedback "
" Awesome reader. My first time using him but will look for him to be available and use him over and over again. Great relaxed actor enjoyed meeting him and working with him. I highly recommend. "
" Pete's always the best! "
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" He was so easy to work with, and also happened to be perfect for the role I was having him read as! Was just rehearsing but had me thinking I'd like to do the actual taping with him :) "
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" Pete is a really good actor which makes him a wonderful reader. He just helped me prepare an audition for a steaming series. He asked If I minded if he read the two lines before the scene was to start to help us "ramp" into the scene. It really helped bring out the deeper meanings in the script. "
" Always great! "
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" Always love reading with Pete! He's great - highly recommend "
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" Very helpful tips on filming at home!!! "
" So patient and tons of great advice! Amazing reader! "
" I always know I can depend on Pete in a pinch. One late night audition, done! "
" Supportive, great reader, and wonderful human. MVP for a reason. Thanks, Pete! "
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" Great energy! Very smooth to work with. A dedicated fellow actor! "
" Such a grounded, committed reader! "
" Wonderful reader :) Very helpful. Thank you! "
" Fantastic,! "
" Pete is the best! He helps you with whatever you need and goes in full force! He's one of my faves! "
" Pete is brilliant -- my go-to reader for self-tapes. I love his willingness to play, and his great feedback. He takes my tapes to the next level! "
" Nothing makes an audition easier than having a reader who makes you feel comfortable and wants to break down the scene with you. "
" A-1++++Reader Great to work with--I recommend him highly "
" Pete’s just always there to give you his best! "
" Great read. Nice voice. "
" Pete always calms my crazy with his kind, grounded engery. :) "
" I love Pete. He's the best reader, best human, best everything :) "
" Pete's the best! So patient and generous "
" Pete was amazing! I was feeling rusty and nervous and he put me at ease. Also easy to work with, kind, patient, and full of little nuggets of wisdom from casting directors! Thanks Pete! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Pete. "
" Pete is one of my go-to, get-it-done peeps! "
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" Consistent and always a pleasure! "
" Yes. "
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" Pete's amazing! and great energy "
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" Thank you "
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" Very Helpful! Great to work with! "
" Super knowledgable, super chill. Really great dude to read with! Made it fun "
" Awesome! "
" Pete is one terrific reader--I'm a multiple-return customer! "
" Love working with Pete, professional and a great listener as always "
" Great reading again! "
" Pete was fantastic! "
" Always a committed, friendly reader! "
" Thank you for your patience through my technical issues! Absolutely wonderful. Great reader with some fantastic tidbits of filming and memorization tips/techniques. "
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" Easy, breezy, solid. Thanks as always, Pete! "
" Awesome!! thank you "
" Always a pleasure. Has the best energy! "
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" Oh Pete--this guy. Such a warm, friendly, accommodating, GREAT reader. Pete for the win! "
" Amazing work! "
" Pete was fantastic! Thank you! "
" A-great-reader----talented--excellent feedback--someone to whom I always return "
" A-ok "
" Pete is always someone whom I continually seek for reader--he does a great job in the read and in noticing beats and in making very helpful suggestions on our takes, "
" Pete is awesome as always! "
" Pete is WONDERFUL. "
" Rocks "
" Wonderful! "
" Pete was an amazing reader! Had some great pointers and was also up for running my scene several times. "
" Great reader. Really helped me with this audition "
" Pete was an amazing reader. He is very patient and kind! "
" Very patient and helpful thru two long scenes. Good feedback and energy! "
" Great energy and gave me some pointers as well! "
" Great reader, really gets into the scene and helped me work it. Thanks Pete!! "
" Simply awesome! So nice and easy to work with on self-tapes! "
" Super awesome! He is totally committed to helping you win! "
" One of the best readers I've ever had! Helpful with notes, helpful with giving you energy to do the scene, patient, etc. "
" Pete was so awesome! He helped me through my scene and gave me lots of advice. I will request him again and definitely recommend him! "
" Great! Easygoing and accommodating. Thanks Pete! "
" Great reader "
" Great reader! "
" Pet did a great job. He is an wonderful reader. "
" Such a great experience! I was nervous to use a new reader, but I left with several GREAT takes and a new friend! "
" My first time reading with Pete, he was wonderful! "
" Such a great reader! Very easygoing, and offers great feedback/tips that just make a part really click for me in my scene! Will be reaching out again! Thanks Pete! "
" So great!! Thank you! "
" Just the best!! So kind and helpful. Thank you :) "
" Pete was awesome! Very patient with all my takes and very helpful! So many great advices! Will be looking forward to working with you again! "
" Great reader and great insight:) "
" Love my experiences with Pete. "
" Great reader! Attentive, flexible, professional. "
" Pete is AMAZING!! I was on a MAJOR time crunch! He jumped right in and delivered! I highly recommend!! "
" Always a Phenomenal reader "
" Peter is wonderful, jumps into the scene and is a great reader. Thank you! "
" Great Session! "
" Thank you! "
" He was so helpful! This was my first time with WeAudition and he gave me great advice on how to level up my audion. "
" Great as always! Super nice and helpful "
" Great reader! "
" Pete is the best!!!!! "
" Probably one of the best readers out there! "
" Pete was great to work with. Would recommend and would work with him again. Thanks Pete! "
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" Amazing per usual "
" Pete is always a joy "
" Always great working with Pete: good advice, easy to work with, scene flow. Work with him! "
" Fantastic! "
" I thoroughly enjoyed reading with Pete! He put so much energy into the scene and gave me a lot to play off of. A lot of helpful advice, as well. I look forward to working with him again! "
" Really solid reader, friendly, and able to give great advice! "
" Great reader and fabulous tips! "
" Pete was wonderful to work with! Great reader and awesome tips! "
" Pete to the rescue again! Got my audition done with fun thanks to him :) "
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" Pete is a pro!! Love working with him! "
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" Wow! Pete even went above and beyond like a personal trainer to get our timing for this commercial audition down to a minimum! PRO! I soooo lucked out when picking him. We battled some heat and online timing delay but ended up with a great audition - thank you so much for the work, Pete!! "
" Pete is The Rolex to WeAudition’s watch collection. A masterpiece reader "
" PETEEE!! Pete was so much fun to work with!! He gave great life hacks and scene notes. Honestly, that might have been the fastest I've done a self-tape and actually really liked the results. I'll definitely be back and recommend that you book Pete NOWWW!! Super kind, a great reader and he makes you feel really comfortable along the way. Thank you for your help! "
" Pete is always fun to work with "
" What a sweetheart! Or as I'd call him a "Peteheart!" Very enthusiastic, shared some wonderful self tapes with me and was just generally wonderful:) "
" Wonderful as always! "
" If WeAudition were the NHL, Pete Luna would be the Stanley Cup "
" A joy working with Pete, always a great partner "
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" Thank you! "
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" The Lance Armstrong of WeAudition. Thank you sir. And for those of you who don’t know who Lance Armstrong is get some education "
" Very professional and easy to work with! "
" I always rock my auditions with him, he is always such a great space and support to bring out the best in ya. thank you again! "
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" The best! "
" Great experience, Pete really gives you something to work off of! "
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" Amazing! "
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" Great connection so quick and also friendly and helpful! Thanks Pete! "
" Awesome as always!! "
" Pete went ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! Not only is he a great actor and a sweet guy, he genuinely cares about this platform and how much it helps actors become better and more comfortable and confident on camera and in the craft of acting. THANK YOU, Pete. You are such an inspiration, looking forward to next time! "
" Thank you! Great read "
" Super nice! "
" The best "
" Pete was a great help and very patient "
" Thank you so much Pete!! Such great tips and so helpful "
" Hes so lovely and reliable ! "
" Such an awesome and helpful guy! Thank you so much! "
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" Highly Recommended MVP Reader. Thanks for making it happen again! "
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" Thanks for rehearsing! "
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" Always awesome reading with Pete! Thanks for helping me run lines and always being so enthusiastically living in the scenes with me! "
" Omg SO helpful, thank yoU!! "
" Supportive and fun to work with! He's an awesome reader and adds a thoughtful suggestion exactly when needed. "
" Such a great reader. On point. Great set up. Sound is nice and clear for self tapes! "
" Pete was great!! Bonus I got to meet one of his cats. DOUBLE WIN! "
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" Great reader who made a great suggestion that really improved my audition. Thanks! "
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" Great Reader! Tons of tech tips and a lot of fun to chat with. "
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" So friendly and easy to work with! Helps to bounce ideas off another person! Thank you Pete!! "
" Pete again was awesome to work with! Super accommodating, fantastic improv, thoughtful suggestions. Thank you!! "
" Pete was great! He was fantastic with improv and was a very present reader. "
" Always great talking to Pete!! amazing reader with a very pro setup!! thank you! "
" Always my go to. The best. "
" Pete is terrific!! Helped me break down a scene I was struggling with and we found the character and story. Thanks Pete :) "
" Thanks for being available late night! "
" Pete Luna. You break his heart, I break your face. "
" Thanks! "
" Pete is has fun energy and is a fantastic reader. Will definitely be asking him to read with me in the future. THANK YOU "
" Great! "
" MVP status suits this man. If they had knight status I would elect him. Thanks as always. "
" Pete is a very cool actor to talk shop with and an A+ reader. We exchanged info about the actor life from coast to coast and then read through my scene for a rehearsal. Next we went for several takes and Pete was very patient with me and generously waited between each take while I worked through some camera issues and adjusted the framing and lighting for the shots. He's a good, solid actor - and having a reader who is a bona fide performer was invaluable for my audition scenes. Pete also had great advice on details I had overlooked, such as making sure to do the blocking and speech concurrently and not one after the other. I'm very thankful and I highly recommend working with Pete! "
" Always fun to read with him!!! "
" Pete was very enthusiastic and reconnected with me after my wifi went out. Thanks, Pete! "
" Pete's great! "
" Incredibly helpful feedback! "
" One of my go to guys! Great reader and very patient and friendly "
" He’s an MVP for e reason. "
" Pete is a really strong reader and always friendly and flexible. "
" Thank you "
" Freaking Amazing! "
" Awesome reader - gave me exactly what I needed. Highly recommend. "
" Nice "
" Pete is fantastic!! So friendly and helpful. Great reader!! Thanks Pete :) "
" Thank you Pete!!! "
" Very helpful! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Awesome reader will book him again! =) "
" Such a supportive reader. Always brings something to the scene. "
" Fantastic reader! Super helpful and really easy to work with "
" Pete is a wonderful reader, a very friendly person, and very very helpful. Thank you! "
" Fantastic job with a last-minute audition!! "
" The best!!!!!!! "
" Pete gave some cool audition tips. Thank you. "
" Amazing and so helpful! "
" He’s a MVP for a reason. Thank you Pete "
" Great working with you my friend!! "
" Terrific actor, a joy to share a screen with, and great energy. Thanks Pete! "
" Great to read with! Thanks so much! "
" Couldn't love him more!! "
" Thanks so much Pete for always being such an awesome, fun reader! Truly helps me being present and in the scene. "
" Always a pleasure to work with and has so many tips he's always giving away. If you want suggestions on anything, he will always have something to share! "
" Pete is an awesome reader! "
" Highly recommended! "
" Very professional and very helpful! "
" Always A+ "
" Above and Beyond! Just got done with an hour long session with Pete! We started at 2:00am and finished at 3pm PST. Pete is on the east coat!! That is a 3 hour time difference. He is so dedicated. Please if you are looking for a reader reach out to Pete!!! "
" A gracious giver!! Awesome Study Partner! "
" Cool dude "
" Amazing! "
" Pete is great to work with. "
" So fun to read with! "
" Lovely to work with. Gave me much more than I asked! Thank you! "
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" Pete is a pleasure to work with and a very involved reader! Really contributes good energy to the characters. I will book again in the future. "
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" PEEEETE. Very patient. We laughed. We cried. We cussed. I burped. Somebody's text messages went off twice and they sounded like sound effects from Star Trek. It wasn't me. He's a fun person, easy to chat with. Extremely patient and up for going again. Pete has been a major inspiration in my life. Because of him, I was able to lose 253 lbs, get off smack, repair my family's relationships, foster an elderly Llasa apso and a parrot with a cleft beak. I will be forever indebted to Pete. "
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" Fun and helpful :-) "
" Pete was awesome! He watched my tape, and gave me great advice for a solo whole body slate!! THANK YOU!!!! "
" This was my first time on We Audition and I logged on mostly to have someone talk to me about how it works. Pete was really helpful and we did several tests with sound, etc, and he showed me features. He was really patient and generous with his time and knowledge. "
" Legend!! "
" Great reader. Loved working with him "
" Willing to help with anything "
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" Pete is a friendly, and very helpful Actor. I would recommend him for sure! "
" Best read EVER! "
" Great, thank you! "
" Pete is great as always! thank you! "
" Pete is great!! "
" Fun. Good creative ideas. "
" Pete was such a wonderful reader! I had to film a self-tape that was mostly him talking, but he read the lines so beautifully that it was easy to react to! I will definitely use him as a reader again in the future. Thank you, Pete! "
" Great reader! "
" Fun reader. Good sense of humor. "
" Great reader and very personable. Loved working with Pete! "
" He was so good!! Helpful and an amazing actor. The way he listens and doesn't just read lines, really helps you stay in the scene. He's great! "
" Awesome reader and a great guy!! "
" An awesome reader, and lovely to chat with! And THANK YOU for calling that safety take! Lol "
" Great reader! Super kind and easy to work with :) "
" Great reader, very patient! "
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" Such a good reader!! "
" Loved working with Pete! Easy to read with and he gives you a lot to work with "
" Very kind and helpful! "
" Great reader! "
" Omgsh the patience of Pete is more than 5 stars ***** Thank you for all your assistance, tips, and app recommendations. Pete has amazing sound quality and is a great reader. "
" Great reader - Took on the characters easily bringing realness to the scene. Thanks Pete :) "
" Thanks Pete! Such a nice guy! Great scene partner and actor ! Very patient which totally helps with relaxing for self tapes! :D "
" Amazing reader. so easy to work with him "
" Quick and skilled cold reader! "
" Great, helpful reader. "
" Fantastic! "
" Nice! "

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