Ida Berglöw Kenneway

English / Swedish

Fully bilingual actor, based in Oxford and happy to read in for a self-tape or help with rehearsals or line learning! I'm an excellent sight reader.

My most recent work includes touring with five-star, fringe award-winning comedy duo "Nathan & Ida", as well as critically acclaimed cult comedy podcast "Victoriocity". I also have over 12 years experience of improv comedy, touring across the UK, so I'm very flexible! Comedy is my speciality but I can help with other things too!

Get in touch if you need a reader!

I’m an actor, writer, and comedian based in the south of England (London/Oxford) and in Stockholm, Sweden. I am part of multi-award-winning and critically acclaimed comedy duo ‘Nathan and Ida’ (“These performers have it all!” - views from the Gods), specialising in long form narrative comedy shows that have been praised for their seamless blending of verbal and physical humour. I’m also known for being the voice of Queen Victoria in the cult comedy podcast “Victoriocity” (funny, classy, clever - The Guardian). I’m also an experienced sketch comedian and improviser with over ten years experience of writing, performing, and touring with award-winning troupe ‘The Dead Secrets’.

In short, I’m a fully bilingual, international Swede with a penchant for falling over. But I do non-comedy as well!

In lockdown with my husband and St. Bernard I'm learning how to juggle.

Nathan & Ida:
***** remote goat
***** Views from the Gods
Best Comedy, Buxton Fringe
Best Performance, Swindon Fringe

Roheda Management Jaclyn Bradley & David Gurney 0118 343 3347

Credits Include

2020 [added]
TV Series Telephonist
2020 [added]
Once Lured
Audiobook Narrator
2020 [added]
Mars Wrigley
2019 [added]
Comedy podcast Queen Victoria
2019 [added]
City of Stories
Interactive various
2019 [added]
A Mighty Fine Adventure
Comedy Annabelle; multi-rolling
2019 [added]
Hickory Dickory Murder
comedy, improv
2019 [added]
George & The Dragon
Short film, ed Margaret & George
2019 [added]
theatre, comed Multi-rolling
2019 [added]
Nathan & Ida's Hot Dog Stand
Theatre, comed multi-rolling
2019 [added]
All About Emma
short film Emma
2018 [added]
Pretty Polly's Dead
Theatre Hermione