Asha Kelly

I'm happy to read with anybody for free, up to one hour! My day job is pretty flexible but I do need at least a day's notice to block out an hour to rehearse and film. I am also looking for actors to read with me for my audition self-tapes. Cheers!

I'm a theatre and screen actress in the SF Bay Area looking for opportunities to travel as well as local projects. Appears 15-25 on stage, 20-30 on camera. Recently cut off my long hair to avoid being pigeon-holed as an ingenue. Let's see what happens!

Mezzo-soprano singer (D3-A5) who can sound like both Julie Andrews and Chrissie Hynde (just not at the same time). I understand IPA and can use it to learn dialects; it seems to be working because I keep getting cast as British characters!

I have a valid driver license, reliable car, and a passport.

I am currently unrepresented and open to meeting with agents.

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